Airspace dispute likely to drag on

first_imgPreviously: The Federal Aviation Administration earlier this year proposed new airspace restrictions over Pearson Field. The changes were supposed to take effect Oct. 1, before the agency announced at least a 30-day delay.What’s new: It appears negotiations will extend well beyond that 30-day window, with FAA officials saying the matter is still under review.What’s next: The city of Vancouver will continue to negotiate with the FAA over the proposed rule change, though a specific timeline remains unclear.The dispute over a controversial change to local airspace restrictions likely won’t be resolved before a previously announced time frame expires at the end of this month, city of Vancouver officials said Monday.City leaders have tangled with the Federal Aviation Administration since September, after learning of a proposed rule change that would force pilots from Pearson Field to yield their space to air traffic approaching Portland International Airport from the west. The change would create a “Pearson box” — one mile wide by six miles long — limiting access in and out of the historic airfield as larger aircraft make their way to PDX’s Runway 10L and 10R.The rule was originally set to take effect Oct. 1. But after local pilots, the two airports and others pushed back, the FAA announced a delay of at least 30 days.last_img

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