Falwell’s folly

first_imgJerry Falwell was a man who wrapped himself in the cloak of right- eousness, but was full of judgmental prejudice, arrogance and hypocrisy. Rather than preaching the gospel of love and salvation, he used his pulpit to preach the politics of self-righteousness. Rather than condemning the evils by politicians he turned a blind eye on the sins committed by the far right and saw only the sins of the left. Rather than being one of the peacemakers Jesus spoke of, he was a divider among God’s people. Rather than being meek as Jesus said we should be, he was arrogant, self-aggrandizing and prideful in his own righteousness, and there was no mercy anywhere in him. May God have mercy on him. – Gary Helm Lancaster Not about hate Re “Falwell’s death” (Your opinions, May 17): I was never a great fan of Jerry Falwell, but I found Marie Robert’s letter accusing him of hatred and ignorance to be quite offensive. His belief that abortion and homosexuality are sins may not have been politically correct, but they do not constitute hatred or ignorance. Why do those on the left insist on labeling anyone who disagrees with them as hateful idiots? – Sharon Hess Sherman Oaks Just not funny Re “Left relies on anger, not logic” (Their opinions, May 17): I have been consistently amused by the comedy stylings of right-wing water-carrier Thomas Sowell, but his latest screed just wasn’t funny. Does he not remember that the civil-rights movement was born of courageous people, emboldened with righteous indignation? Today the American people are faced with an administration so rich in contempt for the rule of law, so incompetent and unethical that members of the administration provoke justifiable outrage on nearly a daily basis. The time is now for a reckoning, and again it will be led by the courageous. The sad reality for Mr. Sowell is that, no matter how much he parrots the neocons’ talking points, he will never be welcomed in their exclusive pantheon. That fact should make him angry. – Theodore Kerhulas Sherman Oaks Mad about Sowell Re “Left relies on anger, not logic” (Their opinions, May 17): Every time taxes have been lowered, government revenues have increased by a significant amount. Government income increased as a result of tax cuts under Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and George W. Bush. Please look it up. – Gregg Frazer Castaic It’s nasty Re “Immigration deal struck” (May 18): The immigration bill as it now is written should be spelled “am nasty.” Any senators or representatives who support this bill should worry about the next time they are up for re-election. They may think that voters forget, but they are dead wrong. – Gene Goodwein Van Nuys Leadership void It seems there are a lot of people angry at Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief William Bratton for their lack of leadership. Both Bratton and the mayor immediately condemned the Los Angeles Police Department officers in the May 1 rally, and they both have embraced the same illegal aliens who are tearing this city apart. I knew that Villaraigosa’s leftist views and liberal ideas would take over. As for Bratton, he has just become another puppet for the mayor and L.A. City Council, and he needs to move on. His first job is to stand up for his men and women under his command and to make sure they all receive due process. He has failed miserably. – Joseph Dillon Chatsworth So much sense! Re “House homeless, not the elephants” (Their opinions, May 18): Thank you for the article from Daniel Guss. He makes so much sense. He, rather than the dum-dums currently in office, should be running this city. My prayer is that some of those officials will see the light, cancel the zoo elephant exhibit and use that money to build affordable housing for people. – Sandra Malone Los Angeles 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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