Pakistan’s Ahmed Shehzad attacks Tillakaratne Dilshan over religion

first_imgPCB has ordered an investigation in the religious comments made by Shehzad against DilshanReligious comments by Pakistan batsman Ahmed Shehzad to Sri Lanka player Tillakaratne Dilshan after their one-day international last Saturday are being investigated by the Pakistan Cricket Board.While the players were walking back to the dressing room in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, Shehzad was caught on camera telling Dilshan “if you are a non-Muslim and you turn Muslim, no matter whatever you do in your life, straight to heaven.”Dilshan’s reply was not audible, and Shehzad went on to say, “Then be ready for the fire.”Shehzad was summoned to PCB headquarters in Lahore on Wednesday and asked about his comments, board general manager media Agha Akbar said.”Ahmed has informed the PCB that it was his personal chat with Dilshan, and there was nothing more to it,” Akbar said.”What we understand is that no Sri Lanka Cricket official or our own manager lodged any complaint.”However, Akbar said the PCB was still investigating the matter.Dilshan was born to a Muslim father and a Buddhist mother and was known as Tuwan Mohamed Dilshan.He shed his Muslim name shortly after his international debut in 1999 and took up the name Tillakaratne Mudiyanselage Dilshan with an ethnic Sinhalese-Buddhist identity.His childhood coach Ranjan Paranavitana said even though Dilshan carried a Muslim name, he and his brothers and sisters followed their mother’s religion from their childhood.Dilshan scored an unbeaten 50 on Saturday and powered the home team to a seven-wicket victory in the ODI series decider.advertisementlast_img read more

Arsene Wenger says ‘difficult’ to see anyone stopping Manchester City F.C.

first_imgArsene Wenger says it will be “difficult” for any team to stop Manchester City from winning the Premier League after his Arsenal side lost 3-1 at the Etihad on Sunday – a result which left him fuming at referee Michael Oliver.Wenger said City’s quality, shown in their club record 15 straight wins in all competitions, makes it hard to imagine any team over-taking them but he also took aim at the officials after his team suffered a disputed penalty and a goal which appeared offside.The win gave City an eight-point lead over Manchester United and left them 12 points clear of the Gunners.”Can anyone stop them? It will be difficult this season, the way they have started the quality they have, but you never know. If, on top of that, they have decisions at home like that, they will be unstoppable,” Wenger told reporters.City went 2-0 up five minutes into the second half after referee Oliver ruled that Nacho Monreal had bundled over Raheem Sterling inside the area and Sergio Aguero converted from the spot.Arsenal players disputed that decision and were also upset that City’s third goal came after a pass from David Silva whom television replays showed was narrowly in an offside position.”I don’t want to take anything away from the quality but it happened at a moment when we were really in the game at 2-1 and it killed the game. It is the second year. We got two offside goals here last year and one this year,” Wenger added.advertisementThe Frenchman felt his team had created opportunities and were in the contest until the controversial third goal.”I felt it was an intense game of quality of both sides. Man City are on a high but I felt we had plenty of dangerous situations and chances,” he said.”Overall, once again, the referee made the decision again, with a penalty and an offside goal. We are used to it when we come here,” he said.”I feel they (referees) don’t work enough, because it happens every season. It is unacceptable”.last_img read more

Engineers as Mr. Fixit

first_img esuurmaa says: “Jack Crenshaw wrote:nn”I cherish my time at Auburn. My major professor, and the Physics Department Head, was Dr. Howard E. Carr. He was a physicist of the old, Faraday-and-Maxwell, get-in-the-lab-and-get-dirty, mold. He designed and built the Uranium s Jack Ganssle says: June 23, 2016 at 5:42 pm Duane Benson says: June 20, 2016 at 3:26 pm June 20, 2016 at 6:10 pm June 21, 2016 at 8:25 pm “Duane,nnI’m with you, especially on the multiple tries thing. Once it took me 5 trips to Home Depot to get the right parts to fix a plumbing problem! Gads, I was ticked.nnJack” June 20, 2016 at 3:29 pm bpaddock says: Log in to Reply Continue Reading Previous Maintainability and Serviceability are Design Considerations TooNext Deep learning hits a sweet note Log in to Reply In response to my article about zero-transistor autopilots, Bob Snyder wrote: “I only sail a little, but I like it a lot. I wonder… Is this a pattern? Are other embedded folks also into sailing? Perhaps we need to plan a Barefoot ESC Conference aboard a Windjammer somewhere in the South Pacific! Who says nerds can’t have fun?”Over the decades I have met hundreds of engineers who sail. Many of those were engaged in long-distance sailing. They were off to places far over the horizon, from the Caribbean to round-the-world. And I think I know why so many of us do this.In 1979 I chartered a sailboat in the Virgin Islands. Charter companies want to be sure their vessels are in capable hands so require a sailing resume (or, at least they did back then). For some reason they also ask about the customer’s profession. I was seated across the desk from one of these employees as he read over my history. He suddenly blurted “oh, great!”(Source:Jack Ganssle) “What’s that about?” I asked.“You’re an engineer. Engineers always bring the boats back in better condition than when they left.”A couple of years ago we moved my parents from their single-family home to assisted living. Mom had wanted to make this transition for a very long time, but Dad always refused. The reason? He didn’t want to lose his workshop and tools.He was a mechanical engineer.This morning Marybeth and I saw off a friend who is sailing from Baltimore to Rhode Island. One of his crew expressed some concern about potential mechanical breakdowns. Scott snorted “there’s always a way. We always manage to fix things.”Scott is an engineer.We were once in Cape May preparing to sail to Bermuda and ran into a sailing school teaching two couples about ocean sailing. I grumpily said to Marybeth “what they need to learn is how to bleed an injection pump at 0300 upside down in the engine compartment in 15 foot seas.”On an ocean-going sailboat one must be an electrician. Plumber. Diesel mechanic. Rigger. Woodworker. Navigator. Sailmaker. Oh, and a sailor. Because stuff does fail. And my observation is that engineers gravitate to this avocation in no small part because of the challenges presented by the never-ending set of problems that crop up.Bad stuff does happen. I’ve had to abandon ship at sea a couple of times. But generally there is a fix. We carry an enormous number of spare parts and random material (fasteners, metal, wood) to patch things up. One summer my son was digging through the snack locker and said “Dad, we have four spare injectors in here!” I replied, “yup, and a spare transmission, alternator, complete gasket set, rigging wire, and much more.”It’s a hugely satisfying intellectual challenge to find ways around the mechanical ills life throws at us. Engineers are uniquely suited to these sorts of tasks. We’re trained to think analytically. When a problem surfaces our first instinct is not panic, but to invent a solution. And have fun doing so!Engineers are often quite skilled with tools. Many of us have tool-centric hobbies. That might be building circuits. Or woodworking. Machining. Building houses. I believe that the use of tools shapes our brains. Learn to turn on a lathe, and suddenly everything looks like a round problem. A machinist might immediately think about the milling machine when tasked with fixing something.The Maker movement purports to be a new thing, but most of the best engineers I’ve worked with over the decades have been hopelessly-addicted makers. The word is new; the idea is ancient. Edison was not theoretical; he probably knew nothing about calculus. But he understood how to manipulate the physical world. When his first idea didn’t pan out, there was a second. And a thousandth.The reason I became an engineer is that I like to make stuff. Electronics is a ton of fun. I like design, implementation, and seeing the result work. Watch a firmware newbie as he makes his first LED blink. His eyes light up brighter than the lamp.Sometimes there’s a down side. Around 1980 I realized we had three VW engines in our little apartment that I was rebuilding for friends and family. That was enough; after finishing those I swore off being the village mechanic. But life takes interesting twists. At 15 my son wanted an old VW microbus, which violated all of my stultifying rules about high school kids owning cars. (Kids taught me many things, one of which was that pretty much everything I knew about life was wrong). He was persuasive; he had the money and he’d learn so much! Eventually I relented and he bought two busses with seized engines and a host of other problems. The two of us spent a winter companionably together making one that worked from parts from both, and, yes, two engines were in the house as we did a rebuild. The most interesting part of this was that all of his friends, without exception, predicted he’d never make a working vehicle.Once most young folks were shadetree mechanics. It was common to see someone repairing their car on the shoulder when a problem cropped up. That’s less possible today as bailing wire doesn’t help much when the engine control unit fails. But it seems there’s now, in many people, an attitude of failure. Or perhaps they’re overwhelmed by the complexity of modern products and have given up trying to understand them.Get on the subway and you’ll find nearly everyone staring into their mobile device. How many are Googling about how it works? How many even wonder? Frankly, I don’t understand most people. How can one go around not at least trying to understand how stuff works? The world is so damn interesting!I salute anyone who is willing to at least try to fix something. Who makes things. After all, we’re toolmakers; abstracting ourselves from that reality abstracts ourselves in some measure from an essential part of the human spirit.What about you? A maker? Does the family call you Mr. or Mrs. Fixit?Jack G. Ganssle is a lecturer and consultant on embedded development issues. He conducts seminars on embedded systems and helps companies with their embedded challenges, and works as an expert witness on embedded issues. Contact him at . His website is . Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram elizabethsimon says: June 22, 2016 at 5:07 pm “And an even specialer lady to stick with him! Mine and I are going on 24 years of marriage, and while it’s not always easy, I for one relish the challenge. Doesn’t hurt that I’m Mr. Fixit for her aging parents; her dad was Mr. Fixit, but at almost 87, h June 23, 2016 at 5:26 pm 9 thoughts on “Engineers as Mr. Fixit” jimfordbroadcom says: “In my experience, household projects / repairs require an average three trips to a hardware store….nnWhile I can (and do) fix most smaller problems, I’ve learned when to call someone more experienced with better tools to do something.” Log in to Reply “That is STILL true. I think that they make parts so poorly just to cause us to spend MORE time trying to fix issues.” June 24, 2016 at 3:40 am Log in to Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. mosspp says: “If you compute it with more precision you will find that the actual average is 3.141592653589793…” Log in to Reply “u201cDad, we have four spare injectors in here!u201d I replied, u201cyup, and a spare transmission, alternator, complete gasket set, rigging wire, and much more.u201dnnThere was once a Knight of Old that was going to a battle in a far away land. He Log in to Reply Log in to Reply RGARVIN640 says: “Be careful with some of the “made in China” plumbing parts from Home Depot. I bought some fittings for a reverse osmosis system for my kitchen and they failed as soon as the water was turned back on. I bought the equivalent “made in USA” fittings at June 28, 2016 at 7:22 am sugapes says: Log in to Reply Log in to Reply “I don’t sail, but this blog resonates, none the less. I’ve only called my landlord once in eight years for a problem, because I kind of feel like I can fix things that break better than the repair person that would show up. (Of course, sometimes it takes last_img read more

IPL 2019 Final: Didn’t watch the last ball, says Mumbai Indians owner Nita Ambani

first_imgIt was a scrappy, error-prone match but the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 final between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians provided a lot of thrills to the viewers.Mumbai Indians clinched a 1-run win in the last-ball thriller at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad after pacer Lasith Malinga successfully defended 9 runs in the final over.As losing captain MS Dhoni pointed out, both teams were passing the trophy to each other as fielding and catching errors dominated the narrative.MS Dhoni himself was run out for 2 while trying to pinch an extra run after an overthrow in Chennai Super Kings’ chase of 150. On the other hand, Mumbai Indians dropped Shane Watson thrice as the CSK opener nearly snatched the game away from MI.Watson was run out in the 20th over of the match when CSK needed just 6 runs from 3 balls. When 2 runs were needed in the last ball, Lasith Malinga turned hero as the veteran pacer nailed a slower-ball yorker to trap Shardul Thakur in front.Umpire Nitin Menon who had missed what was arguably a straightforward wide call in Dwayne Bravo’s bowling against Kieron Pollard in Mumbai Indians’ final over got the LBW call spot on as replays showed the ball crashing onto the leg stumps.Unprecedented scenes from Hyderabad as @mipaltan became #VIVOIPL champs for the 4th time!Lasith Malinga showing his true class in the last over #MIvCSK (@IPL) May 12, 2019Rohit Sharma breathed a sigh of relief as he ran towards the middle from the boundary ropes. Kieron Pollard took Lasith Malinga on his shoulders but the Chennai Super Kings dugout wore a disappointed look.advertisementNervous faces were a common sight on television screens as fans in the stadium were spotted praying during the tense final over.Mumbai Indians owner Nita Ambani was one of them as she was constantly seen praying from the stands in Hyderabad.Speaking after the thrilling win, Nita Ambani said she did not have the courage to watch the final over, let alone the final ball of IPL 2019 final.”The last over, definitely not [didn’t watch]. And definitely not the last ball. I was just going by the cheers of the fans to known what’s happening,” Nita Ambani said.Heaping rich praise on captain Rohit Sharma who maintained his 100 per cent record as Mumbai Indians captain in IPL finals, Ambani added: “All the times Rohit has been the captain in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019. Congratulations for leading our team so beautifully.”Akash Ambani lauded Lasith Malinga’s ability to make a remarkable comeback in the final over after being taken to the cleaners in his first spell.”That’s Lasith Malinga for you. He’s the only bowler to have done it for 10-12 years now. He’s a special man in our team. I was just praying just a wicket off the last and nothing else,”Akash Ambani said.Reflecting on the success mantra of Mumbai Indians who have become the 1st team to win four titles, Akash added: “I think it’s the environment we create around the team, we treat the players like one family. We back them to the tee. I must credit the efforts of the coaching as well as the back-room staff.”Also Read | Rohit Sharma lauds Lasith Malinga for last-over heroics as MI win IPL 2019Also Read | It was a funny final, we kept passing the trophy to each other, says MS Dhonilast_img read more

Not much more than a hill of beans in the cosmic scheme of things

first_imgSWEET PFAThe Professional Footballers’ Association team of the year has been announced, prompting the usual fan outrage, accusations of anti-mediocrity bias and one particularly loud “harrumph” believed to have emanated from the well-appointed residence of the normally mild-mannered Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard. This year’s notional team is comprised almost entirely of players from Manchester City and Liverpool, with one notable exception in whose direction we may, if we can be bothered, casually jog back to later. Inclusion is considered an honour, what with the lineup being voted by the peers of those who appear on it. Specifically, the kind of warm and gloopy sentimentalists who decided Ryan Giggs was a worthy recipient of a place – and the ultimate award for player of the season – in 2008-09, at a time in his valedictorian season when he had started just 12 league games for Manchester United and scored one goal. RECOMMENDED LISTENINGThe latest Football Weekly Extra podcast will be here shortly.FIVER LETTERS“Manchester United followers shouldn’t worry too much that Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s bubble has well and truly burst. Ed Woodward’s still got the legends Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt, Steve Bruce, Roy Keane and Ailsa from Home and Away waiting in the wings to reinstall that vital DNA. Oh” – Neil Bage.“The late Michael Winner once said: ‘All film schools should be closed down and aspiring directors should simply be made to watch Carol Reed’s The Third Man over and over again.’ Replace ‘directors’ with ‘pundits’ and replace ‘Carol Reed’s The Third Man’ with ‘Roy Keane’, then finally we can end the endless tyranny of bland, pat punditry. Yes, I’m particularly looking at you Jermaine Jenas” – Noble Francis.“As a Liverpool fan, could I please use your esteemed organ to congratulate City on a brilliant season? I realise it’s not all over yet and am not being defeatist, but I am far less likely to be feeling this magnanimous in three weeks, so thought I’d get it in early. Help us, Obi-Brendan, you’re our only hope” – Tim Woods.Send your letters to And you can always tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today’s winner of our prizeless letter o’the day is … Neil Bage.NEWS, BITS AND BOBSInspiring hot chat from Pep Guardiola after Manchester City’s 2-0 derby win over United. “I told the players: ‘Don’t read [The Fiver] tomorrow, don’t watch the television, just rest, sleep a lot and go in there against Burnley.” STILL WANT MORE?Barney Ronay compares Manchester United to both a dated jangly playlist and the ruins of Pompeii in his dissection of their latest defeat.Jonathan Wilson on Ole’s refusal to park in Lord Ferg’s car parking space and other weird and wrong things about United when compared to their neighbours.It’s not all bad for United, mind, as Suzanne Wrack points out.Martin Laurence on the actually young, young players of the year.Stockport County are on the way back at last, explains Paul Wilson.Oh, and if it’s your thing … you can follow Big Website on Big Social FaceSpace. And INSTACHAT, TOO!SO A ‘THIRST TRAP’ ISN’T HAPPY HOUR DOWN AT THE DOG AND SELF-LOATHING? Share on Pinterest Share via Email Happy days for Bernardo Silva. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Share on LinkedIn This time around, the inclusion of Paul Pogba in one of three midfield berths has sent eyebrows skyrocketing quizzically, but can probably be explained by an archaic polling system that forces players to get box-ticking in early March, a time possibly far enough removed from his poor performances for those voting for him to have forgotten about how bad they were, but not long enough into the reign of Ole Gunnar Solskjær for them to factor in what would happen next. And while it may not amount to much more than a hill of beans in the cosmic scheme of things, The Fiver can’t help but feel that if high-maintenance players who have stopped oozing bad attitude for long enough to cobble together a handful of decent performances are to be considered for inclusion, then West Ham’s Marko Arnautovic is probably entitled to be in an even sulkier funk than usual.Of those players who deserved to make the cut, it has been reported that Virgil van Dijk will inevitably go on to win the Player of the Year bauble in a posh ceremony to be held in a trendy hotel on Sunday evening. Despite being organised by a union supposedly tasked with looking after the wellbeing of professional footballers, the event could force poor Virgil and his teammate Sadio Mané down to that there Big London for a knees-up that takes place just three days before some of those being honoured have to play a Big Cup match against Barcelona at Camp Nou. And as if that wasn’t thoughtless enough, it also clashes with the penultimate episode of the current series of Jed Mercurio’s unmissable police drama Line of Duty, a Sunday night show bracing itself for an even more thrilling reveal.PFA Team of the Year: Ederson (Manchester City), Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool), Aymeric Laporte (Manchester City), Andrew Robertson (Liverpool), Bernardo Silva (Manchester City), Fernandinho (Manchester City), Paul Pogba (Manchester United), Raheem Sterling (Manchester City), Sergio Agüero (Manchester City), Sadio Mané (Liverpool).QUOTE OF THE DAY“The board made the decision because his way of taking the penalty was very irresponsible. We are all responsible for not reaching the next round of the Copa Sudamericana but it’s true that there was some upset in the group and they blame him” – funky Independiente Campo Grande president Eriberto Gamarra explains why Bendrix Parra has been sacked for fluffing a Panenka penalty during the Paraguayan side’s shootout defeat against Colombia’s La Equidad. Pinterest Meanwhile, Ole Gunnar Solskjær has wheeled out the guillotine as his summer cull approaches. ‘I need to see who is willing to make sacrifices for Manchester United,” he roared.Sokratis Papastathopoulos has spoken into a microphone following Arsenal’s dismal 3-1 defeat at Wolves. “We are not stupid,” sighed a man who learned how to spell his very long name at a very young age. “We know that we didn’t play good.”Ladbrokes’ owner, GVC, the UK’s largest gambling company, has announced a series of proposals to protect problem gamblers, including an end to TV ads and football shirt sponsorship. Lazio have blamed “isolated elements” after some of their absolute pieces of work displayed a banner honouring Benito Mussolini and aimed racist insults at Milan’s Tiémoué Bakayoko before their Coppa Italia match.Danny Rose wants Daniel Levy to offer Christian Eriksen a nice new contract, a fancy pint of stadium-brewed lager and a dinner date with Zac Efron to convince him to stay at Spurs. “When Christian doesn’t play, there are questions that we don’t look the same,” Rose grumbled. “He links everything up for us.”Steve Ogrizovic has announced his retirement from coaching after 35 unbroken years of service at Coventry City. “It’s been a privilege to be part of something that means so much to so many,” cheered Oggie, who Big Website spoke to earlier this season. And more maverick penalty news after Brisbane Roar’s Éric Bauthéac scored a flamin’ cheeky pea-roller-nenka during a 5-3 A-League defeat for Robbie Fowler’s new team against Adelaide. Read more Twitter Share on Facebook Topics Football features The Fiver Reuse this content James Dart (@James_Dart)Maverick penalty work from Brisbane’s Éric Bauthéac 25, 2019 CONMEBOL Sudamericana (@Sudamericana)🤦‍♂️ ¡Increíble lo mal que pateó el penal! Bendrix Parra, de @Indefbc1925, la quiso picar y la ejecución fue para el olvido: el arquero de @Equidadfutbol se la atajó con el pecho. 17, 2019 Facebook Share on Messenger Share on WhatsApp Share on Twitter PFA Team of the Year: Manchester United’s Paul Pogba a shock inclusionlast_img read more

‘Brazil p*ssed us off!’ – Kellond-Knight reveals Australia’s comeback inspiration

first_imgAfter Australia’s 3-2 victory over Brazil in on Wednesday evening, Elise Kellond-Knight revealed just what inspired the Matildas to their first win at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.Ante Milicic’s side trailed 2-0 inside 40 minutes, after Marta converted a dubious penalty and Cristiane headed home for her fourth goal in two games.But Australia fought back as Caitlin Foord prodded home just before half time, with a strike from Chloe Logarzo and an own goal from Monica, with the aid of VAR, completing the comeback in the second half.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Speaking after the game, Kellond-Knight explained what helped fire up the Aussies to fight back in a game between two nations that already have plenty of history having met in several high-profile fixtures.Asked about the nature of Brazil’s celebrations after they scored, the midfielder said: “It pisses you off a little bit to be honest with you.“It’s such a big rivalry as it is and then to see them celebrating and putting it in your face a little bit, it fires you up.“So good on them, it gave us a little bit more encouragement.”The 2-0 score on the boards at the Stade de la Mosson in Montpellier in the first half left Australia on the brink of being all-but eliminated from the tournament, despite being fancied underdogs going into the summer.They had lost their first game in a shock 2-1 defeat to Italy, but Kellond-Knight insisted that the team never counted themselves out of this game, or the competition.“We believe,” she said. “We are a team that believe in what we can do. 2-0 down, backs against the wall, it just shows the character of this team.Australia v Brazil“I think until we’re down and out, we’ll keep believing.“Results recently haven’t been convincing, [we’ve got] a little bit of criticism but it’s safe to say we will have won a lot of support back after that game,” the 28-year-old continued.“Not only getting a result, but the way we played, the excitement of the game and seeing the courage and the character.“How could you not want to support a team like this?”Luck played a part in the victory, with Logarzo’s goal a cross that fortunately turned into a shot, while the winning effort was a controversial VAR decision.A long, hopeful ball was aimed towards Sam Kerr, in an offside position, and centre-back Monica’s headed interception turned into a headed own goal.Kellond-Knight believes it was luck due to Australia though, who were the better team throughout.“It’s football isn’t it?” she said.“You’ve got to put the ball in there and you’ve got to make luck in a way. Some people say sometimes that the goals are just luck, but you’re making the luck.“You’re dominating the game, you’re dominating where the ball is played, so in a way we created those chances, with a bit of fortune.”Brazil Australia Women's World CupDespite the excitement that was clearly visible in the players, Kellond-Knight would not be drawn on expectations of the team moving forward, preferring to take things one game at a time.“There’s a long way to go,” she added.“This tournament is a marathon so we can’t get overly excited after one win.“We’re going to enjoy it, of course, but we know we’ve got a mountain ahead of us so we’re ready for the challenge.”Up next for the Matildas, in their final group game, are Jamaica, who face Italy on Thursday.“They are a decent team,” Kellond-Knight said.“They’re dangerous and unpredictable so we’re going to have to be on our game against them and it’s another challenge we face next week.“[Conceding] two goals is again a concern but look at the character of this team. To get three and win the game is just amazing.”Australia take on the Reggae Girlz on Tuesday 18 June, hoping to secure their spot in the last 16 for the fourth successive tournament.last_img read more

Former Railway Bridge in Bear River Closed for Repairs

first_imgAnnapolis County’s Bear River Bridge is officially closed. A recent safety assessment revealed that the bridge — a former rail bridge sometimes used by hikers in the area — had deteriorated and is not safe. The area around the 450-metre steel structure is undergoing an excavation process to close the bridge safely. Steps will then be taken to secure partnerships to help renovate the bridge as part of the Trans-Canada Trail line running through the Valley. The bridge is expected to remain closed for a number of years. Although this presents some challenges for trail groups, officials hope the final outcome will be a safe, accessible, trail that can be enjoyed by all Nova Scotians. Representatives of Nova Scotia Health Promotion and the Department of Natural Resources recognize the bridge’s value as a link from Annapolis to Digby counties. They will make every effort to ensure this process is dealt with efficiently and safely.last_img read more

EOW books 3 directors of realty firm in cheating case

first_imgNew Delhi: The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police has booked three directors of a private real estate company for duping over sixteen lakh rupees on the pretext of providing flat. According to police, they have registered a case on the complaint of one Ashok Kumar Marwaha against the private company and its directors for cheating Rs. 16,70,318.According to police, the directors approached the complainant by way of forged documents like certain approvals, sanctioned maps, building plans for a project situated at Sector-65, Gurugram. Also Read – Kejriwal ‘denied political clearance’ to attend climate meet in DenmarkThe suspects made the representation that they are coming up with a state of art project and also promised of providing assured returns if upfront payment is made to the company. “We were duped to make investments of our hard earned money towards making a booking proposed apartment admeasuring 240 sq yards (approximately) in 2010. We paid the money through cheques to them at Saket address,” said the complainant to the police. The accused company has failed to gave us possession of the apartment. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic itemsIn another case, two persons were booked by EOW for cheating. Police said that suspects in the case claimed to have an electronic showroom in Rajouri Garden area. They were also running chit funds. The suspects have taken a large amount of money from a different person in the form of personal, chit fund amount which was given in a good faith for a very short and temporary period. Police further said that later the victims found that suspects get vanished from their resident to some unknown destination. The complainant claimed that it is presumed that fraud could be over 20 crore. A case has been registered.last_img read more

Khadi kicks off Make in India initiative

first_imgKhadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has once again appeared as a torch-bearer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call and vision of ‘Make in India’. With plantation drive of saplings of special variety of Bamboos having its botanical name ‘Bamboosa Tulda’ launched recently in New Delhi at Chanakyapuri, KVIC has derived a novel and innovative way to check the wastage of time and money being spent by India’s manufacturers of incense sticks in importing raw bamboo sticks and raw Agarbatti from China and Vietnam. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainNew Delhi Lok Sabha MP Meenakshi Lekhi and KVIC Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena, on this occasion, planted 100 saplings of Bamboosa Tulda, which would be used exclusively for agarbatti-manufacturing. KVIC Chairman informed that taking cognisance of steep decline in setting up of new Agarbatti manufacturing units in the country and multi-dimensional problems of Agarbatti industry in India, KVIC had conducted an internal research and found that if local farmers start growing high-quality bamboos on their lands, it would end total dependence on import of raw Agarbattis and sticks from abroad, which would not only save precious Forex, but also create employment opportunities to the people engaged in it, besides increasing the income of the farmers. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardStating that despite huge employment potential in Bamboo sector, number of agarbatti projects have been declining and leading to heavy employment loss, Saxena said that since import duty on raw Agarbatti had been reduced from 30% to 10% in 2011 and gradually brought down to 5% in 2018 due to Indo-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (FTA), import of raw Agarbatti into India had been surged from mere Rs 31 crore per annum in 2009 to 546 crore in 2018. KVIC has planned to plant 20,000 Bamboosa Tulda every year, so that dependency on import of bamboos could be checked by 2022.last_img read more

Hrithik Vaanis pair brings freshness on screen

first_imgMumbai: Director Siddharth Anand says actors Hrithik Roshan and Vaani Kapoor in film War brings a lot of freshness. “Hrithik and Vaani’s pairing brings a lot of freshness on screen. They are good looking actors, have steamy chemistry in War and are brilliant dancers,” Anand said. The two will be seen dancing on the song ‘Ghungroo’, which has been shot on the Amalfi Coast. The director describes ‘Ghungroo’, which released recently, as a party anthem. Also Read – I have personal ambitions now: Priyanka”‘Ghungroo’ is a party anthem and what’s incredible is that we filmed it on the amazing Positano beach and the Amalfi Coast. Everything about War is about the scale and in Ghungroo, we will show audiences the most good-looking beach day party that they have ever seen,” he added. The film will have Hrithik and actor Tiger Shroff pitted against each other. “War has many firsts and we can now tell you that no other film or artist has ever shot a song on the Amalfi Coast because of the exclusiveness this destination brings. I’m glad we will be the first film to show it in all its glory,” Anand added. Composed by the duo Vishal-Shekhar, ‘Ghungroo’ has been sung by Arijit Singh and Shilpa Rao.last_img read more

Man arrested for murder after Canadian Forces member killed in Florida

first_imgOTTAWA — Florida police have arrested a man for the murder of a Canadian Armed Forces following a violent altercation.Master Cpl. Martin Brayman died from severe head injuries Monday after he was attacked outside his home in Panama City, Florida on Saturday night, according to the Bay County sheriff’s office.The Department of National Defence says the 33-year-old Brayman had been posted to Florida earlier this year to serve as an aerospace control officer with the North American Aerospace Defence Command’s detachment at Tyndall Air Force Base.According to the sheriff’s office, Brayman was attacked after inviting a group of people he’d met at a nightclub on Saturday night back to his house.Police say Brayman’s girlfriend and roommate were watching when one member of the group struck him several times in the head before the group jumped into a white Mercedes and drove away.Brayman, a 13-year veteran of the Canadian military who previously served on the Sinai Peninsula, was rushed to hospital and died Monday night before police arrested 23-year-old Justin Timmons for murder on Tuesday.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Leonardo DiCaprio Launches Formula Electric Race Car Team

first_imgVenturi Automobiles today announced a joint venture with award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio to enter a team in the new FIA Formula E Championship – the world’s first fully-electric race series beginning in September 2014.Venturi Automobiles and Leonardo DiCaprio enter a team in the new FIA Formula E ChampionshipBased in Monaco, the new Venturi Grand Prix Formula E Team has been co-founded by DiCaprio and Gildo Pallanca Pastor, founder of pioneering EV manufacturer Venturi Automobiles, together with Bert Hedaya and Francesco Costa.“The future of our planet depends on our ability to embrace fuel-efficient, clean-energy vehicles,” DiCaprio said. “Venturi Grand Prix has shown tremendous foresight in their decision to create an environmentally friendly racing team, and I am happy to be a part of this effort.”“It’s an honour and a pleasure to welcome the Venturi Grand Prix team as the tenth and final team of the FIA Formula E Championship,” said Alejandro Agag, CEO of series promoters Formula E Holdings. “Gildo Pastor is a true pioneer in electric racing. From the desert of Salt Lake to Antarctica, his passion and vision pushes forward the technology barriers of what can be done with an electric car. But Gildo is not alone in this venture. Global entrepreneurs Francesco Costa and Bert Hedaya bring great experience and energy to the team.“And of course, I want to give a very special welcome to our Championship to Leonardo DiCaprio. Very few environmental leaders have helped more than him to spread the message of sustainability around the world. Having people like him and Richard Branson – global ambassadors for the environment – is a privilege for our Championship and will greatly help us to spread the use of electric cars in cities around the planet.”Source:Venturi Automobileslast_img read more



Trudeau says he regrets comments about Senator Brazeau in Rolling Stone

first_imgAPTN National NewsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says he “regrets” comments he made about Sen. Patrick Brazeau in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine.Indigenous advocates denounced Trudeau’s comments in the U.S. magazine’s August issue where he referred to Brazeau as “the scrappy tough-guy senator from an Indigenous community.”“It wasn’t random,” Trudeau told RS correspondent Stephen Rodrick. “I wanted someone who would be a good foil … he fit the bill, and it was a very nice counterpoint. I saw it as the right kind ofnarrative, the right story to tell.”Trudeau’s comments referred to his victory in a 2012 charity boxing match against Brazeau, who is from the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation in Quebec.As the winner, Trudeau went on to cut the tip of Brazeau’s braid in the foyer of the house of commons.APTN asked Brazeau about Trudeau’s remarks.“I’ll take it as a compliment,” Brazeau wrote.In an interview with CBC Radio One in Vancouver, Trudeau now says he regrets his choice of language in describing Brazeau.He says the way he characterized Brazeau “doesn’t contribute to the positive spirit of reconciliation.”Trudeau says he and his government have been working with Indigenous leaders and communities and he recognizes there are “a lot of patterns to change.”The issue hits news stands in August. Contact APTN National News here: – with files from the Canadian Presslast_img read more

The Latest 1 killed 47 injured in France gas protests

first_imgPARIS — The Latest on protests in France against rising fuel taxes (all times local):12:45 p.m.French interior ministry officials say that one protester has been killed and 47 injured as demonstrators block roads around France to protest gas price increases.Police say that three of the injured are in serious condition, according to the ministry. Officials say that 24 people have been arrested and 17 held for questioning.The protests over rising fuel taxes have drawn citizens upset about a host of problems like decreased buying power. An investigation was underway in the death of a protester in the eastern Savoie region, hit by a driver who apparently accelerated in a panic while caught in the demonstration, according to a regional official.Authorities didn’t give a breakdown about how the 47 others were injured during the protests.___8:20 a.m.Drivers in France are planning to block roads across the country to protest rising fuel taxes, in a new challenge to embattled President Emmanuel Macron.Protesters pledge to target tollbooths, roundabouts and the bypass that rings Paris on Saturday. The government is preparing to send police to remove protesters and threatening fines.The taxes are part of Macron’s strategy of weaning France off fossil fuels. Many drivers see them as emblematic of a presidency seen as disconnected from day-to-day economic difficulties.The protesters have dubbed themselves the “yellow jackets” because they wear fluorescent vests that all French drivers must keep in their vehicles in case of car troubles.Separately, ambulances briefly blocked Paris’ Champs-Elysees on Friday to protest new rules on ambulance financing and put pressure on Macron’s government.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Polisarios Security Forces Disobey Orders Causing a Revolt in Tindouf Camps

Rabat – Polisario’s Front security forces in the Tindouf camps have allegedly coordinated an unprecedented act of disobedience, refusing to obey orders from their “Saharawi Minister of the Interior”.Security forces have coordinated this act as a reaction to a decision by the “Saharawi Minister of the Interior” Hama Salama, prohibiting them from operating outside their scope of action, namely the “wilayas” (districts) where they are supposed to be confined.Multiple media reports in the Tindouf camps said Hama Salama made this decision based on suspicions that some of their own security forces were linked to organized crime networks and drug trafficking, as well as the smuggling of weapons and cars. A report by Future Sahara said the security services have refused to implement Hama Salama’scommand.A number of media reports agree this is an unusual rebellion by security personnel against the Supervision Department and, by extension, it is a revolt against the General Secretariat of the Polisario Front.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

Morocco 5th Most Attractive in Arab World for Foreign Investment SAGIC

Rabat – Morocco ranks first in the Maghreb region and fifth in the Arab world in terms of FDI flows in 2016, worth a total of USD 2.5 billion, representing 7.5 percent of the total foreign investments received in the Arab countries, according to the Arab Investment and Credit Guarantee Corporation (SAGIC).In a study run by the corporation which analyzed 109 country annually, Morocco ranked ahead of Algeria (6th), Tunisia (9th) and Libya (11th). The study entitled “Investment Climate in Arab Countries”, based on 58 indices and factors providing an overview of foreign investment in 109 Arab countries, ranked the United Arab Emirates first in the list with USD 9 billion worth of FDI in 2016, followed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. France topped the list of the most important countries investing in Morocco between January 2012 and December 2016, with a total amount of USD 3.5 billion and 83 projects supervised by 77 companies. China came second with USD 2.8 billion, followed by the UAE in third place with USD 2.7 billion.The United States is the fourth largest foreign investor in Morocco with USD 1.8 billion, followed by Spain with 1.6 billion and Italy with USD 1.5 billion.According to the study, investments in Morocco were mainly concentrated on 10 sectors, including renewable energies, real estate, and the automobile industry.Shanghai Chinese Electronic is one of the top five investment companies in the kingdom between 2012 and 2016, followed by Italian Enel, PSA Group and Middle East Development from France, and the Emirati company Ap Mollet Maersk.In terms of new FDI projects, Morocco is ranked 5th on the list with a backlog of USD 6.5 billion, or 7.1 percent, in the Arab world. During the period 2003-2016, Morocco received 888 new projects, creating 241,772 jobs in 698 companies. In first place, Egypt recorded USD 40.9 billion, with more than 44 percent of new projects in the MENA region.The study also showed that Morocco mainly exports electronic appliances, railway products, clothing, fertilizers, and fish. read more

Morocco Denies Media Allegation over Arrest of Saudi National in 2015

Rabat – Morocco’s justice ministry has denied media allegations that Morocco helped “disappear” Saudi Prince Turki bin Mohammed Bandar Al Saud in 2015.The Ministry of Justice issued a statement describing the information as unfounded and misleading.The Rabat Court of Cassation, the only court which handles extradition decisions, rendered Judgement 2209/3 in 2015, approving Morocco’s extradition of the Saudi national to Saudi Arabia. Moroccan authorities arrested Prince Turki at Casablanca’s Mohammed V Airport on November 11, 2015, “under an international arrest warrant.”The Saudi prince, a former high-ranking Saudi police officer, was heading to Paris.“This wasn’t a disappearance, as some in the media have described it, but a normal procedure,” Morocco’s justice minister Mohamed Aujjar told AFP.“The two phases, administrative and judicial were respected after his arrest made on the basis of an international arrest warrant,” he added.On October 11, French newspaper Le Monde reported that Prince Turki had been in conflict with the Saudi royal family over a land dispute and had “posted videos on YouTube calling for reforms.”Le Monde claimed that Prince Turki was “discreetly arrested in Morocco by local authorities, then transferred to Saudi Arabia.”The media allegation came in the midst of international uproar over the sudden disappearance of a Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, known for his staunch criticism of Saudi foreign policy decisions. Turkish authorities declared on October 6 that Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, four days after his disappearance.British newspaper the Guardian reported on October 8,  “Prince Turki bin Bandar al-Saud, who applied for asylum in France, disappeared in 2015.”The Guardian also published an article on March 29, 2016, about the “disappearance” of Prince Turki.The British newspaper cited a member of the Saudi opposition who was in touch with Prince Turki shortly after he was arrested.“Someone gave Turki bin Bandar the impression Morocco was safe so he went there to do some business and the Moroccan government took him and gave him to the Saudis,” he said.The Moroccan Ministry of Justice stated that Morocco was “surprised at the unverified and misleading publications” by international media.“Morocco wishes to recall that all acts of extradition are always based on a court decision, in accordance with international procedures and in full respect of national legislation guaranteeing the fundamental rights and freedoms of all individuals.” read more

Ohio State terminates Jim Foster without cause

Former Ohio State women’s basketball coach Jim Foster was terminated from his post without cause. In a comment to The Lantern, OSU athletics director for legal affairs Julie Vannatta confirmed the nature of Foster’s departure from the university, which previously had not been made clear. The former Buckeyes coach of 11 years was fired and will now receive installment payments that could amount to as much as $350,000. “Coach Foster has been terminated without cause. Under his employment contract, he is entitled to receive $350,000 in installment payments beginning on June 30, 2013, and concluding by April 30, 2014,” Vannatta told The Lantern. “Under his employment contract, he is required to make reasonable and diligent efforts to find a comparable employment position. If he chooses to retire from OPERS, rather than obtaining a new job, any retirement benefits he receives will be used to off-set the University’s obligation to pay him $350,000.” A Tuesday morning meeting with OSU athletic director Gene Smith and executive associate athletic director Miechelle Willis resulted in a split between OSU and Foster, a four-time Big Ten Coach of the Year Award winner. During his time as coach at the Schottenstein Center, the Cheltenham, Pa., native amassed a 279-82 record and a .772 winning percentage. The postseason was not kind to Foster, however – he posted a 10-10 record in NCAA Tournament play while at OSU and his Buckeyes teams were eliminated in either the first of second rounds of the Tournament during seven of 10 postseason runs. A lack of sustained postseason success in the NCAA Tournament factored into the decision, Willis said. “We strive to be nationally competitive. We believe that we have everything in place here to be nationally competitive. We believe that means that we should be playing deep into (the) postseason,” Willis said. “We expect to be in the Final Four on occasion, and definitely the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight are expectations that we have.” OSU advanced as far as the Sweet 16-round three times (2004-05, 2008-09 and 2010-11), but no further. A second-round exit in the Big Ten Tournament marked the end of the Buckeyes’ 2012-13 season. After posting an 18-13 mark this year, OSU did not receive an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. The team then decided it would not accept a bid from the Women’s National Invitation Tournament. Had OSU advanced to the NCAA Tournament this season and been eliminated in the early rounds of the competition, Willis said on Tuesday that the end of Foster’s career at OSU was still possible. Willis said on Tuesday that OSU will immediately begin a national search for its next coach. The search will include coaches that are currently coaching in the postseason. “Our search will unfold as the postseason unfolds,” said Willis, who added that OSU would not reach out to coaches at other universities until their respective team’s postseason run was over. read more