How to protect your most valuable asset

first_imgBurglar before burglary into the house, horizontalFOR most of us, our home is our largest asset and therefore must be protectedResearch from the US suggests it takes four months to recover financially from a home break-in, so for the financial and emotional stability, prevention is the best form of attack. There is an added benefit for preventing crime in your area, which is that it will improve your resale value. A low-crime area will appeal to all buyers because everyone seeks safety and security when they buy a property. Queensland Police offer some handy tips for helping homeowners protect their largest asset, as well as the assets within their home. ■  Clear the view: Shrubbery and greenery that obscures the front door from the street can give thieves cover while they break in to your property through the front door. Clear any bushes or shrubs that impede a clear line of sight. More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020 ■ Reinforce access points: Thieves often damage the door or window when they’re trying to break in, so strengthen these access points with reinforced barriers such as a solid door or security grills and shutters on the windows. ■ Keys within reach: Keep your car keys on your bedside table. Many car fobs contain panic buttons and when you press it the car horn and lights flick on and off repeatedly.This can scare would-be thieves away. ■ Garage door remotes: Bundaberg Police reported that a garage door opener was stolen from a car and then later used to burgle the owner’s house. Keep these handy items out of plain sight, such as in the glove box, so opportunistic thieves don’t grab them. ■ Reference checks: The Queensland Police service advises before you hire a cleaner or handyman who will have access to your keys, you check their references and check their criminal history. ■ Motion sensors: Put motion sensor lights in your front and back yard. A floodlit environment will discourage criminals from hanging around especially if they can be seen easily by neighbours and passing traffic. These are just a few handy tips that could be quickly and easily implemented and will contribute to the safety and security of your largest asset.last_img

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