Researchers conduct chemical study of an old metalrich globular cluster

first_img More information: Chemical Study of the Metal-rich Globular Cluster NGC 5927, arXiv:1711.03176 [astro-ph.SR] Clusters (GCs) are natural laboratories where stellar and chemical evolution can be studied in detail. In addition, their chemical patterns and kinematics can tell us wich Galactic structure (Disk, Bulge, Halo or extragalactic) the cluster belongs to. NGC 5927 is one of most metal-rich GCs in the Galaxy and its kinematics links it to the Thick Disk. We present abundance analysis based on high resolution spectra of 7 giant stars. The data were obtained using FLAMES/UVES spectrograph mounted on UT2 telescope of the European Southern Observatory. The principal motivation of this work is to perform a wide and detailed chemical abundance analysis of the cluster and look for possible Multiple Populations (MPs). We determined stellar parameters and measured 22 elements corresponding to light (Na, Al), alpha (O, Mg, Si, Ca, Ti), iron-peak (Sc, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn) and heavy elements (Y, Zr, Ba, Ce, Nd, Eu). We found a mean iron content of [Fe/H]=-0.47 ±0.02 (error on the mean). We confirm the existence of MPs in this GC with an O-Na anti-correlation, and moderate spread in Al abundances. We estimate a mean [α/Fe]=0.25 ±0.08. Iron-peak elements shows no significant spread. The [Ba/Eu] ratios indicate a predominant contribution from SNeII for the formation of the cluster. Researchers investigate chemical composition of globular cluster NGC 6362 © 2017 (—Chilean researchers have presented a chemical study of the old, metal-rich globular cluster NGC 5927. The new research determines abundances of 22 elements in seven giant stars of the cluster. The findings are available in a paper published November 8 on the arXiv pre-print repository. Discovered in 1826, NGC 5927 is a globular cluster near the Galactic plane, located about 7,700 light years from the Earth. It is one of most metal-rich globular clusters in the Milky Way and has an estimated age of approximately 12.25 billion years.Galactic globular clusters, especially such old as NGC 5927, are important for astronomers since they are among the oldest objects in the universe. Therefore, they could serve as natural laboratories for the study of stellar evolution processes.In the case of NGC 5927, it is believed that it was formed during the earliest stages of the formation of the Milky Way. Hence, researchers hope that this cluster could provide essential information about how the initial material got processed chemically.A team of astronomers led by Aldo Mura-Guzman of the University of Concepción in Chile, has lately performed a chemical study of NGC 5927. They obtained high-resolution spectra using the FLAMES/UVES spectrograph at the UT2 telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile, which allowed them to conduct a detailed chemical abundances analysis of this cluster.”In this paper we present a chemical study of the GC NGC 5927 based on high-resolution spectra taken from UVES,” the authors wrote in the paper.The researchers determined chemical abundances 22 such as sodium, aluminum, iron, oxygen and heavy elements like yttrium and zirconium. They found that NGC 5927 hosts multiple stellar populations with oxygen-sodium anti-correlation, and moderate spread in aluminum abundances.According to the paper, NGC 5927 has a mean metallicity of –0.47 dex, what is consistent with previous studies. This value is comparable with field stars and globular clusters in the Milky Way’s bulge. Moreover, the scientists noted that no significant spread in other iron-peak elements is visible in the studied cluster.Furthermore, the researchers confirmed a sodium-aluminum correlation but found no clear evidence for magnesium-aluminum anti-correlation in NGC 5927. The study also revealed that heavy s-process elements show no significant spread in this cluster. According to the authors of the paper, this seems to contradict the theory that asymptotic giant branch stars are polluters for the second generation stars.In concluding remarks, the researchers noted that NGC 5927 is similar the globular cluster NGC 6440 in the Milky Way’s bulge when it comes to chemical composition. This suggests similar origins between these two clusters.”The chemical similarities of NGC 5927 with Bulge GCs and especially with NGC 6440, lead us to consider a formation scenario where NGC 5927 was formed from material in-between the Bulge and Disk, when both structures were still in formation,” the scientists concluded. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. A 10′ × 10′ digitized sky survey image centered on NGC 5927. North is up and east to the left. The green symbols show the location of the spatial distribution of the 7 stars analyzed. Credit: Mura-Guzman et al., 2017. Citation: Researchers conduct chemical study of an old, metal-rich globular cluster (2017, November 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore furtherlast_img read more

Have smartphones really destroyed a generation We dont know

first_img“Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” the Atlantic asked in a provocative and widely read 2017 cover story. That article, by San Diego State University psychology professor Jean Twenge, summarized the correlational data linking teen mental health with technology and suggested the answer was yes. There’s also a sense, in the conventional wisdom, that the answer must be yes. Teens in the United States are coming of age at a time when digital technology is truly ubiquitous, where smartphones are our “constant companions.” These youth are also, according to national surveys, increasingly in crisis. Here are some of the most troubling statistics. Between 2009 and 2017, the number of high schoolers who contemplated suicide increased 25 percent. The number of teens diagnosed with clinical depression grew 37 percent between 2005 and 2014. It could be that more teens are willing to admit they’re struggling and are seeking help. But deaths by suicide among teens have increased as well. A recent study found that poisoning attempts by girls ages 10 to 12 increased 268 percent from 2010 to 2017. center_img As adults have noticed these trends, they’ve begun to worry: It’s the phones. Public fears about smartphones aren’t limited to mood disorders like depression, or rates of anxiety. There’s panic about gaming or tech “addiction,” and that we’re losing our ability to focus or remember due to the ubiquity of digital tech. These concerns are easily lumped together into one overarching fear: Tech is messing with our minds. Read the whole story: Voxlast_img read more

Hand shakes

first_imgNoted danseuse, Shallu Jindal’s an hour long performance at Kamani Auditorium on 1 November took the Capital to a scintillating journey into the world of Kuchipudi. Her daughter, Yashasvini, an upcoming Kuchipudi dancer, was also part of the performance.The classical repertoire portrayed different elements of Krishna-leela through Kuchipudi. The performance started with an invocation of Lord Venkateswara. This was followed by a rendition on Mere Saason ki Maala (a Meera Bai bhajan popularised by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) fused with sufi and Hindustani music.  It was followed by Thillana – a traditional Kuchipudi Nritya item.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The third part of the performance was Madhushala –  a unique performance on the poem by the famed Late Harivansh Rai Bachchan.The evening ended with Tarangam in which Jindal performed on the edges of a brass plate in devotion to Lord Krishna. This item displayed an exquisite virtuosity as the dancer executes intricate footwork patterns by dancing on the rim of a brass plate and coordinates them with complicated rhythmic patterns. It is said to be the union of the Atma (soul) with the Parmatma (Almighty).last_img read more

HIDCO to increase green cover of New Town

first_imgKolkata: Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) will set up more urban forests in New Town to increase its green cover.A meeting was held between senior officials of HIDCO and their counterparts in the state Forest department, to make plans to plant saplings during monsoon. HIDCO had planted 65,000 saplings in 2017. A survey was conducted to find out how many saplings have died and following that, new saplings were planted in those areas. In 2018, thousands of saplings will be planted on Forest week. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe Wasteland Forest Development Corporation has set up a tall tree nursery and tall tree saplings are being sold from there at affordable prices. There is enthusiasm among the residents of different housing complexes to plant tall trees and look after them.Big trees are being grown on 3 acres of land in Eco Park. Another urban forest comprising only Neem trees will come up on 5 acres of land. HIDCO has decided to plant trees in small parks and similar land, to increase the green cover of New Town. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedTo water the roadside trees, waste water is being recycled and specially designed vehicles are being deployed to water the plants. There are parks in every block and they are being maintained carefully. Swapno Bhor, a retreat meant for senior citizens, has a lush green park covering an area of 3 acres. Trees are also being planted throughout New Town.Eco Park, the biggest urban park in Bengal, which stands on 480 acres of land covered by 112 acres of waterbody, has trees all around. There are flower gardens and gardens for medicinal plants.It may be mentioned that after coming to power in 2011, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had taken the initiative to make New Town a green city. The erstwhile Left Front government, which had constructed New Town, did not make any plan to increase its green cover and the entire area used to look like a barren desert.last_img read more

Bengal set to boost raw silk production following success of bivoltine farming

first_imgKolkata: With the state witnessing a nine-fold increase in the production of bivoltine silk in the past seven years, the state government is targeting to extend the cultivation of raw silk on a new area of 1,620 acres in the 2018-19 fiscal.In the 2017-18 financial year, the area of plantation for the same was increased by 1,733 acres and it resulted in an yield of 2,540 metric tonne (MT) mulberry, 34.50 MT tasar, 2.60 MT eri and 185 kg muga raw silk. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsAsish Banerjee, the state Agriculture minister, held a high level meeting with senior officials of the directorate of sericulture, that falls under his department. Pradip Mazumdar, advisor to the Chief Minister on agriculture, was also present in the meeting in which there was discussion on various issues of sericulture.The Agriculture minister said the production targets for raw silk in 2018-19 are 2,575 MT mulberry, 46 MT tasar, 6 MT eri and 400 kg muga. “We are taking all necessary steps to ensure the same,” he said, adding that infrastructure including 898 rearing houses, 147 vermi-compost sheds and 10 cocoon storage buildings were developed to extend support to silk farmers in 2017-18. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedGiving a breakup of the 1,620 acres of land that will be brought under sericulture in 2018-19, Banerjee said 1,000 acres will be for mulberry, 400 acres for tasar, 70 acres for muga and 150 acres for eri.Large areas of land in districts including West Midnapore, Jhargram, Purulia, Bankura and Birbhum in Jungalmahal have been brought under tasar cultivation in 2017-18, where 18,040 people were benefitted.It may be mentioned that the bivoltine silk production in 2012-13 was 7.16 MT and it has gone up to 36 MT in 2017-18. An issue related to the problems that silk farmers are facing also came up in the meeting and it includes the problems that silk farmers are facing in Murshidabad and some parts of Nadia, where pesticides spread on vegetables are adversely affecting the silk cultivation within 1.5 kilometres. The state Agriculture department will be organising a symposium, in which officials of agriculture, horticulture and sericulture sections will be present. Representative of silk-farmers will also be attending the symposium.last_img read more

Space bound

first_imgCan art activate a building and stimulate a multi-sensory experience between the artwork and the structural form it occupies? At Khoj Studios, nine artistes have achieved in doing just that through an exhibition of on-site, multi-media works that explore light, colour, shape, size and unusual material within the white shell of the Khoj building.Titled Activating Space: A Sculptural Enquiry, the exhibition, including drawings, video, mixed media installation, mirrors, metal, and even shadows, commenced on April 23 and will be on till May 15. Activating Space is also a unique new program that departs from the specific, thematic orientation of most of the other residencies and exhibitions organised by Khoj. It invites sculptors, architects, visual artists and other creative practitioners to engage with the loose and accommodative rubric of site-specificity.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The participating artistes are Gagan Singh, Lleah Smith and James Gatt, Pooja Iranna, Priyamwada Singh, Samrudh Dixit, Sanket Jadia, Shaily Gupta and Henri Fanthome, Sikan Kumar Panda, and Teja Gavankar.“The project invites the most unusual, unique and bizarre materials into Khoj to permeate the exterior space and explore realms which otherwise can go by un-noticed. No interior studio or project space will be used in the installation of the exhibition,” says Promona Sengupta, Program Manager, Khoj.   Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixSeven individual artistes and two art collectives use its pre-existing architecture/facade to sculpturally investigate the form and the site, to ignite a sense of discovery and wonder and to find an interesting dialogue between the two forms. Elements of exploration, disguise, and emphasis are all equally at play as artists are encouraged to explore the divisions of subtly and strength and harmony and contrast in the work and the building.Gagan Singh has made miniature size paper cut outs, mostly depicting himself in various situations, and placed these all over the Khoj staircase, railings and even walls. Lleah Smith and James Gatt are part of the art collective Dandelion which is an artist collective based in Sydney, Australia. Their work Oasis includes a staircase laden with paper flowers and plastic bags filled with coloured water scattered on the rooftop. Pooja Iranna has been working on the subject of architectural spaces for decades and is known not only for her watercolours, staple pin sculptures, photographical work but also videos. Her work is titled as Swaas. Priyamwada Singh’s work is a chime-like installation work at Khoj is titled Time Traces — A Sensory Experiential placed right at the entrance. Samrudh Dixit has worked nationally on trans-disciplinary innovation projects that have spanned product and space design through/to music, structural design and services. Her rooftop installation is titled Cede which is a canvas based canopy with nylon strings.Sanket Jadia’s work Identical Universe, Inverse Reality is a 16 by 16 feel wall made of 10 mirrors that reflects the entire Khoj building is an attempt to engage with the dynamics of the existing space and architecture. Architects Shaily Gupta and Henri Fanthome are working at Khoj together.They say, “The building of Khoj, in its present shape and form, and with its numerous stairs and landings, creates a spatial framework. Within the white walls, the stairs, the landings and with the tree – mixing the real with the imagined, the permanent, with the transient, the accessible with the inaccessible is the aim.”Sikan Kumar Panda is a Delhi-based visual artist and a graduate in printmaking from University of Hyderabad. He says about his thread sculptural work Invisible Ways. Teja Gavankar’s project is called Over Consuming which is a state of being occupied with many things.When: On till May 15Where: Khoj Studioslast_img read more

Auto driver held for trying to molest female passenger

first_imgKolkata: An auto rickshaw driver was arrested by New Town police station for allegedly trying to sexually harass a woman. Some locals heard the woman’s scream and rushed to her aid. They succeeded in detaining the auto driver and later informed the police.According to the victim, she works as a maid in Salt Lake and originally hails from Alwar in Rajasthan. In Kolkata, she used stay in Keshtopur Mission Bazar area. On Tuesday night at around 9 pm, she boarded an auto from outside Bidhannagar Road station area, to go towards Keshtopur. But the driver Suvojit Nath drove his auto towards Salt Lake. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWhen she realised that she was being taken on a wrong route, she asked Nath to stop the auto. But Nath assured her that he would take her to her destination. When the auto reached near 206 bus stand, she again asked Nath to stop the auto at the bus stand. In reply, Nath told her that he would take her to Keshtopur VIP through Sector V. But Nath drove along the Biswa Bangla Sarani. Though she tried to scream, Nath threatened her with dire consequences. He then forced her to get off from the auto after reaching an isolated place near Ecospace in New Town. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThough the woman tried to run, Nath obstructed her from behind and tried to outrage her modesty. The woman tried to free herself from him but was not able do so and started crying for help. Sensing danger, he tried to stop her from alerting others in the area, by choking her throat. Meanwhile, some locals heard her scream and went towards the isolated place. They found that Nath was trying to sexually harass a woman. Seeing resistance, Nath tried to flee but two of the locals were able to detain him. Police was informed immediately. Later, police went to the spot and detained Nath and his auto. On Wednesday morning, she lodged a complaint against the auto driver with the Bidhannagar Women police station, following which Nath was arrested.last_img read more

Glitz and Glamour

first_imgKeeping up with the fad of ever changing fashion is not something many can do, and hosting a fashion weekend just adds onto the task. The Ambience Group has crafted some of the most exciting, enduring and profitable shopping and leisure destinations in the NCR. Lifestyle, leisure, shopping and entertainment make them the perfect destination for any urban Indian, housing International brands like Marks & Spencer, H&M, The collective, Thomas Pink, Gap and many more. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBeing a pioneer in an ever-evolving retail industry, Arjun Singh Gehlot and Shahista Gehlot have outdone themselves by introducing and launching yet another property titled ‘The Ambience Fashion Weekend- 2016’- conceptualized and hosted by them. A two-day extravaganza took fashion and retail to the next level. The first day, November 4 witnessed, as promised a  glamorous opening with the crème da la crème of fashion and retail in attendance at the fashion weekend.  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive‘The Ambience Fashion Weekend’, began with a bang! The Fashion show opened with brands like Marks & Spencer, Scullers, United Colors of Benetton, Creyate, Fab India, Gems, Satya Paul, Trends and was choreographed and presented by fashion guru – Prasad Bidapa. Latest trends of high-fashion were displayed by international retail giants and popular Indian brands.Adding glitz and glamour to this night dedicated to Fashion- Barfi and Mein tera Hero famed Bollywood actor Ileana D’Cruz walked the ramp as the showstopper and looked stunning in a Marks & Spencer outfit. The exclusive fashion presentation saw the who’s who of the fashion circuit of Delhi, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, celebrities, designers and imminent personalities from the retail industry.last_img read more

Amp up safety standards for stuntmen says Madhavan

first_imgActor R. Madhavan has shown concern towards the two actors who drowned while filming a climax scene for a Kannada film. The actor has requested to “amp up” the safety standards for the stuntmen. He tweeted on Tuesday evening, a day after two actors drowned in a water reservoir after leaping off a helicopter while shooting a crucial climax scene for a Kannada film near Bengaluru. Madhavan says the news is “really saddening”. “Really really saddening…my condolences with an earnest request to amp up the safety standard for stuntmen effectively and judiciously,” Madhavan tweeted.  Madhavan had re-tweeted the video and a tweet by southern actor Suriya Sivakumar, who asserted that it is high time the safety of the crew is taken seriously.  Also Read – Add new books to your shelf“Deeply saddened! At the age of VFX this is unfortunate! High time, safety of the crew is taken seriously! My condolences to family members,” Sivakumar tweeted. The incident involved famous southern actor Duniya Vijay, who swam to safety and even had a life jacket, and two others — identified as Anil and Uday — who drowned after jumping off the helicopter. They had no safety harness and did not know how to swim either.last_img read more

Malda student tops in state city shines in CBSE 2019 results

first_imgKolkata: Sumaita Laisa of Usha Martin School in Shimuldhabi under Gajole police station area in Malda has topped from the state in the CBSE Class X examination, the results of which were declared on Monday. Laisa scored 99.4 percent marks, bagging 497 out of 500.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee congratulated the students of the state. “Congratulations to all students who excelled and those who passed the CBSE exams. Good wishes to your parents and good luck for all your future endeavours,” she tweeted. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”I had expected 95 to 96 percent marks but 99.4 percent came as a surprise for me. I want to be a doctor so I will take up Biology in my higher studies,” Laisa said. The schools in Kolkata affiliated to the CBSE board also fared well, with South Point High School emerging at the top with Suchana Haldar scoring 496 out of 500. However, Saumodip Das of Khalsa Model High School in Dunlop scored the same marks as Suchana. “I want to study Chemistry in my higher education. The support from my parents and my school has contributed to my success. I was confident of scoring high marks but 99.2 percent has come as a surprise,” Saumodip said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateHis father Amarnath Das, who works in an MNC, said that he studied six to seven hours daily and would never keep any school assignment pending. “He has been topping the school right from nursery,” Das added. Suchana wants to become a doctor like his father. “The credit goes to my parents who devoted calculative time despite their busy schedule. I had a single private tutor,” she said. Her father D K Halder, who is an ENT specialist at Panihati State General Hospital, said: “I have twins studying in South Point. My son Saswata also got 95 percent marks. He has also taken Bio-Science in higher secondary level like my daughter. They both are very good in table tennis and have represented their school team in other states and have bagged prizes.” A total of 725 students appeared from South Point High School, out of which 223 scored 95 percent and above. Rounak Roy and Sreyashi Holme Choudhury have both scored 495 out of 500. Abhirup Mistry of Birla Bharati School at Santoshpur located in the southern fringes of the city scored 495 out of 500. Interestingly, Abhirup did not have a single private tutor. “Our teachers have been so cooperative. I cleared doubts if any from them only,” Abhirup said. DPS Ruby Park also performed very well with four of the students bagging more than 98 percent marks. Lokesh Somani of Birla High School emerged as the topper in the school with 98.4 percent, in which 53 got more than 90 percent marks out of 163 students.last_img read more

Parttime working mothers getting raw deal

first_imgWorking mothers who think of doing part-time jobs with flexible schedules are likely to end up working an increased amount of unpaid overtime, new research has found. The study, led by researchers from the University of Kent, showed that women who gained schedule control over their work had an increase in the amount of unpaid overtime worked. This was found to be the case for both professional men (about one hour more a week on average) and women without children (about 40 minutes more a week on average). Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBut, for part-time working mothers the unpaid overtime was around 20 minutes more a week. The increase may be because part-time working mothers feel the need to work longer to compensate for the possible stigma, perceived or otherwise, attached to them by other workers, especially when their schedules do not match normal working hours, the researchers said. It may also be that part-time working mothers have a greater ability to work unpaid overtime compared to full-time working mothers. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”More control over your work is supposed to make life easier for workers, particularly those with children. However, it is clear that for many, blurring the boundaries between work and home life expands work to be longer, even when it is unpaid,” said Heejung Chung, from Kent’s School of Social Policy. “Employers need to be aware of this and ensure staff is not over-stretching themselves and undoing the benefits of flexible working,” Chung added. For the study, published in the journal Social Indicators Research, the team examined three types of flexible working that people use and how it impacted their workloads. Flexitime – where workers have set weekly hours but can work them within a schedule that suits them; Teleworking – ability to work from home for personal reasons on a regular basis; and Schedule control – where workers are able to determine their own hours and schedules, so long as the job is done. While for the first two types of flexible working, there was little evidence of an increase in unpaid overtime hours, but for those who gained schedule control over their work there was an increase in the amount of unpaid overtime.last_img read more

Hair care tips for Monsoon

first_imgWith the melody of monsoon playing in our heads, every year the rains bring in menace for hair. The excitement to get soaked in the monsoon feels is enticing, but the humidity and moisture which follows it is a concern demanding attention.Monsoon rains loaded with pollutants dampers hair quality, leading to breakage and hair fall. Further, the scalp becomes more prone to dryness leading to dandruff and frizziness. The season comes with its beauty, but hair problems become more frequent and hair fall increases significantly in the season. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfNevertheless, hair loss problems due to this seasonal change can be addressed with careful measures and professional guidance. Below are a few easy and handy tips by the hair experts on maintaining your mane during monsoon season. Regularly wash your hair: In order to maintain a healthy scalp, the first and the most important step is keeping the scalp clean by at least washing the hair 2-3 times a week. Additionally, conditioning prevents fungal infection and ensures that moisture is intact giving a smooth and shiny texture to hair. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive Reduce the use of hair styling products: The constant exposure to a humid atmosphere in rainy season makes the scalp dry making it more susceptible to damage. Hence, excess use of hair straighteners, curling rods and dryers can prove to be harmful in monsoons. Dietary: Diet is an integral part of one’s hair quality and therefore should be kept in check, irrespective of seasonal requirements. Protein-rich diet stimulates hair-growth. Hence, include things like dry fruits, nuts, seeds, meat and yoghurt in your daily diet. Drinking water is also extremely important to retain moisture and fight dryness. Avoid breakage: Use the right comb to untangle your hair, preferably, wide-toothed combs with less static. Further, to avoid breakage, start combing your hair from the bottom and then go to the roots. Also, avoid combing damp hair to ditch hair loss. Save your hair in style Lastly, to avoid damage from the chemicals that come with rainwater, carry an umbrella, raincoat or water-proof hat to prevent direct contact with the rainwater. In addition to this, braiding your hair in this season not only protects it from the damage but also strengthens the hair follicles. Following these handy and simple tricks will enhance the benevolence of the season with a cup of brewing coffee. (Inputs by by Advanced Hair Studio)last_img read more

Face Revealed of the Only Man to Assassinate a British Prime Minister

first_imgThe face of the only person to have ever assassinated a British Prime Minister, described as an “angry businessman,” has been revealed for the very first time through a forensic reconstruction. A new dimensional portrait of John Bellingham, the only person to have successfully assassinated a Prime Minister, was created by museum technicians at Queen Mary University of London, using facial reconstruction based on his skull.The brain of the assassin was the most famous item in the collection at Queen Mary’s Pathology Museum.John BellinghamBellingham assassinated Prime Minister Spencer Perceval in 1812. Although there is little information about this skull, it is known that the museum acquired the specimen because the punishment for murder at that time was to be “hanged and anatomized.”Forensic imaging expert Hew Morrison, whose previous work included reconstructing the face of Ava from the Bronze Age, carried out a digital reconstruction based on the skull, to show what John Bellingham would have looked like to his contemporaries at the time of his death.Bellingham shot Spencer Perceval in the lobby of the Palace of Westminster in May 1812.He was convicted and hanged for it.Photo by Queen Mary, University of LondonCarla Valentine, Museum Technician at Queen Mary’s Pathology Museum, said to Archaeology & Art: “This is a novel way to engage the public with a previously one-dimensional ‘specimen.’ In this project, we specifically opted to reconstruct a well-known figure in order to reinstate his personality.”She explained: “A skull which has been denuded of its facial features – and therefore its identity – has less of an impact on a museum visitor than being able to see the person’s face. The impersonal presentation of a skull can also be seen as creating a ‘spectacle’ out of the person, which is an issue when we work hard to display human remains to the public in an appropriate manner.”John Bellingham’s living relatives were tracked down and asked for permission. They agreed to the project.A 19th-century illustration of Bellingham’s assassination of Spencer PercevalKnowing that Bellingham was a male in his forties and British, a modern database of tissue depth markers that apply to European male individuals of the same age group were used to gauge the thickness of the tissues that overlay the skull.The eye sockets on the preserved skull were quite large, which led to the high position of the eyebrows on the reconstruction.The height of the enamel of the front teeth on the skull also determines the thickness of the lips. This was used to determine the height of the bottom lips from the teeth, but due to the top teeth not being present, an approximation had to be made for the top lips.To create the facial features, a large database of high-resolution photographs of human faces was used, according to Archaeology & Art. “Each facial feature was adjusted to fit with the underlying anatomy of the skull and facial muscles. Computer software was used to combine and blend everything together to create the completed face.”Hair color, eye color, and skin tone cannot be determined from a skull. A suitable hairstyle was added to the reconstruction along with sideburns, which were present in illustrations of Bellingham.After he shot the Prime Minister, Bellingham sat down on a bench and waited to be arrested.A contemporary engraving of John BellinghamHe was hanged for the murder one week later.“Bellingham’s assassination of Perceval came after years of trying to get the British government to redress the financial losses he’d suffered in Russia,” according to the Daily Mail.Bellingham had been jailed in Russia in 1803 when he tried to leave the country without repaying some debts. He accrued the debts after a business venture broke down. But he always claimed that the authorities were mistaken.Read another story from us: The Incredibly Realistic Face of Queen Elizabeth IEvidence of his insanity was presented at trial but discounted.Bellingham left behind a wife and children.Nancy Bilyeau, a former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, has written a trilogy of Tudor-era thrillers for Touchstone Books. Her next book, The Blue, is a spy story set in the 18th century. For more information, go to www.nancybilyeau.comlast_img read more

Dolphins agree to oneyear deal with Jay Cutler

first_img Advertisement The Miami Dolphins have opted to sign Jay Cutler over Colin Kaepernick to replace injured starter Ryan Tannehill for the 2017 season.According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, The Miami and Cutler have agreed to a one-year deal for $10 million, plus incentives.Miami and former Bears QB Jay Cutler are finalizing a one-year deal, sources tell ESPN. Two sides are expected to hammer it out shortly.— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) August 6, 2017 Cutler had been added to Fox’s NFL coverage as a color analyst, but instead will head to Miami to reunite with Adam Gase, who served as offensive coordinator in Chicago in 2015, one of Cutler’s best as a pro.Kaepernick watch continues.last_img

Aaron Rodgers shouldnt rush to resign with the Packers

first_imgAaron Rodgers shouldn’t rush to re-sign with the PackersEveryone knew that the Packers would be significantly worse without Aaron Rodgers, but in his absence, it’s become clear that Green Bay’s roster is filled with average talent. It’s more clear than ever that Rodgers has been singlehandedly keeping the Packers relevant.Colin thinks Rodgers deserves to be surrounded by better talent, and shouldn’t be in any rush to re-sign with the Packers when he’s able to opt-out of his deal after the season. Even though NFL Players have less leverage than NBA players because of the franchise tag, Rodgers has more leverage than most, and could at least force Green Bay to put players around him before agreeing to a long-term deal. Guests:Tony Gonzalez – FS1 NFL analyst is in-studio discussing if Aaron Rodgers should rush to re-sign with Green Bay; and his own experience of trying to move on from Kansas City.Michael Rappaport – Actor/Comedian is in-studio discussing his new book, This Book has Balls; why he thinks Lonzo Ball will bust; and if LeBron James is already bored with the regular season.Rob Parker – FS1 Analyst is in-studio to explain why no player in the NFL is more valuable than Aaron Rodgers; and why he doesn’t think Matt Stafford can get it done in a down NFC North. Matt Stafford needs to win the NFC North this yearColin defended Matt Stafford when he signed a massive offseason deal, but now it’s time for him to produce. With Aaron Rodgers done for the year, a rebuilding Bears team, a Vikings team with a third string quarterback, and possibly the easiest remaining NFL schedule, Stafford needs to win now.There won’t be another year in the foreseeable future where Detroit will be in a better position to win the division, and for Stafford to justify being the highest player in the league, he has to take advantage and win the North. No excuses.Also:There’s no way an undefeated Wisconsin gets left out of the playofflast_img read more

VIDEO Devastating 1on1 office crossover may have coworker out until the AllStar

first_img Advertisement One lesson the internet can teach you is that people can get their ankles broken on a crossover just about anywhere, even at work.One woman, at what looks like some type of sales meeting, where a hoop happened to be set up for some reason, made the regrettable decision to lock down her co-worker in a quick game of one-on-one.Her co-worker proceeded to hit her with the AND1 Hot Sauce between the legs move, then finished her off with the hesitation ankle breaker on the other side. Somebody call work comp. She might be out until the All-Star break.I’m a give y’all a better version of my moms coworker blending ankles ??? AIL Insurance 1v1s— Rashaad Poindexter (@_IamPD_) December 14, 2017last_img

VIDEO Baker Mayfield says he hung up on Brett Favres agent for

first_imgBaker Mayfield is one of the most polarizing prospects in this year’s draft. Some teams love Baker’s swagger and confidence, others – like Colin – think he’s overly arrogant and immature.Like it or not, Mayfield is uncompromising and during his Facebook documentary series Being Baker, he told a story about his first – and only – conversation with Brett Favre’s agent Bus Cook that illustrates the point. It didn’t go well.As Mayfield tells it, he was immediately turned off when Cook asked him when Bob Stoops recruited him to Oklahoma. As many know, Baker wasn’t recruited by the Sooners, but made the team as a walk on. Mayfield immediately hung up on Cook for the slight and never spoke to him again.Baker fans will love this and say he has a point, doubters will call it more evidence of immaturity. It’s just more fuel for the debate that won’t be settled until he either succeeds in, or busts out of the NFL.last_img read more

Video of LiAngelo Ball bricking his way through a predraft workout shows

first_imgLiAngelo Ball wasn’t picked in last Thursday’s NBA Draft, which wasn’t a huge shock. He wasn’t even considered a rotation player for UCLA before he left the school after the fallout from a shoplifting incident during a team trip to China, and most scouts just flat out didn’t think he was good enough to ever play in the league.His pre-draft workout at the IMG Academy probably didn’t help his cause either. A video of the workout, with LaVar in attendance, shows Gelo serving up tons of bricks during during a three-point shooting drill. It’s not awful if you’re at the Y, but when you want to play SHOOTING GUARD in the NB-freakin-A, it’s just not gonna cut it.Not even LaVar can talk this into existence. The verdict is still out on Lonzo as an NBA player, but it’s safe to say the verdict is in on LiAngelo. It ain’t happening.last_img read more

5 Apps to Help Unclutter Your Life

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. April 27, 2013 Register Now » 2 min read A few apps were made to de-clutter your inbox, desk and life.Here are a few that we’ve tested and praised as sanity-savers:1. Swizzle cleans up email spam by removing your name from multiple email lists at once. Swizzle is a new product from KeepHolding, the parent company of AdKeeper and On Swizzle, you sign up with your email and the service takes a few moments to (securely) scan the contents of your inbox. Then it surfaces the email senders that look most like spam. You can decide to mass delete them or delete a few spammers at a time. Swizzle is a desktop product, not a mobile app.2. CardMunch lets you store business cards on your mobile phone. On CardMunch, take a mobile photo of the business card, upload it to the app, and then toss the card away. CardMunch’s staff will transcribe all the information on the card and put it neatly under the contact’s name in the app. It also saves the photo of the card in case you want to review it later. LinkedIn owns CardMunch, and it’s also launching another contact management tool, LinkedIn Contacts.3. Paper Karma gets rid of spam snail mail. Paper Karma works a lot like CardMunch. Take a photo of physical spam mail you receive and Paper Karma will call up the sender and unsubscribe you. It only works for companies that actually have your name in their systems though. So if a company sends mail addressed to “current resident” rather than your name, Paper Karma won’t work.4. Mailbox makes it easy to archive emails and approach inbox zero. This is an email management apps that let you archive messages with the swipe of a finger. Mailbox also lets you save messages for later. You can get through multiple messages without having to delete or respond immediately, and they’ll disappear from your inbox.5. Evernote stores messages, photos and more in the cloud so you can access files across devices. If you’ve ever taken notes on your home computer and been aggravated you didn’t have them at work, Evernote solves the problem. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global This story originally appeared on Business Insiderlast_img read more

OK Explorers A New Version of Google Glass Is Coming Next Year

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Lately, things haven’t been looking so hot for Google Glass. Reports say early developers and explorers are becoming disenchanted with the device. Then there was Google’s decision to shut down its physical Glass stores.But now comes word that far from easing off the brakes on Glass, Google is revving up its efforts. A new version of the device will be released sometime next year, the Wall Street Journal reports. The upgraded device will replace the current version’s Texas Instruments Inc. processor with an Intel chip, and it will apparently boast improved battery life.Related: The Future of Google Glass Is Looking a Little CloudyWhile people “familiar with the matter” told the Journal that Intel plans to heavily promote Glass for use in the workplace — notably hospital networks and manufacturers — Google appears to be holding out hope that Glass can still reach a wider user base. The large majority of the more than 300 Google employees working on Glass are focusing on its uses for consumers, not its applications in the workplace, the Journal says.“We expect Glass to evolve and be more useful for companies, but it will still be a crossover device for consumers,” Eric Johnsen, a former Google employee who worked on the Google’s Glass at Work program, told the outlet.No word yet on price. Right now, Glass retails for $1,500, which has been considered a barrier for more widespread adoption.Related: Apparently You Can Become Addicted to Google Glass 2 min read December 1, 2014 Register Now »last_img read more