Filipina flight attendant ‘quarantines’ self in Kalibo

KALIBO, Aklan – A flight attendant isin “self-quarantine” at the Kalibo International Airport after exhibitingsuspected symptoms of coronavirus, a health official said. Several airports across theAsia-Pacific have tightened security measures for travelers, especially fromChina after authorities said the virus – which has infected around 440 peoplein Asia’s largest economy – could mutate and be transmitted through therespiratory tract. The Kalibo International Airport in Aklan. Recently, an unnamed flight attendant who traveled to Wuhan City, China, puts herself in “self-quarantine” at the Kalibo International Airport after exhibiting suspected symptoms of coronavirus, according to a health official. AKEAN FORUM Dr. Cornelio Cuachon of the AklanProvincial Health Office said the flight attendant underwent a medical checkup. China said on Wednesday that theSevere Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)-like virus that has killed at leastnine people, infected hundreds in China and spread to other countries couldmutate, as authorities scrambled to contain the disease during the Lunar NewYear travel season.    “Their samples and symptoms do notqualify doon sa novel coronavirus,”said Cuachon. Two Chinese citizens who were earlierquarantined at the Kalibo airport due to suspected symptoms of novelcoronavirus were cleared by health officials, who said the foreigners did nottest positive for the disease. “May history siya ngcoughing and galing siya ng WuhanCity, pero confined lang naman siya sa eroplano. Hindi namansiya bumaba, kaya na admit siya and nadischarge din siya,” Cuachonsaid. The unnamed 24-year-old flightattendant traveled to Wuhan City, China, where the new strain of coronaviruswas first detected. The new coronavirus has caused alarmfor its similarity to SARS which killed hundreds of people across mainlandChina and Hong Kong in 2002-2003. Health workers extracted samples,which will be sent to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine of theDepartment of Health in Western Visayas, to determine if these will testpositive for the virus. The novel coronavirus is transmittedvia the respiratory tract and there “is the possibility of viral mutation andfurther spread of the disease,” National Health Commission vice minister Li Binsaid in Beijing.(With a report fromABS-CBN News/PN)

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