International Volunteer Day

first_imgThe province is celebrating the dedication and commitment of Nova Scotia volunteers today, Dec. 5, International Volunteer Day. “Volunteers are an important part of this province’s past, present and future,” said Barry Barnet, Minister of Volunteerism. “There is great work being done by volunteers across our province, and it’s important that we take the time to recognize and celebrate it.” Nova Scotia, has 253,000 volunteers. Each year, these volunteers contribute $2 billion to the economic well-being of our province. “We all volunteer for different reasons, whether it is to help out a friend, meet new people, or to build our community,” said Mr. Barnet. “Volunteers give comfort, compassion, guidance and hope. They are tireless friends who believe in human dignity. They also know that to rise above adversity, to be the very best that we can be, we need each other.” Mr. Barnet was appointed Minister of Volunteerism by Premier Rodney MacDonald in May. Since that time, a partnership between government and Nova Scotia’s Canada Volunteerism Initiative has worked to develop a comprehensive action plan to support volunteerism in Nova Scotia. Action plan priorities include: addressing insurance issues; retaining and recruiting volunteers; and working with existing volunteers across the province to identify opportunities and gaps. The aim of supporting volunteers and their work, is to foster a culture of caring in this province. International Volunteer Day was adopted by United National General Assembly resolution in 1985. Since this date, the UN system, governments and international social agencies have joined volunteers around the world to celebrate International Volunteer Day on Dec. 5 For more information on International Volunteer Day, please visit the website at

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