VIDEO Baker Mayfield says he hung up on Brett Favres agent for

first_imgBaker Mayfield is one of the most polarizing prospects in this year’s draft. Some teams love Baker’s swagger and confidence, others – like Colin – think he’s overly arrogant and immature.Like it or not, Mayfield is uncompromising and during his Facebook documentary series Being Baker, he told a story about his first – and only – conversation with Brett Favre’s agent Bus Cook that illustrates the point. It didn’t go well.As Mayfield tells it, he was immediately turned off when Cook asked him when Bob Stoops recruited him to Oklahoma. As many know, Baker wasn’t recruited by the Sooners, but made the team as a walk on. Mayfield immediately hung up on Cook for the slight and never spoke to him again.Baker fans will love this and say he has a point, doubters will call it more evidence of immaturity. It’s just more fuel for the debate that won’t be settled until he either succeeds in, or busts out of the NFL.last_img

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