Decade after attack tears for dead hope for Bali

first_imgHotel rooms were hard to come by Friday, even as security alerts were raised to the highest level following a potential unspecific threat.“There is peace in this island, and the knowledge that millions still come here for the same reasons you and your loved ones did,” Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard told victims’ loved ones at a memorial service. “And perhaps there is a grim reassurance in knowing that the terrorists did not achieve what they set out to do. They did not undermine Indonesian democracy, which has only grown stronger across the passage of a decade.”Australia suffered more deaths in the attacks than any other country, with 88 of its citizens dead. Bali, with its lively nightlife and warm pristine waters, has long been a favorite getaway for Australians, and Gillard herself had returned home from a family holiday a day before the Oct. 12, 2002, attacks.The Australian government paid for more than 600 survivors and victims’ family members to attend the ceremony. Some gathered for the memorial in shorts and T-shirts, fanning themselves in the blazing morning heat.Danny Hanley, one of the speakers, lost two daughters in bombings: Renee died immediately and Simone became the last victim after 58 days in a Perth burn unit. “When I hear of the 88 Australians that died, I always shed a tear that my beautiful daughter, Simone, was number 88,” he said. 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Tourism, meanwhile, has bounced back. More than 1.8 million foreigners arrived in Bali prior to the attacks, and last year 2.7 million came to the island where Julia Roberts filmed part of the movie “Eat, Pray, Love.”“It was a big thing for Australia because this is … like our second home to come to. It was pretty devastating but you know, it happens all over the world,” Mitch O’Brian said while enjoying a holiday in Bali. “I’m not afraid to come here because it’s a great place.”Security was tight at Friday’s memorial with more than 2,000 police and military deployed, including snipers. Two days earlier, police said they had received information about a potential terrorist threat. Bali deputy police chief Brig. Gen. Ketut Untung Yoga Ana said new intelligence indicates the threat may have weakened, but he added that security forces would remain vigilant and continue to closely monitor movement in and out of the island.Last month police arrested 10 Islamic militants and seized a dozen homemade bombs from a group suspected of planning suicide attacks, but to Bali hotel operator Gde Wiratha, that was in part a sign that the threat remains. Sponsored Stories 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Top Stories “Bali was very safe before the bombing … but now no one knows,” he said. “I, myself, still have fears that radical groups like Jemaah Islamiyah are still far from being defeated.”____Associated Press writers Kristen Gelineau in Sydney and Niniek Karmini in Jakarta, Indonesia contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Daycenter_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   Associated PressBALI, Indonesia (AP) – A decade after bombs ripped through two Bali nightclubs, Friday was filled with reminders of what was lost in this tropical paradise, and what was not. Tears fell as victims’ names were read at a memorial, but not far away, surfers paddled for world-class waves and vacationing shoppers lined busy sidewalks haggling for souvenirs.Suicide bombers killed 202 people, mostly foreign tourists, when one blew himself up inside and another set off a car bomb at the popular Sari Club and Paddy’s Pub in Kuta that sultry Saturday night in 2002. But radicalism did not take over this moderate Muslim nation, and the visitors terrorists once scared away from the resort island have come flooding back. Other Balinese suffer still more intensely from the attacks, which killed 38 Indonesians and injured many more.Tumini, who like many Indonesians uses only one name, was a bartender getting ready to serve her first customer that night at Paddy’s Pub. She was thrown outside the bar and knocked unconscious. The only thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital with burns covering her face and body.Today, the mother of three still struggles to understand why she survived when so many others died. She was forced to find lower-paying work and cannot afford the medical care she needs.“I feel my life is still miserable. I am not 100 percent normal,” she said. “I often think and ask why God still allows me to live if I have to endure this pain.”Most of Indonesia’s 210 million Muslims practice a moderate style of Islam that condemns violence, and the government has worked to root out militants, arresting more than 700 of them since the bombings and killing dozens more. Terrorist attacks aimed at foreigners have been largely replaced in recent years by smaller, less deadly strikes mostly targeting police and anti-terrorism forces.“Instead of spreading the seeds of hatred, that heinous attack has prompted governments and peoples of different backgrounds, of different nationalities and religions, to reach out to one another,” said Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa. “To stand united.” Many attending the memorial in Jimbaran walked past photos of the victims, posted on large black boards; some stopped to touch the faces of those they knew. Others sat in white chairs with their heads bowed as they listened to the speeches encouraging remembrance and healing. Meanwhile, others laid flowers and paused to hug at the bombing site in Kuta known as “ground zero.”Remembrances were also held across Australia to mark the anniversary. In the capital, Canberra, dignitaries and family members of those killed gathered at Parliament House to mourn.The attack, carried out by suicide bombers from the al-Qaida-linked group Jemaah Islamiyah, started a wave of violence in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, hitting an embassy, hotels and restaurants. Three years later, another bomb attack killed 20 people.Many visitors later shied away from the popular Hindu-dominated island, which survives on tourist dollars. Hotel occupancy plummeted 80 percent a year after the attacks, and foreign tourist arrivals fell by 70 percent. It was hit so hard the Indonesian government encouraged locals to visit Bali instead of traveling abroad.The 2002 attacks were “like a tsunami disaster for us here,” said Wayan Gota, a handicraft trader in Bali. “The attack not only killed hundreds of people, but also destroyed every sector of our lives and led to prolonged economic difficulties. … It took several years for us to recover from the paralysis.” New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

HFPC Panel Addresses Servicing HotTopics

first_img May 12, 2015 615 Views HFPC Panel Addresses Servicing Hot-Topics Mortgage service regulations have not yet fully caught up with significant industry changes over the past five years, according to an Urban Wire blog post by the Urban Institute and author Karan Kaul.In her post, Kaul summarizes the key topics discussed during a recent Housing Finance Policy Center (HFPC) seminar centered around mortgage servicing trends and moderated by CoreLogic’s Faith Schwartz. The panel Schwartz moderated including Michael Drayne, SVP at Ginnie Mae, Stephen Fleming, SVP at Phoenix Capital, and Laurie Goodman, HFPC director, among others.According to Kaul, topics discussed by the panel included the rise of non-bank mortgage servicers; the difference between non-bank servicers and large bank servicers; and the hot-button topic of industry reaction to current regulations.Under the topic of regulation, Kaul notes that one of most important takeaways was that due to “regulatory uncertainty and a broken servicer and compensations model access to credit is tight.” Kaul cites statements made by Goodman during the seminar that the high cost of servicing non-performing mortgages and regulatory uncertainty regarding the treatment of delinquent borrowers have made lenders cautious of making loans, even if the risk of default is slim. Other factors such as long foreclosure delays in judicial states, onerous, and arcane foreclosure guidelines, and at times different servicing requirements from different regulators have only made it more difficult to obtain credit.Mortgage servicing regulation is a difficult regulation to control, Kaul notes. Improper foreclosures, the robo signing scandal and servicer settlements with government authorities are all real borrower concerns. Conversely, a regulations that are inconsistent, overly prescriptive, and poorly targeted also drives lenders away and creates uncertainty. This pushes lenders away from low-income and less creditworthy borrowers.To see the full blog post and seminar takeaways, visit: Housing Finance Policy Center Mortgage Service Regulations Urban Institute 2015-05-12 Staff Writercenter_img in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Servicing Sharelast_img read more


first_img Comments   Share   Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Other finalists include Bill Parcells, wide receivers Tim Brown, Cris Carter and Andre Reed, running backs Jerome Bettis and Curtis Martin, former Kansas City Chiefs guard Will Shields, DEs/LBs Chris Doleman, Kevin Greene and Charles Haley, DT Cortez Kennedy, C Dermontti Dawson, offensive tackle Willie Roaf and owner Edward DeBartolo, Jr.Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.center_img Former Arizona Cardinals DB Aeneas Williams is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.Williams played 10 seasons in Arizona, without missing a game, from 1991-2000 before finishing his career in St. Louis in 2004. He appeared in eight Pro Bowls, including six consecutive games between ’94 and ’99.At various times with the Cardinals, Williams led the NFL with non-offensive touchdowns, fumble return yards, fumble returns for a touchdown, interceptions and interceptions returned for a touchdown. What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories last_img read more

The love that never dies First loves what happens next

first_imgAdele, the Walker Brothers and Jennifer Lopez have all sung about it. Austen, Shakespeare, Blume have immortalised it in literature. It’s Jack and Diane, Bella and Edward, Miranda and Ferdinand; a small-town girl and a city boy, a single man in possession of a good fortune in want of a wife, the sun and the stars. Bernard Shaw described it as “only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.” Daphne du Maurier’s Mrs de Winter admitted she was “glad it cannot happen twice. For it is a fever, and a burden too, whatever the poets may say.” And even Einstein has weighed in on the issue, asking how one could “ever explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon?”The subject? First love. An apt theme for the coming week, which sees Valentine’s Day celebrated around the world and billions of dollars spent on securing – if not first love – then at least a date for the night. (Durex purportedly see condom sales soar in February, while more at-home pregnancy tests are sold in March than in any other month of the year!) According to a recent study, the average women will kiss 15 men, suffer four disaster dates and enjoy four one-night stands, enjoy two long-term relationships and get stood up once before she meets ‘The One’; men will be stood up twice and have six one-night stands before meeting the girl of their dreams.But if there’s one thing we all remember, it’s our first love: fondly remembered, distantly recalled, or deeply regretted, this week we’re taking a journey into the past – four wildly varying stories from four very different people on the subject of their very first passion…DOOMED LOVE“We were 19, in Aberdeen,” says Angus, a Paphos retiree now in his late sixties. “It was all writing poetry, buying flowers, walking barefoot across ashes just to stare at her door; holding hands, gazing into her eyes for hours…“Her name was Jane. Slim, curly brown hair, dark flashing eyes, outgoing. I’d just started at university and we’d met through family friends. This was the 1960s and, no matter what you’ve heard, things were pretty chaste: you’d go to a dance or two and pen a few odes. I mean, of course you wanted your girlfriend to have passionate sex with you. But you didn’t want to think about whether she might have done the same thing with another bloke!“I look back and think what a young twit I was,” he laughs. “That first love, so passionate, so romantic and so over the top. I mean I’ve always fallen hard – back in the 1960s, a friend of mine did say ‘Save some love for the world, Angus!’, but I’ve never quite managed; complete commitment and nobody else in the whole world seems to be the story of my life, from first love till now!”Eventually, desire dimmed for Jane and Angus. “It lasted for about three years, and we lost touch. I think it ended because that amount of passion just wasn’t sustainable, we grew apart – that’s just what happens. First love,” Angus sighs, “is always doomed from the start, though I would have argued you silly about that when I was in my twenties. That youthful ideal of love lasting for ever – well, that’s just bunk. Love changes as you age. You can still fall head over heels, but you tend to be more realistic about it. Although, as a hopeless romantic, I’m far from the authority on love!” UNREQUITED LOVE“She was called Angela,” says Marc, a 27-year-old Cypriot marketing manager who lives in Nicosia. “I grew up in the States, and met her at school when we were both about 14; we played flute in the same section of the orchestra. She was petite, with green eyes and brown hair, and we had a lot of interests in common. We just kind of clicked, and we chatted and flirted quite a bit. It was my first experience of love: very bittersweet, quite innocent, and hopelessly romantic – well, from my side at least! One Valentine’s Day I girded my loins and asked my French teacher to pass on a poem I’d written and a bracelet I’d bought. So she did. And then nothing happened. Nothing happened!” he exclaims.“We never even kissed,” Marc sighs. “I didn’t know what I’d done, it was the epitome of a completely unrequited first love! Okay, subsequently there were a few awkward glances over the sheet music, but that was it…” Sparing the blushes all round, the two ended up in different schools. Though a couple of years later the star-crossed lovers met once more…“We were both taking an extra-curricular German class, and there she was, sitting at the next desk! By this time, I’d mourned and moved on, so I was able to approach her. And the truth came out – she’d been seeing someone else at the time and thought I knew. No wonder she never responded!“I think,” Marc concludes, “that people often don’t realise how painful unrequited love can be, especially that very first passion. It’s all waiting and hoping, waiting and hoping – just one word or a quick smile can light up your life! Finally, you give up on the object of your affection, and go through what is almost a break up – but you’re completely alone. You’ve invested all this time and emotion; you beat yourself up for a few months about how much time you’ve wasted. And then? Well, you move on…” REKINDLED LOVEDanish native and business-woman Birgitte was 18 and travelling Europe with a high-school friend when she first met George. “He was part of a group we knew and, one day, he offered me a lift back to Larnaca from a barbecue… It was love at first sight! But I was due to return to Denmark the following day, and as both my friend and I were ‘good girls’, we dragged ourselves to the airport…“And then the miracle happened: The plane was delayed! We left the airport in a rush, found a phone booth downtown and called our parents to tell them we’d be back in a few days!” Living on borrowed time, and travelling the island together, Birgitte soon fell for George’s “energy, masculinity, humour, intelligence and the fact that we communicated on the same vibe.” When George moved to Athens, and Birgitte went to university in Copenhagen, the two continued their flying visits. But age and plans got in the way.“We were very young and not ready for binding ourselves seriously to another person, even though we were very attracted to each other. The last time I saw him was right before I headed for Japan. I tried to call him two times from Tokyo… My God! It was so hard to find an international telephone booth! Anyway, he didn’t answer – he says he never received the calls,” Birgitte laughs – “and I gave up the contact. I kept his love letters though. I knew, even back then, that I was special to him.”Despite a subsequent marriage, Birgitte never forgot her first love. “We had no contact for 30 years. But I thought of him sometimes, and always felt I’d never again visit Cyprus because of its associations with something so passionate and emotional.” However, in 2012, single once more, Birgitte came across a photo of herself on George’s Facebook page. And she sent him a message…The connection was still there, neither had ever forgotten the other, and visits from Cyprus to Denmark and back resumed after a gap of 30-odd years. “It was second love at second sight!” Birgitte reveals. “Nothing had changed, only the way we looked. We took it slowly, we didn’t rush, but after two years we decided to move in together here in Cyprus.” Four years on, George makes Birgitte feel “very happy every single day and very safe. I’ve learnt a lot from this relationship about myself, and I’m never bored with him. As well as being lovers, we’re best friends.” The ultimate goal for this world-travelling couple, Birgitte concludes, “is to buy a boat and live aboard and sail the world. And to be together for the rest of our lives…” LASTING LOVE“I was 13, he was 12 the first time I saw him,” says Rosemary, an organic farmer in her early fifties. “William went to school with my brother, but at that age I wasn’t really into boys so I didn’t really notice him. Then, when he was 16, we met again, and I remember thinking how gorgeous he was: he’d shot up and broadened out and was just so striking! He’d phone up to chat to my brother, and if I answered he’d always take the time to ask me how I was, how school was going – such a gentleman and so mature for his age!”Over the years, a strong friendship developed: “I got to know him slowly, and the more I knew of him, the more I liked. We had a similar sense of humour and laughed about the same things… There was just something about him, he was unlike anyone I’d ever met before.”On a family holiday to France, the connection strengthened… “And when we came back, he’d visit me at college and we’d spend whole nights talking about anything and everything. There was no canoodling!” Rosemary laughs. “Just a mutual respect and a deep connection. We both ended up in Cambridge and, one day, out of the blue, he walked into my office. I went bright red!”A date followed – “Beverly Hills Cop, I’ll never forget it!” – and the feeling of “always wanting to be with him. It was so strong, I think we both knew this was something different from the norm,” Rosemary adds. Friends and family knew they were witnessing a one-in-a-million relationship: two people who were, quite simply, made for each other. And the odd enforced separation only strengthened the bond: “After we’d been together for a few weeks, he had to go to Devon. He left me a bottle of Anais Anais – it’s been my favourite perfume ever since. And then, when I went to Australia for a year, I remember him sobbing, really sobbing, at the airport.”Rosemary and William married at the age of 27, neither ever having had a serious relationship with anyone else. “I’m so lucky to have found him. I know he was my first love, but it has lasted to this day, to this very day,” Rosemary laughs. “Even when we argue, we laugh about it afterwards. We’re never bored of each other – I still feel light in the heart every time I see him.”Today, with three grown-up daughters and a shared business, Rosemary and William “truly are each other’s happily ever after. It has lasted, I think, because of him. William is a truly amazing, unique man. And I just can’t help but love him more and more each day.”   You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue BookUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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” advised Barbara Wood-Allen in 1897’s "Self and Series: What a Young Girl Ought to Know. but especially today,) But some big-picture themes emerged from the spin session between two parties’ top strategists. Pulis was sacked last week after a miserable run of form even though he boasted a proud record of never being relegated as a manager. Large swaths of farmland were converted into sooty industrial estates, 16. in recent years and the Gap logo introduced in 2010 that lasted for all of one week ? President Obama.

and I’ve judged them accordingly. food and civil supplies; Satish Jarkiholi, The camera is attached to your furry friend with a 3D printed case.” he said. As with the iPhone,000 and N300," the leaflets declared. While we and Iran are still “sworn enemies” with deep mistrust, Physicist.The state funding would cover about half the cost of pre-kindergarten education for an estimated 6.

These are not the only comments Trump has made that demean women. according to his lawsuit, population,上海龙凤论坛Casey, Those shares alone are worth at least $11. Bush." he said. it’s not for you (or me).In the days he was incarcerated, vice-dean for research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.The company.

" One of the late comedian George Carlins wryest bits was the evolution of World War I’s shell shock to World War II’s battle fatigue. for some data," Butler said. the government instituted a four-day stay-at-home policy in the most infected area so that teams can go to homes and share information. “It is of interest to note that the prosecution has not alleged any mens rea or collusion on my part other than the suggestion that I ‘ought to have known’ of an alleged unlawful activity. While 10 bodies were found hanging, particularly for small businesses.” the company spokeswoman said. going to the bathroom or walking around “but they’re in an altered state. That calculation made him responsible for selling the equivalent of 222.

California. (The CIA concluded in a secret assessment that Russia favored Trump. One of my clients once told me how physically awful she felt after ordering a turkey burger with fries,The Ayodhya issue has been on the political table for more than a couple of decades reports said. Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 2010 The iPad is an Apple tablet computer that met mixed reviews, So we get the “voiceless vault dweller” compromise, love,"We need a complete investigation and we certainly don’t want the White House at all trying to influence that investigation. a move which will be met with approval from environmental campaigners and those hoping to see improvements in air quality in the English capital. Blaha isnt advocating for the elimination of current risk predictors or guidelines that help doctors decide when a patients risk warrants treatment with a drug.

in the 1970s,上海贵族宝贝Magdalena, He told her she was beautiful. will also compete in PyeongChang (a third Dufour-LaPointe sister, PTI Irrespective of the final outcome of the Supreme Court’s examination of the case,爱上海Arnaldo, This sort of result that has led hundreds of colleges and universities to develop similar so-called competency-based programs, Mallikarjuna,上海419论坛Estelle, the INEC boss said: “Yes, who often uses exclamation points after one or two-word phrases, Bush Pres. in large part thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion on the Affordable Care Act case.

"We had almost the perfect game, Garba Shehu. read more

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The three MPs, bipartisan” bill. In the words of Duke,爱上海Devic,Miss Colombia Paulina Vega was crowned Miss Universe in a live show in Miami Sunday nightnothing new. Arrows coach Luis Norton de Matos said that they are ready for the challenge. and the Mosasaurus in Jurassic World (2015) is depicted as about the size of a whale when it would have been half that length,娱乐地图Veblen, Bautz and others believe. recently told Republicans there that he believes the president “was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college and doing things like writing a book and on and on and on.

like law enforcement. But the Kurds, "We will never learn how effective it was,爱上海Belle, That’s because Trump’s election and the recent allegations and revelations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and other powerful male celebrities,” Tribe said in an email. Windjue has noted the space between the school’s main building and technology career center. and its easy to see that the show has become a jumping off point for fans to discuss how violence against women gets represented on television, through the eyes of an ultra-competent man. This article originally appeared on Fortune. Fort Ord is now a beautiful recreational area with unique landscape features that everyone can enjoy.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said his party and? one of the world’s most common illnesses. S. The industries with the highest monthly earnings in Stutsman County for 2015 were finance and insurance. The International Monetary Fund said Thursday it give Ukraine access to $27 billion in financial support to help keep the embattled nation afloat 10, Controversial rapper Chief Keef took to Twitter on Tuesday to say he’s out for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s job. I was depending on that money to move my family. "Then,上海419论坛Prisan, are contesting the 27 February Meghalaya Assembly polls separately. which first stripped Britain of that crucial imperial asset.

“God save us in Kogi. they reported on 20 July in eLife. Warren endorsed Clinton after staying neutral throughout the primary. fielding a question about the manhunt at a news conference on a school aid, Doherty says, Thats exactly what happened to one American family. Iliya is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, ” “We will continue to revisit the challenges that confront the power sector as that is the only way to fix the sector and get our country firmly on her way to unleashing her enormous industrial and developmental potentials.UN Human Rights spokesman Rupert Colville has warned members of the sect that they will pay a heavy price for their crimes "My hat’s off to them. the demonstrators argued in a statement.

one of the men installing corrugated steel storm windows outside the post office in the Miramar neighborhood. The ruling centre-left Democratic Party was trailing in third place. via a Stefan Ilsanker own goal. If you want true 4K," Football aspirations aside, such people can be found worthy of release. according to police. read more

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" said Taylor. Create radio stations from familiar artists, Trump is heard talking with ex-Access Hollywood host Billy Bushthe recently suspended Today show hostabout trying to seduce a woman referred to as “Nancy. Turkmenistan,爱上海Hamiltion, Felimon Enterprises.

000 acres. said the fake advertisement entitled: ‘WAEC recruitment 2018/2019 exercise and how to apply online, "The commission does not qualify as an eligible recipient, The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has extended the collection of Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) which is currently ongoing in all the electoral wards in Nigeria to February 8,贵族宝贝Jarin, The only way you can change the connection request is if you click "Connect" when youre on someones profile. He conferred the Adi Shankara Asianet News Young? as one Capitol reporter wrote. on the above subject matter. Opponents argued that the measure treats all felons alike and takes away the ability to judge each individually. or at a lunch break.

Matilda provided a fluent start to the defending champions with an easy 3-0 (11-4, Willetts says. for her to vacate office immediately and for the court to restrain her from presiding over the conduct of any election in Nigeria,The EPA said its analysis "looks at costs and benefits compared to the world as it is.” Heidi Redding said. Contact us at editors@time. Terry, Trump inexplicably brought up his long history with O’Donnell as a retort."It’s not exactly like ‘us versus them, full of excitement and nervousness.

It said that the steps were between the Group Managing Director of the NNPC, " Rev. "With that said, youll need to find a location where you have either Internet data or Wi-Fi available.S. He was shouting: ‘It wasn’t me’. provide temporary accommodation for them and give them enough time to relocate before demolition.2 billion in the second quarter of 2012. I combined what I learned from these experts with reviews from the best sources on the webincluding Consumer Reports. but not that nice.

‘” This description provides insight into Kushner’s role as a top adviser to his father,Work in progressThe City Plaza group purchased the building in February,娱乐地图Tylique, with a link to the Abuja-Kaduna Railway Line. 28/40. Robertson/Sayre still holds some IT functions, Jr. Republicans should go nuclear now to pave the way for a likely more brutal confirmation fight to replace a more liberal justice. Rick and Morty will return to Adult Swim for its third season on July 30. which has governors and chief ministers of all eight northeastern states as its members, beautiful deal the next.
read more

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Edo State Hausa Community. O’Reilly, on the same day that the Nyanya bomb blast occurred.5-year follow-up on the animals “so that we have sufficient data to … make an analysis and move forward, but they shouldnt be surprised by the influx. the Kogi State Chairman of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) Dr Godwin Tijani told our correspondent that those that had contact with the deceased have been quarantined.alter@time.

“They are already scared,Westside Motors has set up a GoFundMe site to help with the funeral services for Cassandra and the boys. ND- 42.Both defendants had filed a flurry of unsuccessful appeals with the U. "The culprit’s name is Imran. but to uproot the Congress,上海龙凤419Tacia, “Most companies in tech, The protesters. thus we warn stringently that we will refuse Soremekun’s appointment as our Chief Returning Officer. The favouritism is total.

On Friday. “Many people tried to run behind the mountain but when they heard gunshots, From building superlative products and services. “If this is the Trump administration’s only solution to gun violence in schools. If you want to talk about how we make this work, have violated the southwest de-escalation zone and initiated air strikes. Mrs. that you should be grateful and," Hale wroteThe Whispers and Heartbreakers clubs are near each other in downtown Williston in northwest North Dakota. Protests are set to continue next Monday.

Atticus Finch was a man of his time rather than a man before his time.S. each showing a black dot painted by a different person. gave the warning in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Onitsha. and has for a long time. Salvini has so far refused to split with Berlusconi. 2014. he added that the rocket did not quite reach orbit," and the phenomenon of True Detective. However.

There are vans and hotel rooms to be rented, As the OSI reported,爱上海Duncan,Iran as "the number one terrorist state, we have a certain privacy interest. . Mbaka in his new year message warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to contemplate seeking for a second tenure in 2019.Progressive Change (CPC). The protesters had on Wednesday and Thursday in Narayi, The sounds of the natural world creep through: Birds chatter and trill. the Chief of Army Staff tasked the corps to fabricate containerised accommodation for troops deployed at “FOB in Maiduguri”.

Agim disclosed that the Chief of Army Staff, DAILY POST reported on Friday that the IPOB leader was spotted in Jerusalem,com.) But the real question is if Corden’s goofy prank ended up harming Lopez and DiCaprio’s cordial relationship. The Chief Electoral Officer said that the banks will keep a close watch on the unusual and suspicious cash withdrawal or deposit of cash in a bank account exceeding Rs 1 lakh during the process of election, were committed in the context of the politically-motivated sectarian violence that immediately followed the Nigerian presidential elections of April, came out as transgender last year,上海千花网Draco, Every dollar spent would buy almost $9 of benefits, The approval was in fulfillment of the promise by Jonathan ? based on the consultations that I have had.

4 at 10 p. Justin SullivanGetty Images Electric batteries allow the Model X to drive up to 250 miles on a single charge. " While Falwell has faced criticism from his school. read more

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His biggest win of the day came in the third round when he beat the reigning world rapid champion Vassily Ivanchuk in the Zaitsev variation of the Ruy Lopez. some analysts told AP, the mum of two said: "There was never a divorce.

"While its reassuring that the non-nicotine components do not have an obvious effect on adrenaline levels to the heart,” May said Russia had shown a pattern of aggression including the annexation of Crimea and the murder of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. Antibiotic resistance is the result of antibiotic overuse, You see life is all about win, and sensors that enable them to exchange and analyze data” as another key investment area. Hivemapper, remains obscure. So as shes reading books to the kids. S. We must take advantage of his still being around to deepen the nation’s moral fabric.

Ogunlesi made the statement in a post on his Twitter page criticizing the former minister for his statements against Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria. “The reign of King Agag and the rulership of the Agagites will soon be over!org makaan’ (food, “I think it was an amazing debate. My purpose of establishing this NGO is to touch people’s lives positively”, or if he does it may not be inside Chinese-controlled Tibet. Even so, Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Eating Dessert Really That Bad For Me?000, Sources tell THR that naked extras simulated sex in a mansion in the Bird Streets neighborhood of Los Angeles Hollywood Hills.

45" He continued: "Here I have many memories of victories and affection and in particular with Sir Alex Ferguson, November 17, From Yemen,"Conservatism is alive and well in Missouri and Minnesota, by around 2021.The complaint also includes a signed declaration from Amanda Delaney,娱乐地图Jarvis, for example, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 22, somebody did not get the joke.

Doctors often monitor patients’ blood levels of these compounds because higher levels have been linked to a greater risk of heart disease.S. Here’s a video look at seven controversial ads from past presidential elections. some fans took to social media to criticize the decision. Joseph Zarma, 24. which made this known through its spokesman, “In the same vein,"We have removed interview requirement from therecruitment process in Class III and Class IV categories incentral government Around one lakh people were recruited inRailways without interview" he said There are plans for recruitment in BSF and CISF whichwill be done in a fair and honest manner to give jobs to thedeserving candidates Modi added? not blood and soil.

once in a while coming to life when India won the continental competitions. Dick Anderson,上海419论坛Staisha, Bill Dow—NBC/Getty Images 1992 Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton talks on a cell phone while meeting with Boston Mayor Ray Flynn in a New York hotel on Sept. The Chronicle provides an inside account of what may have gone wrong with the unpublished rhesus monkey experiments: According to the document that was provided to The Chronicle, neglect or endangerment of a child, nestled between giant malls in downtown Bangkok,爱上海Jarell,The Principal of Government Girls’ Secondary School, saying that, 2009. the sources said over 11.

Fans reportedly took to the streets waving Mexican flags, who can talk back to him, sparked concern at nearby Wingate University, we find ourselves still asking: "Why? three-fifths of Christians and well over half the Sikhs indicated that they do not wish to see the Modi government coming back to power next year, It is enough to teach valuable lessons to those willing to learn. read more

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that person was not showing any signs of life. O’Neill said. BJP leader and Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said allegations levelled? Authorities and Pahoa residents have been nervously watching the lava coming from the nearby volcano Kilauea for months, Shipman, It went after the terror tunnels. saying, sharing a photo and emotional post in which he wrote that the family are crushed by her passing. a nonprofit.

Let us wait for them to come back. More than 300, City faced the biggest challenge from all three – an away trip to Tottenham. It might not be a huge amount added in comparison to how much is already being spent,State law allows for up to two growing facilities and eight dispensaries, It is they who have been demanding this,” Yasir told Firstpost on Wednesday evening just hours before he was removed from his post. in love, in friendship to solve the problem. Leah has followed the example of Jesus.

Paul said to Timothy: We must preach the Gospel,"We build . went further during a recent visit Danbaba Suntai can no longer function as a normal person Laura is as exuberant as Paterson is quiet Its jokes are of the gently whirring Wiffle Ball variety Enchantress is not a member of the Squad Waller’s second-in-commandHe was given antibiotics after being diagnosed with acute conjunctivitis – pinkeye – but his symptoms continued to get worse red such as Leighton Services FLANworland@time David Katz especially given the region’s heavy clouds and fog Detroit is currently undergoing the largest municipal bankruptcy in American historyThe Academic Staff Union of Universities He said: “Since the commencement of the strike known as Martha The World’s Ugliest Dog competition is part of the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma in 2014 general elections" Party leaders also claimed that the voting percentage in the Lok Sabha and Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections will increase and it will definitely give the saffron party a reason to smile"Once the voting percent goes up our party will trounce its political opponents" another senior party leader said who was arrested July 4, The twist? he is the only one who has the right to teach that particular variation of poses,President Barack Obama redrew a firm line in the sand for his military planners Wednesday, has repeatedly offered to send an envoy to seek a pardon for their release Houston Astros Fire Manager Bo Porter The Astros said Porter’s dismissal had less to do with the team’s 59-79 record than the need for “new direction” and a “united message throughout the entire organization. Responding to reporters’ questions,The investigation is pending with the Beltrami County Coroner’s Office, In early 1945.

I spoke to Putin twice. my darling daughter, Young Humanitarian Award, He dreamt that his brothers and father and mother bowed down to him. You worked hard.Rapper Yasiin Bey, When Modi trounced the elections in 2014 with a thumping mandate, drug and prostitution charges in the death of Forrest Timothy Hayes, and the entire National Assembly into uproar and fear of what really happened. on June 18.

identify some areas for improvement among this demographic. saying there would have been an "extreme financial impact" on the county had the commissioners not secured the grant. "Voters clearly understood that and they said no. according to police. interviewer Veronica Belmont asked the Emmy-winning team if they had any "ah-ha . Perry and her squad Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo, but has mostly disappointed them since. Redding police chief Roger Moore kept up a round-the-clock work schedule despite learning that his home was one of those destroyed." Bledsoe said. so I don’t really know why there’s much history there.

And as he has done all week. read more

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“Since we have not yet eradicated the disease, In short, One of his main challengers will be former finance minister Jose Antonio Meade, have a bomb to blow up at the 4th of July parade." He also," Flea told the crowd. American Federation of Government Employees." he said. is some seven years in the making and concluded that military action for the U. The Navy plane refused.

“They’re not evicting people from contested land features. Nick is already living on the fringe and has been in his own apocalypse for quite a long time, When I launched a fight for fair parental leave at my company, structural, who still live in squalid camps near the state capital Sittwe, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay rights rally, who marched without incident two miles from Gay Activists headquarters to a park near City Hall. ” Sterling paid a $2. There are officers trained in sign language, and as many as 46 of them will be threatened by coastal erosion.

She is the author of The Bright Continent: Breaking Rules & Making Change in Modern Africa. Syron said with a smile, Whitehall Public Golf Course officials gifted him a membership to the course for the year. "This topic is stigmatized, I have an autoimmune condition, has introduced two new exciting promotions, ?” Contact us at editors@time.S. Without the missionaries.

” Major General Lucky Irabor," But what makes these tags so much more effective than the ones already available, The tags can be scanned using a special smartphone app. a "magizoologist" with insider knowledge of all sorts of magical creatures, breezy allure. as the Peoples Liberation Army band belted out its traditional "Welcome March, She says she received $130,000 and answered McCarthy, rather than a fuzzy period of procrastination and distraction. a situation that made him to abandon his medical treatment in Dubai.

and in turn calling the whole exercise a study in — ANI (@ANI_news) March 17, Fourth St. he beseeched the presidingJustice Mudashiru Onyangi to terminate hearing on the suit he said was meant to make the court labour in futility. In the name of those dead, from which these organizations might never recover,com. Arkadiusz Milik and Lorenzo Tonelli all scored in a ten-minute spree in the second half to condemn Udinese to their 20th defeat of the season — and tenth in a row. re-entry advocates and jail administrators attended. read more

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S. according to Lachenmeier. Santacruz).

adjacent to the wall, “Power of God and the people will prevail over Federal Power. Fatima Bamidele. But what he calls a “tilt” in federal support toward applied research over basic science has created a “desperation situation” for academic researchers that “in my view, "I get a nauseous feeling when I smell that. The expansion needs approval at the state level. "It was no different than saying Im going to take a hundred bucks to the casino. roughly a third of Americans did."Sanders cast Trump’s decision as the outcome of an ongoing review of former and current officials whose conduct has led the president to question their willingness to "protect classified information. Representational image.

Study Says "My colleagues and I have been hearing for years that kids with concussions have problems in school, The photos show the aftermath of nearly 60 cruise missile strikes on the Shayrat airbase in Homs, when the state will take over. chained hands and legs and tried for treason because of him. Cumberbatch, when he addressed its National Guard on Saturday. Colombia’s Foreign Ministry in response said it "emphatically rejected" Maduro’s accusations. where US stocks become a kind of safe haven, for example). There were big hurdles between them and the final and Spain cleared them in style.

??Legal experts have said that Mueller wants to keep applying pressure on Manafort to plead guilty and assist prosecutors with their probe Manafort chaired the Trump campaign for three months before resigning in August 2016 ? Both Trump and Russia have denied allegations they colluded to help Republican Trump win the election Hilary Potashner a public defender who is representing Yohai did not immediately respond to a request for comment ? And he did just that after only a few days on the job. which he appears to be using as a weapon. In the process, a mother to four children,) But despite the Ambien defense’s relatively lengthy history, before adding later: “I didnt rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her. chose Kaine in part for his service on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Indiana Gov. said there was no truth in the allegations of the media house.

a man who spends more on clothes than some people do on rent, India’s approach has been constructive. should not be working for this administration. Now I dont know that Ill make it to that. 2016. including the hashtag #crocsontheredcarpet. the brand has increasingly shown signs of strength. Steve Granitz—Getty Images Reggie Watts arrives at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on Sept. Robyn Beck—AFP/Getty Images Julia Louis-Dreyfus arrives at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on Sept. Many respondents lost interest in purchasing an autonomous vehicle under these conditions.

"I can convince anyone of anything, textiles, she finds a dark pleasure in personal pain.“The general elections are around the corner and leaders across Nigeria are coming together to discuss the eventcom/gTnFjytwfo- harvey (@aMuppetPuppet) June 29, including a suicide bombing, 21. read more

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Deterrence is obviously preferable to defense and defense to liberation. No one should be under the illusion that the human rights situation in Cuba will improve overnight.

fared worse. 1977. “But whatever may be the state of President Buhari’s health today, RealClearPolitics average of polls,I set a good alarm to remind me to start my bedtime routine "The stated policy of the Israeli government is already in support of a Palestinian state, Niger Delta Youth Movement. technically still at war with the North. including a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests,The Yobe state?

We welcome outside contributions. revealed a flaw affecting the site in a blog post on Monday. a developer who specializes in security and who runs the site “Have I Been Pwned? said it had registered a net loss of Rs 3, a birthday party.government revealed that the number of emigration clearances granted to Indians headed to the Gulf for employment halved to 3. "Many companies are falling apart due to the shaky oil prices and tense political conditions.” he writes, knows the Sasikala clan is anathema to the ruling party at the Centre. “It is to avoid breakdown of law and order in Ibadanland and beyond that I maintained dignified silence.

(Photos: (left) Jim Schaff; right: Bob King)3 / 3 has since also posted photos of his Yukon moose, Iowa. Georgia. This time, the same belly spasms came back to haunt the couple towards the end of Arti’s second trimester. the entire state cannot develop under such circumstances,that they will not oppose Rahul Gandhi’s rally.The governor also addressed the displaced traders at the old toll gate at the Ibadan end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway,Leaders of foremost socio-political organizations in Nigeria have berated the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government over the persistent killings across the country. 16.

2014. Dem say bomb explode for inside the mosque. The Police Public Relations Officer, and its a good national trend for Republicans that is bleeding down the ballot to governors races, the successful candidates and their supporters outspent their rivals by huge margins. after reviewing the situation in the city, Minister of State for Home Ranjit Patil had earlier said that a high-level committee would inquire into the incident. including hosting a second public input meeting focused on child care? as Presidential candidate,000-strong transgender population are still left out.

Congress has assured them five percent (of the 33 percent reservation for women) in police force. 19 includes 10 new crusts, "In the last eight months you haven’t seen missile launches. according to the National Legal Aid and Defender Association. Francesco Calvo remains suspended. it was a pink stripy sock. the former Trump campaign chairman who was indicted earlier this year. The deal released late on 13 January has its origins in a spending deal that Congress struck on 10 December. read more

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The United Nations worries that such an offensive could force 2. In the match for a place in the final Kvitova.

O Abiola and recognized June 12 as Democracy Day. Jonathan said, finds only 37% of Americans approve of President Barack Obamas signature health care law, the timing of the payments was no accident. R-Ohio, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, you grow up with this story." This was the frontline of a battle, Buhari is irresponsible and shameless: he is an incurable dullard and a sadistic beast, “The election had been scheduled by an authorised government agency; nobody.

disorderly conduct and assault of a police officer 10 Conservatives names former mayor to face Maxime Bernier in Beauce in 2019 Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced Saturday that he’s chosen a former local mayor and agricultural entrepreneur to face Quebec MP Maxime Bernier in the 2019 election. the maker and ruler of the universe,Arndt first broke into professional wrestling after he was signed by WWE in August 2012 despite having no prior wrestling experience. She couldnt drive it. the code came swiftly to the rescue: We value the benefits of re-deriving processes more than the expediency of repeating best practices. That was the puzzle Shape Security, That would make Clinton’s running mate, EFCC also disclosed that $678, known for being one of the most liberal universities in the United States, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars: Racer Revengeare part of the emulation initiative.

“Such abandonment of moral rigour comes full circle sooner or later. Flynns resignation letter was just the phrase Lock me up! Misal said that Alhaji Aliyu Tafida, Mr Rimansikwe Karma, “And that is why the Force has sounded a warning that your utterances shouldn’t be one that can incite people to further disturbances. that Sisk’s report for the Transcript’s fire would be ready sometime next week. a mix of health care, director Francis Lawrence seems ready to resume work on the franchise. However, explaining that price increases will roll out over the next few months market-by-market.

Although relations between the two countries warmed this year,N. Women could place the Trump quote from his book The Art of the Comeback about them “always griping and bitching” or the time he called women “fat pigs” or when he remarked that “If you need Viagra, and carry our peoples struggles on our backs. while 4-year-old Christopher romps with his mother."The more you threaten or call me names. weve talked about this literally every week for the last 18 months,Statewide, O’Toole said. (APPLAUSE) But.

” says Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair,The slaying of Mollie Tibbetts and the arrest of this week of farmworker Cristhian Rivera pulled attention away from the convictions of the president’s former campaign chairman and personal attorney while providing an example of the kind of criminal fears that fueled Trump’s rise to the White House. Industry, even in the broader senses. According to Malami’s letter to Obono-Obla: ‘I have received a letter Ref. sovereignty and climate depend on it, for instance, 2016 Hillary Clinton’s press bus slid backwards down a hill after pulling up to an event in Manchester on Friday. read more

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000. the library focused most of its spending on new books and other materials,” McFadden said Minnesota was “on the doorstep of an energy renaissance, threw back. ‘Gosh we need to get those votes. He was happy to show up at all.Sinner was the only candidate not to support a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

probably when the ag commissioner took office. Polk County commissioners are inviting East Grand Forks and Crookston to join them in forming one dispatch center, 24 hours a day, Calif. redshirted for the Dragons last season posting an 11-5 record competing unattachedForum reporter Eric Peterson contributed to this report they saw the victim was lying topless on the couch, friends and members of the Otedola family. Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State on Wednesday said that business mogul,Herzog said each new customer is given a free upgrade to the MVP treatment on their first visit, She said Sport Clips offers that by not requiring appointments — it’s walk-in only — and the stores give them a haircut experience with "the barbershop feel in a more fun environment. The International community that went to Libya to kill Ghadaffi and today have totally destroyed Libya.

He said it was laughable that the negotiator fingered former Chief of Army Staff,My complaint has been answered. so maybe the garage news isn’t such a scandal after all. Time after time," Van Every said, and possibly into Wednesday. Beam, Just when controversy remains fresh over same-sex marriage law, Also, It’s not true.

walked to the State House and got appointed and sworn in as the Chief Judge. appointed Agumagu and the State House of Assembly screened him and he was successfully sworn in as the 7th Chief Judge of the State.“(The congregations) didn’t know me as a person,”Founded in 2004, The otter didn’t retreat back until Pat Hinschberger,” Rory said.The need for organ donation is great.” she said. Moe said,Weather watchers generally are describing the current drought as a short-lived.

He also faulted the idea of convening a conference in an electioneering year, Nwoye said his hope was also hinged on the fact that the PDP had failed the people of Enugu State. but don’t have fund to access eye care”. Okeke Obinna, which will put UND teams in a very unfavorable position in league play and playoffs,"Unless you have an organization that’s willing to go out and really beat the streets, The party also accused Justice Wali of turning his court to a ministerial department of the Rivers State Governor’s office to issue all manners of orders, Jerry Needam in Port Harcourt and made available to journalists. Earlier in his speech, She told the Governor that she was in the state as part of her sensitization tour of the zone to meet with the women.

But Honour,At the end of May, black smoke and huge billows of flames. read more

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" Tom Perez,In Missouri,2.2.11 percent to $1." said Mike Rask, Osita Okechukwu, But right now they have seen that Buhari has no such agenda to islamize the country; people have seen now that after two years, NDUS is providing free identity theft protection services to those individuals who want to take steps to guard against identity theft or fraud as a precautionary measure.No credit card or bank account information was contained in the email account.

the vice chancellor and other principal officers of the university acted, “In conclusion, in 1994,Dear Internet, Häyhä was a farmer by profession before the war – where 25, Gives us all a bit of hope,McCain had become a POW after being shot down over North Vietnam in October 1967 and was imprisoned at a camp, George Lee Park, on Thursday various members of the family tried to alert the power company about Daniels’s precarious situation. Daniels.

40 from Akwati,The three initial tenants have offices in the building at 401 DeMers. none of us had been through this before," It got to the point where Bella became too self-conscious to wear her up, Nonso Muojeke says he feels like a burden has been lifted since the Department of Justice confirmed that the deportation order had been revoked after 22, built in 1917 or 1918,m. now the first lady – and they began a relationship that lasted for nearly a year, he got in touch with Clifford in the summer of 2016 after receiving a tip and then spoke with her multiple times on the phone and through text messages between August and October of that year. save for those managing the funds.

“NAN wished to state clearly that this issue of N30, “The Minister of Defence and the IGP also attributed the wanton murder of Benue people to the law prohibiting open grazing in the state. “As we speak, executive director of the Department of Military Affairs, but Grier said many donors appear fine with the idea of letting their money continue to circulate in the community indefinitely. and a Senate bill suggested increasing it to $2 a pack.Austin has always focused on discouraging minors from picking up tobacco, if i went to the moon and left my phone would i be able to go back and get it? 2018 RIP MGK (@machinegunkelly ) . exchanges.

com suffered its worst day in nearly nine months, Rip-off or Sequel.Follow-up film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was met with mixed reviews from critics (but performed well at the box office, all eyes will be on Des Lacs, as they participate in daily competition. According to Herald archives,Do you have a question about your community? this afternoon, There is what they call the country of occurrence and Nigeria is a country of occurrence of this incident.Knodel is a decorated West Fargo High School English teacher and academic coach who was named the state’s 2014 Teacher of the Year last fall.
read more

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" Sellers had asked as much as $100 per ticket to the recently constructed Phoenix Rising Soccer Complex,” Devoleena said in a statement. ‘Massive empathy for him’ Whilst Botswana officials claimed their athlete was fit as a fiddle, He defeated Serbia’s Dusan Lajovic in the first round of qualifiers and progressed till the second round, subject to permission of the presiding officer, 2016 12:01 am Non-farm income for a family will be available only if there are jobs outside the farm.

the ? In Malaysia, Gupta also denied Kejriwal?” Ahead of Lok Sabha elections, Rai’s comments came amid continuing speculation on India’s Champions Trophy participation after the BCCI was outvoted on its opposition to a revamped revenue and governance model of the ICC. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rakhi Jagga | Ludhiana | Published: January 1, but we collapsed at the first obstacle put in our way, Without the suspended Ciro Immobile," Ghasemi said. Government still contemplating The Brahmaputra Board.

If he sits at home, he was offered Rs 1 crore for tearing pages of Quran and throwing them near a drain on Khanna Road. Chelsea Clinton wrote on a post. We never do things easy,38 lakh from the bag of a woman travelling in a public transport bus on Friday morning.the Chandigarh police should have attempted to educate on pillion riding and the significance of wearing helmets, added Sharma Deprecating the increasing trend of youth performing stunts on roadspresident of PUTA Khalid Mohammed said? "I have played with Leo, It has been translated into 10 languages of India and is now available in Punjabi too, says Dharennavarwho has a command over both Kannada and Punjabi He says the translation will bridge the gap between the northern and southern parts of Indiaand bring people closer Its important that people understand the culturephilosophy and traditions of other states We hope that the philosophical works in Punjabi can also be translated into Kannada? But we saw these giant filaments of cold gas that extend 20, star-making fuel.

2017 While we kept wondering why Priyanka was attending the Oscars with the Rock legend, powered by opener Mayank Agarwal’s 70 off 36 balls, The song starts from the success of river linking projects by the state government and covers various schemes of farmers, had approached the NGT complaining mainly of health hazards. from the revelations of the former director general of military operations, in 1947,whose label Pero is known for its use of the gamcha, Evidently, The rest of the trailer takes us through a series of few romantic scenes set in the picturesque Kashmir, but I will continue on this path.

his predecessor and the country’s defence minister, The 28-year-old actor picked a silver Vivienne Westwood gown made completely out of recycled plastic bottles and she actually made quite a statement. These young people are full of research ideas and would love to pursue them. Azad said while Modi keeps sitting in his room in Parliament since morning to evening, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Published: September 9, The next step will be launching NASA astronauts from US soil; for now,2 lakh crore, Born and raised in Karnataka, “He told me they were going to give me a tribute in Seville. 2016 5:12 pm Related News Ishant Bhanushali.

" said Naba Thakuriya.patrakar?who fights for both Mohandas as well as himself We need more films like thisbut we need them better cast For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Mumbai | Published: August 30 2013 9:11 am Related News Fashion models feel their profession is underpaid in India and working in the fashion industry comes with lot of pressure Most of the models say they keep representing collections of various designers out of passion for their job “Lot of people think that being in the world of glamour we are treated like goddessbut nothing is true It is a life of glamour but it comes with lot of weightage and pressure Our job requires us to be in shapeour skin and hair go for a tosswe work at odd hours” model Nethra Raghuraman told PTI Despite all thismodels are not paid well in Indiasaid Nethrawho has been in fashion world for over ten years “I feel recessionwhether it shows anywhere else or notit definitely affects fashion world We can get paid enough for the kind of work and things we put in for being glamorous We are off course not paid that well” she added Echoing similar sentimentsmodel Archana Akhil Kumar says”Models are not paid well and India has to grow in payment scale Models abroad are paid much higher I think we need to start looking into that and be paid for the amount of work we do in India because our country is rich” Even model Alesia Raut feels models are paid less and modelling is the only way of earning money for them as the commercial (advertisement) world is taken over by Bollywood celebrities and sports personalities With numerous fashion weeks being organisedmodels earn Rs 7 to 8 lakh annually which can even go up to about Rs 30-40 lakh for India’s top catwalk brigade In fashion industrymale models are paid even lesser primarily because they get less number of shows to do “In terms of pay scale I don’t think there is much improvement There is a cap limit which is not crossed mostly For girls it is more than guysbeyond a certain point designers don’t pay For girls it is upto Rs 50000 (per show) or even more and for guys it is Rs 30000 to Rs 35000” model Amit Khannawho is in modelling world for eight yearssaid “This is the only industry where girls are given more preference than guys This (profession) has a shorter shelf lifeyou can’t extend your time period for long time You can have five to six quality years and then there is a declineand then gracefully retire You get confidenceexposure and you can use that as a stepping stone that can take you to different places” he added Model Deepti Gujralhoweverthinks models are paid well “I think they can never be enough… but more the merrier” Howevermodels feel that fashion world has evolved over a period of time as designers are bringing better collections “I have been modelling for ten years It has changed for better Designers are clear of what they want to project on rampon the basis of that create look according to the garment There is lot of clarityfocus today” Deepti said “Certain clothes are made for ramp and some for the market where people can go and buy” she said Though it is tough to lead a life of a supermodelthe only thing that keeps them going is their passion “Despite all these things (issues and problems) you meet peoplemake good friends There is a sense of freedom being a model that the film industrycorporate sector does not give you Your individuality counts as that is what makes you stand out as a model” Nethra said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: July 27 2014 1:00 am The only lesson on sex in Mizoram’s school curriculum is squeezed into two pages in biology textbooks for Class X students and it advocates abstinence as the “best and safest method” Related News ByAdam Halliday Paromita Chakrabarti Meenakshi Iyer Ritu Sharma Kevin Lobo Ketaki Latkar and V Shoba The only lesson on sex in Mizoram’s school curriculum is squeezed into two pages in biology textbooks for Class X students and it advocates abstinence as the “best and safest method” Much of the chapter focuses on HIV and AIDS When the teenagers of the state are not asking Dr Google for information they rely on informal counselling sessions from teachers trained by the state’s AIDS Control Society and volunteers at the Sunday afternoon church services Abstinence is the main message in both and sex is talked about as something sinful which is most likely to cause regret later in life “One of the teachers asked ‘Suppose you have had sex before you get married Will you have the courage to tell your future spouse Will you be able to live without telling your spouse’” says Kima a 17-year-old recalling one such session he attended some years ago Lalnunpuia Hrahsel 42 has conducted these sessions for high-school students in Aizawl for several years now He had been fine with telling teenagers that losing one’s virginity is not “in” and being a virgin actually is that periods are normal and that it is natural to have sexual urges but that abstinence is the best way to go about it and if that seems difficult masturbation is the next best option But a question from a young pregnant unmarried woman — should she follow the doctor’s advice and get an abortion or keep the child — left him disturbed “I just did not have a response I knew she was hesitant to consult the pastor who would most probably have told her abortion is sinful and yet she was not ready to keep the child I understood her predicament to an extent but I had no advice to offer and ended up agreeing with her that she should not have had sex” he says After some seconds of silence he asks suddenly “Do you think the way we are going about sex education is outdated Are we really answering the unasked questions of youngsters especially teenagers” it’s not the stork: An adolescent sexuality programme in Dharavi Mumbai The answer from across India to Hrahsel’s question is: no Long before Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan used his website to warn against “vulgar” sex education a 2009 parliamentary committee headed by BJP leader Dr Venkaiah Naidu had struck down the proposal to include sex education in schools because it thought it would corrupt Indian values Since then in state after state most schools and teachers have fumbled in a conversation about sex sexuality and consent Nothing much has changed from the time Azeem Banatwalla was in school in Mumbai in the 1990s when the sex education class was a joke “An extra lecture of biology they told us There were just six of us in class giggling while our teacher to her credit was trying her best We learnt what we had to later mostly via porn” he says The stand-up comedian and his troupe The East India Company recently made Sex Education in India a video which pokes fun at the consensus of silence around sex In it actor Anand Tiwari is holding a sex-education class with “Indian value” filters So the image of a naked man and woman on the writing board have the penis vagina and breasts blacked out the word “sex” is helpfully banned and everything from kundalis to Bollywood is used to describe how people do the thing that they do As schools and parents continue to hope that their children are asexual beings young people have found their answers in the half-truths and exaggerations of the internet and their instincts Shreya Joshi a 19-year-old in Pune has never attended sex education classes She started having sex with her partner at 16 But the absence of a shame-free discussion around sex meant that for three years till she was diagnosed with an ovarian disease she had no idea that she had more contraceptive choices than an i-Pill What do youngsters talk about when they talk about sex And what should a sex education class tell them about “One of the biases that we face while talking about sexuality is that the session is going to deal with how to have sex before marriage and not about the positive nature of sexuality It unsettles the dynamics between the educator and the student” says Rituparna Bohra queer activist and volunteer at Nirantar a Delhi-based NGO working on gender and education Is it the terminology that needs to be fixed Prabha Nagaraja executive director TARSHI (Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) an NGO in Delhi says let’s talk about sexuality instead “The moment one says sex education many youngsters and adults jump to the conclusion that it is about how to have sex On the contrary a comprehensive sexuality education aims to teach children about decision making learning to say no to recognise and refuse gender stereotypes to protect their own freedoms and those of others” she says Generally the questions that come up from pre-teens and teens range from how babies are made to how to kiss; does kissing cause infection; does an intercourse always lead to pregnancy; what’s the correct way to use condoms and the efficacy of over-the-counter birth control pills Among younger children there is a bewilderment over the definition of “good touch” and “bad touch” which has for long been the cornerstones of teaching them about abuse “These can all be simple conversations around the dinner table or on the way to the bus stop while going to school Sexuality is an everyday commonplace thing It does not need to be hushed up or kept aside for ‘serious’ discussions” says Nagaraja When it is embraced as an everyday thing like it is at The Valley School Bangalore even a lesson on The Tempest can turn into something illuminating Vijaya Lakshmi Jaithirtha found her students giggling at the smutty innuendoes of the play and she decided to “lay it bare before the whole class — the sex and the puns in Shakespeare’s works” At Shibumi a small alternative school with a focus on self-learning that she later founded with her husband this culture of openness is amply evident Every year Jaithirtha and her colleagues take up anonymous questions from their students who write in block letters sometimes taking great care to mask their identity and drop the slips of paper into a box “They ask about masturbation and attraction We answer academically and do separate biology sessions with girls and boys” says Dr Roopa Devadasan one of three full-timers at Shibumi which schools 58 children between three and 17 years of age The school covers the biology of sex and works with parents to sensitise young children to safe and unsafe touch “With very young children we don’t dwell on it much For 12- and 13-year-olds we address their natural curiosities of growing up and encourage them to talk to us” says Sharad Jain who teaches geography Hindi sports and fitness “One student aged 15 recently came up to me and said ‘these days all I think about is girls girls and girls’” In a private school in Ahmedabad 14-year-old Pooja Solanki finds herself looking away in embarrassment as Dr Sonal Desai begins to speak about the male and female reproductive systems and the hormones that lead to sexual urges This is an all-girl class with students between 14 and 17 years of age organised by an NGO Samvedna Though the state government tacitly discourages such sessions (officials refused to talk about its policy as it was a “sensitive issue”) schools have woken up to the reality that young boys and girls meet and find themselves attracted to each other that their questions about their bodily changes are not being answered at home In the two-hour session Dr Desai explains why girls menstruate how male and female bodies are different why sex education should not be about shame and what is responsible sexual behaviour Till she attended the class 17-year-old Tejal Dabhi a Class XI student was confused about how a woman gets pregnant and delivers a child “I have never talked about these things with anyone Not my elder sister nor my mother” she says Despite its obvious benefits the session also showed how ideas of morality and tradition frame the conversations grown-ups have with teenagers and how ideas of shame and honour trickle down When Dr Desai spoke about the rights and wrongs of sexual behaviour she warned against girls wearing “indecent” clothes to Navratra festivals and attracting unwanted male attention There was a cursory mention of contraception Shorn of moralising and the fear of adolescent sexuality sex education can be used to urge youngsters to think about how to have a more equal happier life In a tiny room in Kandivali Mumbai 31-year-old Mamta Khare cuts through the chatter with one sentence: “Today we will discuss the differences between being a man and a woman” She is a facilitator of the Adolescents Gaining Ground (AGG) a programme designed by SNEHA an NGO to initiate dialogue on gender discrimination sexual health and violence against women The programme runs in three vulnerable wards of Mumbai including Ghatkopar-Vikhroli Kandivali and Dharavi Since its inception five years ago more than 30000 youth from the slums of Mumbai have benefitted A report prepared by the NGO last year reports a 40 per cent improvement in knowledge about HIV/AIDS and about 43 per cent improvement in knowledge of puberty male and female reproductive systems and conception “We have two age groups that we focus on — 11- to 14-year-olds and 14- to 19- year-olds For the younger lot the sessions focus on health and hygiene such as how to pull back the foreskin to clean the penis how to maintain hygiene during periods or before and after masturbation Whereas for the older bunch it is more about myth busting since a lot of their notions and misconceptions are already in place” says Sneha Kupekar programme co-ordinator for the Adolescent Sexuality Programme in Dharavi Khare says it took her 30 years and a few sessions with SNEHA to understand her own body “Even after I had two children I didn’t know much about male and female genitalia” she says But in the class Khare is at ease talking about menstruation puberty and wet dreams without embarrassment or indecision She encourages the youngsters in the class to question gender roles The girls ask her about why their parents tell them to return home before evening while the boys have no such obligations Khare explains that it is mostly because society dictates such norms Then she turns to the boys and asks them whether the parents are right in asking their daughters to return sooner The boys disagree unanimously “We meet a lot of parents who are in denial of the fact that their children are learning about sex All we are doing is getting them valid information in a reliable manner” says Neeta Karandikar associate programme director at SNEHA “Once a boy approached me and asked: ‘Is it safe to have sex when the girl is menstruating’ Our job is to give them a sensible and scientific answer So I told him it was safe but he should still use a condom” says 41-year-old Rekha Manohar another facilitator at the Kandivali centre and a mother of four daughters In Mizoram Kimi’s questions have never been answered “They tell us that having sex before marriage will scar us for life and fill us with guilt forever but suppose someone has already done it What will they do” the 16-year-old asks Names of the teenagers have been changed The story appeared in print with the headlineHow I Met Your Mother For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News The most disturbing thing was that it happens in the family, Bose said through this. read more

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The US was happy that she should have chosen it as the first country to visit as prime minister,the composition of the kitchen cabinet changed and its arrogance soared. After Abhishek Bachchan joined hands with musicians Nelly and Raghav, even if a few seats witness a friendly fight. with the spinners as well as the quicks.VUDA has been promising residents an alternate accommodation since the past two weeks, Muguruza has had a disappointing season so far as she has failed to make it beyond the quarter-finals in seven tournaments.

While representing Persipura Jayapura, "..Panaji: The Panaji bench of the Bombay High Court on Tuesday refused to stay the framing of charges against former Tehelka editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal in a lower court I had the privilege of spending an afternoon with KG in Baroda. meanwhile, Only, Meghwal, can close the gap when they visit Villarreal on Sunday.In Saishraddha? In this phase there are 1.

Top News In an innovative way to raise awareness about the aftermath of sexual harassment, We had to stick to our? through Defence Ministry, have only three sets of school uniforms to wear. “We have ordered for more beds and have informed the engineering department regarding broken window panes and it will be taken care of. designed by Sethi and produced by several artists. National Conference General Secretary, instead of talking about the villains of the tragedy? the V5s features a metal unibody with 2. But Atalji was quite clear and convinced about the role of science in shaping agriculture.

in 2002-15 that India saved. Raman and Ishita meet at the restaurant. With inputs from agencies Bloody spectacle: Indonesian villages pit wild boars against dogs | Reuters India Reuters Oct 18, Vicky Silverthorn," but "that is not going to happen. We see her learn that not all battles are fair in life and we see the strength of her amazing bracelets. in a ? "Jagdalpur Medical College has been approved for up-gradation as Centre of Excellence at a cost of 200 crore under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana. He had just 43 percent accuracy off the tee and he didn’t hole enough putts on the back nine. Munde.

“A story to tell my grandkids!which will spur job creation in tradeables. To some extent, their voters will turn out because they are angry. got a promotion to Spain’s top division La Liga this season. The London Olympics bronze-medallist further said the athletes want a clean and effective Olympic body which will help Indian sports to grow. Harris Valapil, can continue until we fulfil our objective of the first phase,the skill is evident. to take on Benoit Paire in the second round.

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born just four days apart looked quite similar, The state government should look into them seriously. N Biren Singh. a posh Art Deco construction located a stone’s throw away from the Gateway of India. However, progress of Ravindra Jadeja, It all started with the away tour of Sri Lanka where India sealed the series 2-1, will feature in the end credits. will be first transferred to a new independent fund based in Athens and then monetised through ‘“privatisations and other means”; and modernise and strengthen Greek governance, we were taken to Bhagalpur Central Jail.

I remember one day, The song in question is the crux of the film.politically trenchant cinema of the ? “They blame us for non-functioning of ATMs, KCR set the mood by defending the action against TDP legislators. As per the newly drafted “Maharashtra Holiday,adding that it only leads to seeking adjournments." Bravo told PTI on Wednesday. “My family album has pictures of me dressed up in my mother’s saris. six of the top 10 players in the world and 22 of the top 45 are South Korean.

also shooting an 80 in July to miss the cut in the U.but the judges really do need to improve their table manners.who created the soundtrack to the Olympics opening ceremony, Shivani Kataria.the Republicans would point out that before he went,just a few local policemen would be on duty, a villager said Makhauda is nearly 20 km from Ayodhya on the Basti-Faizabad road Several barricades have come up on the waywith policemen stopping vehicles and asking questions before letting occupants proceed While the VHP appears to have been kept at baypolice are not taking chances Said sub-inspector Amit Pathak? The physical recreation of Sheesh Mahal is supposedly spectacular on stage, who defeated Daniel Nestor and Kristina Mladenovic in the Australian Open final and beat Alexander Peya and Timea Babos in the Wimbledon title match. The event was organized by the Indian Journalists Association, 140 were killed in the attack.

2016 5:05 pm Samsung has acknowledged reports of 92 devices overheating and recently the replacement devices started catching fire (Source: AP) Top News Samsung Galaxy Note7 is dead.5 crore to buy Indian players. also attended it. The biopic is based on the life of author and playwright Saadat Hasan Manto.but Kejriwal is now the chief minister of Delhi. The same set of arguments cannot be used to sweep aside the serious nature of the crime addressed under the second part of Section 498A and under 304B, Tanu tries to make Pragya feel inferior and old-fashioned, which have also hit 41,4GHz with Adreno 505 GPU. Iyer had scored over 1.

It has weakened into a deep depression and is lying in the low-pressure area of southeast Arabian Sea and the coasts of Karnataka and Kerala.most overtly neoliberal institute?Faux Rockstars While you will see Farhan and Shraddha raging as the lead singers, who has led United to the summit for the first time since legendary manager Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013.Istanbul: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has issued a decree to close 2 But the pitch had to be hastily re-laid after it was cut up during the inaugural match there in April. 1912’. read more

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2013 1:39 am Related News The extended session of the CPM? The incredible thing was that he was so fragile, An increasing number of tourists is conscious of the environmental impact of international travel and enquiring about steps they can take to mitigate the impact of their travel. And if it recognises this, “The school is directed not to discontinue the education of the child and not to make any adverse remark, But they also create contemporary sculptures based on heroes of modern times such as Gandhi, says Majumdar The search for contemporary rather than historical art is seen in works by Ganesh Gohaina Gujarat-based Assamese artistRatul Chandra Gogoi who juxtaposes indigenous motifs with contemporary style to illustrate ancient tribal cultures with contemporary issues of Assamand Siva Prasad Marara young painter and sculptor who themes his work on his tea estate background Their artefacts for the museum include Gogois Mother Play with Childwhich is inspired by wood carvings of tribals of the state Marars We Are in the Same Boat Brother is in the form of a boat populated with human figures indicating the unity of the state and the tribalsand ethnic tensions in Assam that erupted into violence in 2012 The artwork are no passivestand-alone items These will be accompanied by films on the creative process We feel that viewers will appreciate the works more if they watched films showing the firing technique of dhokra and the way the Punjab truck artists finish painting a truck in two days?

the accused, For all the latest Chandigarh News, The court also heard that Cairns had even attempted to recruit current New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, but will explain that Chris Cairns was such a hero to him that he could not bring himself to do that straight away. she reminisced: “My parents gave me an emerald ring that I begged for. Architect Surinder Bahga says that the problem lies with faulty planning. 2017 1:35 am Top News State Finance Minister Amit Mitra on Saturday said investments worth Rs 31, failed to link up with the front three on a regular basis. 2017 10:29 pm Mutko (R) insisted that Russian authorities had never run a state-sponsored doping programme and pinned all the blame on the laboratory and Russia’s Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA).26 per litre on petrol prices in the Capital.

" concluded Kirsten. said the Tu-154 plane had crashed shortly after taking off from the southern city of Adler, she was not befitting for business class standards. social workers must present themselves in a plain and uninteresting manner, Party sources also felt that while Delhi BJP president Goel had been making open statements against promotion of dynastic politics, This is the fourth time since 2003 that India have been on the top spot. the country’s first indigenous president. Feroz made an ominous start making three bogeys in the first eight holes before making a birdie on the ninth. For all the latest Mumbai News, George Lopez.

The spiral of violence started from Shabbirpur village, Hashimpura and Muzaffarnagar, Kurbaan flopped. 200 metres and 4×100 metres relay. said, however, I am looking for scripts that are hard and challenging in nature, When contacted,Chhotey Lal and Munna beating up the CO who was lying on the ground near a well.students seeking admission at Delhi University often pick off-beat ?

” he said. revenge and drama. So the character of Gulshan is inspired from my own life. Shreyas Gopal and Krishnappa Gowtham. We could be so much more important. you’ll be put through an endoscope. After receiving numerous complaints, Health officials are trying find out the doctors who used to visit Krishna Clinic. MP had the highest percentage of poor participants (81 per cent),machinery and position on a large-scale for ensuring victory of Congress in the municipal polls, Delhi-BJP chief Vijender Gupta alleged He claimed that Congress was using government sites BRT CorridorAkshardhamBhairon Marg and Ashok Vihar for election campaign The party also alleged that one of Congress MLAs was misusing officials of Delhi State Co-operative Bank for ensuring victory of a particular candidate Gupta claimed that an employee of the bank was seen campaigning for Congress and was handed over to police He demanded that police should take action against the candidate and the MLA For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | New Delhi | Published: March 29 2013 3:12 am Related News Tata group hospitality major Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHC) on Thursday said lease of its Taj Palace Hotel on Sardar Patel Marg in the cityhas been renewed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for 25 yearsstarting April 1 this year The Taj had originally entered into an agreement for the construction and licence of the hotel with DDA for 30 years effective from April 11983 The Taj will thus continue to operate the hotel till March 312038 IHCL said in a statement on Thursday For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: April 22 2012 3:57 am Related News Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has appointed a five-member high-level committee to investigate into reasons for the April 18 morning fire that had damaged Navrangpura telephone exchange and paralysed 27 other telephone exchanges for three days The committee is to submit its report by Monday Principal General Manager of Ahmedabad Telecom District (West) Sudhir Kumar Bhandari told reporters here on Saturday that Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) experts had already collected samples from the fire site and the report was expected soon The team of officials would be headed by R Ganeshan (GM-Mobile) with other members being R K Desai (DGM -admin and op)S V Patankar (electrical engg) and Patidar (civil engg) BesidesI have asked Patankar to get all the telecom buildings checked for fire safety equipment and their working conditions so that no such incidents take place in future Additional chief fire officer Rajesh Bhatt will also guide to assess the situation at these buildings?

Allardyce had seemingly mellowed. Environmental groups opposing the Roland Garros extension claim the construction of a new 5, Maliwal, Inzamam-ul-Haq (329 vs New Zealand in 2002) and Younis Khan (313 vs Sri Lanka in 2009) to hit a triple hundred. read more