India Today Woman Summit: Who said what

first_imgIndia Today Woman Summit and Awards on Saturday saw crackling sessions with achievers ranging from politicians and filmstars to sportswomen and entrepreneurs.Session 1: Harsimrat Kaur Badal , SAD MP and Union Minister for Food Processing Industries- “As a person used to talking, keeping my silence was difficult. But, as a politician, we have to make our work talk.”- “Punjab does not grow or manufacture drugs. However, from two sides, we are surrounded by countries where drugs are available and legal as well. As a result of the porous borders, more than 35% of the drugs caught are from Punjab.”- Cartoons in the media that deride politicians indiscriminately affect the children’s mindset adversely. Instead of portraying politicians as nasty people, we should teach them to choose between good and bad ones. Otherwise, it cannot bode well for democracy.- “We don’t come from a party that teaches us how to swim. We get thrown in, and learn how to swim to survive.”Session 2: Manisha Koirala , filmstar and cancer survivor- When you get something like this and face your own mortality, and you realise whatever you have till now can go in a snap of a finger you start reflecting a lot. -My mechanism was the spiritual journey I had taken a few years back. I could deal with the fears, stay with the fears. I did check out everybody who suffered from cancer and how they dealt with it. Lisa, Yuvi… -Oneness University that I go to one of the principle teachings is, any hurt, any fear, anything that makes you feel uncomfortable you don’t run away from it, you don’t watch TV, have a conversation with somebody on the phone. If you want to cry, cry, if you want to shout, shout. It’s a mind game, stay with the fear. Listen to the story fear is going to tell you.advertisement- A friend was telling me he entered the apartment expecting to see me on the bed, bald, medicines on the side, a bleak atmosphere. But when he entered, I was cooking, my niece was running around, someone was laughing. He was taken aback. It wasn’t easy for my family to be laughing but we made the effort to be positive.- I had to let go of the ego of Manisha Koirala the beautiful actress. I don’t have the picture right now but when I was shaving my head at the salon, the hairdresser was Indian and had seen my movies. I think she was pitying me. I have looked terrible. I didn’t have eyelashes, eyebrows, my head was shaved, my eyes sunken in, my face puffy… it’s a horrible sight. But that’s how you learn that looks are transient. You use this to go deeper into yourself. You ask who am I if I am not this face. Who am I? Lot of identification of the body, the face, the image you have of yourself, that others have of you.Session 3: Jwala Gutta and PV Sindhu, badminton players, and Dipika Pallikal , squash playerDipika: “There is discrimination against women in sports. My mother was captain of Indian cricket team. When they toured West Indies,? 15 of them were kept in one room.””We are yet to receive half of our TA DA from IOA for Commonwealth Games.””Except Dinesh Karthik I hate all cricketers because they steal all the limelight and endorsements.”Jwala: “We expect a little bit of acknowledgement and respect. If we were here to make money, we would have picked up other sports, not badminton and squash.””It’s commendable how BCCI has promoted cricket played only in 12 countries. Other sports must learn from BCCI.”Session 4: Rashmi Shetty , cosmetic physician; Sara Abdullah Pilot, entrepreneur and yoga teacher; Chhaya Momaya, image consultant and Tapasya Mundhra, nutritionist and health counsellorSara Pilot: “There is no right or wrong in beauty. Figure out what you love and can live with about yourself.”Chayya: “Age is just a number…Women shouldn’t drink, they should sip.”Rashmi: “Age is not a number you can freeze forever.”Tapasya: “Everybody wants to be 50 kg to be beautiful…Look good, eat fresh and it will have an impact for the rest of your life.”last_img

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