Effects of field warming on high arctic soil bacterial community: a metagenomic analysis

first_imgSoil microbial communities in the Arctic, one of themost rapidly warming regions on Earth, play animportant role in a range of ecological processes. Thisreport describes initial studies of natural soil bacterialdiversity at a High Arctic site on Svalbard, as part ofa long-term field environmental manipulation study.The impact of increased soil temperature and wateravailability on soil microbial communities was investigated.The manipulation experiment, using open-topchambers, was installed in late summer 2014, and thesoils were sampled soon after snow melt in July 2015.High throughput sequencing of 16S rRNA genes showedrelatively uniform diversity across the study area andrevealed no significant initial effect of treatmentson bacterial communities over the first 10-monthautumn–winter–spring manipulation period.last_img

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