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first_imgPrepared by FFWPU Europe and Middle EastOn Saturday June 22, 2019, a one-day seminar took place hosted by the Professors World Peace Academy, the Unification Thought Institute and the Cheonilguk Academy. Themes from the Unification Thought were discussed with several professors from Sun Moon University who were the main presenters. We had 120 participants.Second Generation members from the greater Europe and Middle East Region interested in developing the academic side of our Movement attended. It was a rare opportunity to have the presence in Europe of key Unificationist scholars from abroad.Speakers during the symposium were as follow:First Session (PWPA):Opening Remarks by Dr. Jin Sung-bae (Chairman, HyoJeong Academy of Arts & Sciences, Korea, International) Dr. Katsumi Otsuka (Chairman, UPF-Europe, HyoJeong Academy of Arts & Sciences, Europe)Moderator: Dr. Selover, Thomas (President, PWPA International) “World Peace and PWPA, Social Integration and Gong-Eui(Co-Righteousness)”Lee Jae-young (Vice-President, Sun Moon University) “A Study on the Establishment of Global Ethics Through an Integration of Religious Rules”Park Sung-Jo (Free University Berlin, Prof. Em. Dr. Hc.) “The Lesson German Unification gives to Social Integration on the Korean Peninsula”And after that we had general discussion.Second Session : (GOD SCIENCE [Side Session] [“2020 Academic Strategy in Europe“] )Moderator: Dr. Robert Schairer (Secretary General, HJ Academy of Arts & Sciences, Professor, KAIST University)Kim Jin-choon (Co-Chairman of the Cheon II Guk Academy of Arts & Sciences, Professor Emeritus SunHak UP Graduate University) “Scientific Revolution and God Science” 11:30~12:00 Dr. Gennady Shipov (former Professor, Moscow State University) “The Prerequisites For Changing the Leading Scientific Paradigm”Han Chul-hee (Professor, Sun Moon University) “An Insight into the Give-and-Receive Action gained from Chemical Bonding”Lee Kyung-oh (Professor, Sun Moon University) “The Role of Unification Thought to Reduce the Side Effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution“And after that we had general discussion.Third session (Unification Thought):Moderator: Dr. Kim Jin-choon (Co-Chairman of the Cheon II Guk Academy of Arts & Sciences, Professor Emeritus SunHak UP Graduate University)Hwang Jin-su (Professor, SunHak UP Graduate University) “What are Universal Ethics?: Two Presuppositions to Grasp the Concept of Universally Shared Values and Ethics”Victor I. Kim (Professor, SunHak UP Graduate University) “An Introduction to Raghuram Rajan’s Community in light of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, and Universally Shared Values”Pyun Young-sik (Professor, Sun Moon University) “Is it sufficient to explain that human beings were created through the Two-Stage Developmental Four Position Foundations?”Jo Eung-tae (Professor, Sun Moon University) “Applying Hoondokgyosi in Cheon Il Guk Education “Oh Taeg-young (Professor, Sun Moon University) “Realizing a CIG Society based on the Universal Values of Ta-ah-jui”Joo Jae-wan (Professor, Sun Moon University) “A Comparative Study of the Metaphysics of Unification Thought and Neo-Confucianism”Kim Min-ji (Professor, Sun Moon University) “A Study on ‘Homo Amans’ for the Realization of Universally Shared Values”An Youn-hee (Professor, Sun Moon University) “Cosmopolitanism in a Global Society and ‘Universally Shared Values’ in Unification Thought”Kang Hwa-myung (Professor, Sun Moon University) “A Study on Love and Justice for the Realization of the Society of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universally Shared Values”Lim Hyun-jin (Professor, SunHak UP Graduate University) “A Study on the System of a Clean Society in light of the Principle of Universally Shared Values”General Discussions & MC, Wrap up remarks Moderator: Dieter SchmidtInvited Speakers: Dr Katsumi Otsuka, Chairman, UPF Europe & Middle East; Dr Thomas Selover, President, PWPA International; Dr Thomas Ward, Vice President, University of Bridgeport and former CAUSA Coordinator. Perspectives for the work of ICUS, PWPA and HJ Academy in EuropeCurrent activitiesPlan for future activities – ICUS 25, PWPA chapters in Europe, etc.Cooperation between Academic organizations and UPF, WFWP, etc.center_img A Special Session took place on June 22 from 11am to 1pm with the title “2020 Academic Strategy Meeting for Europe & Middle East”. Participants were PWPA leaders, FFWPU and UPF Leaders, Second Generation Representatives, etc.The meeting addressed the following themes:Europe’s contribution to the 100th anniversary celebrations in 2020 from the academic viewpoint:True Parents’ legacy for the academic worldSymposiums, Publications, etc.last_img

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