first_img IS IT TRUE we hope that City Council attorney Josh Clayborne will acknowledged that the CCO was correct in stating that one of the qualifications for being a member of the Evansville Police Merit Commission is that the appointee must be a resident voters of the County?IS IT TRUE we were also correct when we pointed out that City Council appointee Brandon Scott to the Evansville Police Merit Commission wasn’t a resident voters of the County at the time he was elected to that position?IS IT TRUE because Brandon Scott wasn’t a resident voters of Vanderburgh County when he was elected to this position we wonder if this disqualifies him from serving on the Evansville Police Merit Commission?IS IT TRUE we expect that City Council attorney Josh Clayborne will contend that Brandon Scott can register to vote just before he gets sworn in as Police Merit Commissioner and by doing so this will make him a legal member of this board?IS IT TRUE  if you look at the Police Merit Commission code on the city site, it does not mention “registered voter”?  …It says “resident voter” of the county”? …we guess it hinges on the legal definition of “resident voter” verses “registered voter”?IS IT TRUE Democratic party Chairman Rob Faulkner recently held a meeting of office holders to discuss future political strategy?  …he’s about a year late holding a political strategy meeting?IS IT TRUE that long term Pigeon Township Trustee Mary Hart has abruptly resigned her Vice Chairmanship position with the Vanderburgh Democratic party?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that many citizens of the 4th Ward are extremely upset about the way Missy Mosby,  Jonathan Weavers and Anne Hargis  offended Rev Brooks and his supporters at Mondays City Council meeting?  …we were told that Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver better forget selling or listing any houses in the 4th ward?  …we were  told that Anne Hargis should expect very little support with her not-for -profit organization from some of the citizens of the 4th Ward?IS IT TRUE  that ERC President is tamping down expectations about Evansville’s ability to retain the Evansville Icemen? …that neither the Icemen owner Ron Geary nor the Mayor’s office are expressing optimism on reaching an agreement?  …we predict both sides will give in a little and the Icemen will stay in Evansville?  …we also predict that Ron Geary will teach Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s  and his Chief of Staff Steve Schaefer a thing or two about the art of negotations?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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