Footballers refuse to play at any price

first_img4.- Regarding to the ERTE, it is strange that from LaLiga support them, considering that the Economic control, and the well-groomed economy preached from the bosses, in relation to the clubs, hasn’t supposed a mattress for a temporary situation of two months, being aware that the competition has been suspended and not canceled. And considering that the clubs themselves and players individually are coming to agreements in regards to wages. What we footballers are not going to do is stop guaranteeing our labor rights.5.- Finally, those who today we subscribe this document we are so committed to this society that we want to make it clear that the back to competition should not be done without a express decision from The authorities, Well, it’s not about the footballer, but about his entire environment. And in this sense, if we have to carry out an initiative in the Congress of Deputies, we will do it. Health should be everyone’s business. “Thebes replied Instantly on social media: “The players of Barça, Betis, Atleti, Zaragoza, Osasuna and others understand that the Economic control of the league it doesn’t have to do with the economic effects of COVID-19. And an ERTE is the legal instrument provided if your activity is reduced due to force majeure. “In addition, he recalled a previous tweet:” We pray every day for the deceased. We trust the authorities, health workers, essential services employees … They are the ones who know, our obligation is that the soccer industry is prepared for the day after this nightmare. “Aganzo, president of AFE, will meet today again with Thebes. Among other things, some tone outputs and several interested leaks. He Tuesday both institutions will be cited with Rubiales (RFEF) within the Monitoring Commission to debate measures, calendars and aid for Spanish football. The Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) yesterday issued a statement to make clear again the positioning of the players of First and second in the face of the current crisis in Spanish football due to the effects of the coronavirus. The union did so after the meetings, electronically, which has maintained with the captains in the last two days, after not agree with The league during the four meetings held in seven days and once the employers have urged the clubs to start more ERTE As an urgent solution to problems caused by inactivity. In summary, the professional players prioritize health above all. Even Some captains prefer don’t play anymore this season. They also censor the forms and plans of LaLiga, which increases the responsibility of footballers to almost 50% if there are losses when playersthat already they are reaching agreements, they see it somewhat disproportionate. In fact they have already done proposals ranging from 10% (if playing behind closed doors) to 20% (if competition does not resume).This is the full statement of the union:“After meetings held by AFE with captains and representatives of the first squads of the First and Second clubs, these groups they want to manifest:1.- First and Second Division footballers want to express that, being aware of the situation we are experiencing, we affirm that in all meetings held the first concern and requirement is health, and that the competition should not be resumed until the health authorities authorize it.2.- Regarding competition schedule, is subject to the decisions of the health authorities. A decision will be required from AFE for this purpose. Everything is conditioned to individual health and the protection of public health, that of all citizens of this country.3.- The back to competition, which means a return to the playing fields and our changing rooms, will require a protocol that determines the existence of a coordinator from risks prevention and a pandemic specialist, who guarantees health security to all operators that operate.last_img

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