Brilliant coronavirus-prevention messages with footballers’ iconic celebrations go viral

first_imgOver the last few months, a lot of work has been done to educate people across the world on the novel coronavirus and how people could protect themselves from contracting it.Various agencies and organisations – from the World Health Organisation and even Citi FM/ Citi TV have released precautionary notices to the public, warning them about things to avoid and things to do to curb the spread of the disease.Over the last couple of weeks, the disease has basically brought the world of sports to a halt, with leagues, tournaments and matches suspended or called off completely as a result of the rapid spread.Rather than despair, however, some fans have come up with an ingenious way to keep others informed while still spreading some football cheer.A couple of notices with pictures of some football players, accompanied by messages on how to prevent the spread of the disease have gone viral on Twitter.The images depicted the players in their trademark celebratory poses which synchronised with the messages.Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba was illustrated in a ‘dab’ with a message advising people to cough and sneeze into the crooks of their elbows.Another image of Paulo Dybala advised people to protect their noses with face masks.Arsenal duo, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette have a pretty iconic celebration but social distancing is a pretty big deal when it comes to preventing the spread of coronavirus, so no fancy handshakes either.(Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)And Dortmund youngster, Erling Haaland might be setting the football world alight but he’s still a pretty chill dude, as people are encouraged to remain during this difficult period.Check out the images belowlast_img

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