MLB must-follow Twitter accounts for 2019

first_imgMORE: Watch ‘ChangeUp,’ a new MLB live whiparound show onDAZN”>Watch ‘ChangeUp,’ a new MLB live whip-around show on DAZNHere is Sporting News’ 2019 must-follow MLB Twitter list. It’s an evolving list, so be sure to follow @sn_mlb and let us know who we should add, or email baseball editor Jason Foster at [email protected] with recommendations.Sporting News/DAZN @sn_mlb — Sporting News’ baseball account. News, features, giveaways, nostalgia, snark and [email protected] — Features, analysis, baseball cards and other baseball-y [email protected] — Baseball commentary, longform features, nostalgia, T-shirts and general silliness. @tgatt_tsn — Baseball nut, Jersey guy. Trying to see a different [email protected] — The fun side of baseball. The stress-free side of baseball. Liker of bat flips. Nerd. @dan_bernstein_ — Baseball analysis and [email protected]_C_Steele — How he tweeted while writing about the NFL (and other issues), is how he’ll tweet about baseball. You’ve been [email protected] — MLB social media musings. @jwyllys (Jared Wyllys) — Sporting News contributor based in [email protected]_jenn (Jenn Smith) — Sporting News contributor north of the [email protected] — Host of DAZN’s nightly whip-around show, “ChangeUp.”@LGRed ‏(Lauren Gardner) — Host on “ChangeUp.” Also a [email protected] (Jordan Shusterman and Jake Mintz) — All of baseball’s assorted weirdness. Watch them on “ChangeUp.”@ScottRogowsky — Host on “ChangeUp.” And HQ Trivia! And a [email protected] — Host on “ChangeUp.”@alfredo_lomeli — Host on “ChangeUp.”Best of the [email protected] — Orioles beat for The Athletic, longtime Baltimore Sun beat [email protected] — Kansas City Royals beat writer for The [email protected] — Los Angeles Times Dodgers beat [email protected] — Longtime San Francisco Giants beat writer for The San Francisco [email protected] — Pirates beat writer for the Post-Gazette, formerly covered Braves and [email protected] — Longtime Oakland A’s beat writer for The San Francisco Chronicle and former head of the [email protected] — Detroit Tigers beat writer for The Detroit Free [email protected] (Levi Weaver) — Texas Rangers beat writer for The [email protected] (David O’Brien) — Atlanta Braves beat writer for The Athletic and music [email protected] (Mark Bowman) — Atlanta Braves beat writer for @Haudricourt (Tom Haudricourt) — Longtime Milwaukee Brewers beat writer for the Journal [email protected] — Minnesota Twins beat writer for the [email protected]_Rays (Marc Topkin) — Tampa Bay Rays beat writer for the Tampa Bay [email protected] — Covers the Washington Nationals for MASN. Not the CEO of Facebook (easy mistake, it appears). National [email protected] — National baseball writer for The [email protected] — Baseball analyst for ESPN. Stellar Baltimore [email protected] — National baseball writer for [email protected] ‏— National baseball writer for The Los Angeles [email protected]_Rosenthal — The Athletic, former Fox Sports, former Baltimore [email protected] — Senior baseball writer at The Athletic. Plenty of great stats and baseball [email protected] — The dean, three decades-plus with The Washington [email protected] — National baseball writer for USA [email protected] — Claire Smith, ESPN baseball editor, pioneer, 2017 Spink Award winner/Cooperstown [email protected] — Writes about statistics and fantasy baseball for The Athletic. Beer [email protected] ‏— Writer for Fangraphs. Creator of “ZIPS” projections model. Cat [email protected] — Data visualizer for [email protected]_Petriello — Advanced stat guy for MLB.Entertaining team [email protected] — Snark combined with informative content and great photo/[email protected] — Plenty of fan interaction, but they don’t make the [email protected] — Rooted in Oakland.Notable MLB player [email protected] — That Bryce Harper, new handle with new [email protected] — Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Marcus [email protected] — New York Mets starting pitcher and enemy of Mr. [email protected] — Washington Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle. @simplyAJ10 — Adam Jones, extremely popular account in his Orioles days, now a [email protected] — Cubs fan blogger, with all the emotional swings you’d [email protected] — This guy stays on top of uniform [email protected] — We love seeing all the old ballpark home [email protected] — If you want to keep up with the game’s top prospects, this is the [email protected] (Howard Bryant) — ESPN, commentary, roots as baseball beat writer and [email protected] — Legendary ballparks, past and present (mostly past)[email protected] — Keeps you up to date with everyone’s uniform [email protected] — Who doesn’t love random cool [email protected] (Rob Friedman) — Pitching Analyst and frequent GIF [email protected] — Sean Doolittle’s wife, often tweet as a [email protected] (Bob Kendrick) — Executive director of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in [email protected] (Ryan M. Spaeder) — Finder of obscure stats, author of two books on the [email protected]_exposed (Steve Goulding) — Just a loyal fans of the Montreal Expos, tweeting out random facts about his beloved (departed) [email protected] — Blending laugh-out-loud humor with a love of the past. Sometimes NSFW. Your Twitter experience is really only as good as the people you follow. When it comes to baseball Twitter, following the right people is critical not only to staying informed, but also to staying sufficiently entertained.While everyone usually has a nice mix of friends, online acquaintances and informed insiders, there are always lots of good follows that go underfollowed, or at least go unknown to you. We’re here to help. @Topps — The King of Trading Cards still has a strong collectibles [email protected] — Makers of the modern Donruss baseball cards, plus other sports cards and collectibles.Who’s missing? Let us know.last_img

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