EMS agencies to help with studies

first_imgIf an individual does not want to be enrolled in the OHSU study, he or she can decline participation by wearing a “No Study” bracelet. To request a bracelet, call 503-494-8083 or email [email protected] and cardiac arrest patients in Clark County may unknowingly be helping emergency responders answer a vital question: Are current treatment methods effective?Several Clark County emergency medical services agencies are participating in two National Institutes of Health trials. The trials, which are being led by Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, are designed to evaluate the effectiveness of medical practices when treating people in cardiac arrest and people with trauma injuries.“Our goal in fire service and EMS is to provide the most advanced, research-supported, life-saving service,” said Cliff Free, EMS division chief for the Camas Fire Department. “We only can do that by validating the treatment.”The studies will be conducted under Food and Drug Administration regulations that allow the research without the informed consent of the patient, since patients are likely to be unconscious and unable to give consent.“As we look at strategies, we have to look at what we’re doing and if it’s causing more harm, we need to stop doing it,” said Dr. Mohamud Daya, associate professor of emergency medicine at OHSU and principal investigator for the studies. “We give these drugs without true evidence of whether they work or not. There’s really no other way to do these studies without the exception to informed consent.”last_img

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