Great Gift Sonos MultiRoom Music System

first_imgYou’re a grown-up now. Do something more grown-up during parties than turning the volume to 11 to create whole house audio. The Sonos Multi-Room Music System can grab music off a PC or home file server and stream it, wired or wirelessly, to as many rooms as you have devices. The ease of operation and elegant interface makes you think this is an Apple spinoff; actually, the Sonos people are brilliant in their own right. Start with the S5 ($400 direct), an all-in-one device you easily carry from room to room. Add a ZonePlayer 120 ($500) if you already have speakers, or a ZonePlayer 90 ($350) to connect to an existing stereo or to amplified speakers. You can control it from your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac, or with a Sonos controller. This is one wireless (or wired Ethernet) system where the music plays in sync in every room, all the time. Or you can have different music in each room. Or you can dock your iPod and control and play that music through the house. A decade ago I did whole house audio the traditional way: wiring to every room ($150 a room for audio, cable TV and Ethernet), in-ceiling speakers ($250 a pair), in-wall volume controls and infrared repeaters ($100), a 12-channel Niles amplifier ($1,500), and a 200-disc Sony ES CD changer ($1,000 at the time). Both sound fine (and I still use the six-rooms-of-wired-audio as the backbone of the Sonos distribution) but if I did it again, there’s only one way to go. Here are five gifts of gear most anyone would be happy to have. – BH Sonos Multi-Room Music SystemCellphone, iPod Booster BatteryApple or Lenovo Replacement Keyboard HP or Synology Home File Server Neat Desktop Scanner, Kofax Softwarelast_img

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