Amazon sold 1 million Kindles per week during the holidays

first_imgThe Kindle Fire has been selling like hotcakes ever since Amazon opened pre-orders in the fall and now it’s helped the online retail giant post some pretty impressive sales figures, according to a recent press release. Among them: one million Kindle devices sold every week during the month of December.The Kindle Fire remained Amazon’s top-selling item, it also grabbed the number one spot on Amazon wishlists and was the site’s most-gifted item. The recently-introduced Kindle Touch snagged the second spot on Amazon’s best seller list, while the standard Kindle reader rounded out the top three. And with Kindle devices in such high demand, it only makes sense that eBook sales were up as well — reaching almost double Amazon’s 2010 tally. Amazon also reported (somewhat unsurprisingly) that Christmas day was the biggest single day ever for Kindle book downloads.Amazon had a little fun with their recently published report, too. To close things out, they offered up some interesting asides like that fact that enough sweaters were sold to dress up Santa’s reindeer for the 14,000 Christmas Eve delivery runs. Enough HeatMax HotHands disposable warmers shipped to supply every single one of Iceland’s human inhabitants — and they could probably use them right about now. Amazon also sold more than the weight of 70 adult elephants in dumbbells.These are strong numbers, to be sure, but it’s worth putting at least part of the report into perspective. Despite selling one million Kindles per week, it’s interesting to note that Apple sold nearly that many iPads alone during the last fiscal quarter. That’s just one tablet stacked up against an array of ebook readers and a full-color Android tablet — and we’re not even comparing Apple’s holiday figures yet. Just think what will happen if Apple does, in fact, launch two more iPad models in January (not that we expect that rumor to be true).More at Amazonlast_img

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