Gadget turns your toothbrush into a game controller

first_imgFor years, dentists and inventors have tried all kinds of tricks to get kids (and grown-ups) to brush their teeth properly. One approach they haven’t tried: turning a toothbrush into a game controller. Well, someone has finally done it.Meet the Playbrush, a high-tech accessory for modern brushers. It’s not a toothbrush. Playbrush is a small “boot” that slips over the end of just about any ordinary toothbrush. Inside, there’s a small PCB with a Bluetooth 4.0LE chip and a rechargeable battery.Pair Playbrush with your smartphone or tablet, and you’re no longer holding a mere toothbrush. It’s now your key to high scores and bragging rights, not to mention a cavity-free mouth and fresh-smelling breath that will be the envy of your friends and co-workers. Brush properly in their example game, and your score will climb as your griffin eats flying goats (or rescues them, whatever is going on here).Its creators are focusing on 4-to-10 year-olds, the same group that gimmicks like Tooth Tunes have been aimed at. But what’s more fun: blasting two minutes of One Direction through your teeth or playing a video game while you brush? Still, while kids are the focus, they know that plenty of adults will be excited to get their hands on Playbrush, too.As fancy and high-tech as those Oral-B Bluetooth smart toothbrushes might be, they’re not the oral hygiene party that Playbrush is. And for what it’s worth, the Playbrush games don’t just make sure you hit the two-minute mark. They also encourage proper brushing technique and track their progress over time. It’s also a lot cheaper, at least if you back Playbrush on Kickstarter. A limited number of backers will score one for about $57. After that stash has been emptied, the price jumps to around $70. You’ll be getting more than a fun way to improve your brushing habits, too. You’ll also be doing a good deed. For every pledge above the £1 level the project receives, the Playbrush creators will send a toothbrush to a child in need.last_img

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