first_imgIS IT TRUE because of the Sustained Effort Incentive Fee Account agreement, it allowed the City of Evansville either advanced, loaned or gave VenueWorks/VW Sports, LLC $200,000 of the $225,000 that Venue Works/VW Sports, LLC  needed to acquire the SPHL franchise?  …when Addendum #6 was executed between VenueWorks/VW Sports, LLC and the City the $200,000 was disbursed to Venue Works/VW Sports, LLC?IS IT TRUE its been alleged that the Executive Director of VenueWorks-Ford Center was on the negotiating team when the ERC negotiated the renewal of a 5 year contract with the Evansville IceMen?  …if this allegation is true you now know why some people feel that the renewal of the 5 year contract with the Evansville IceMen was not negotiated in good faith because an employee of the owner of the Evansville Thunderbolts was a party to these negotiations?IS IT TRUE it looks like the taxpayers of Evansville are now investors in the Evansville Thunderbolt Hockey team?  …that the newest investors (taxpayers of Evansville) of the Evansville Thunderbolts better get ready to open their checkbooks because we are hearing that they are spending a lot more money than they are taking in?IS IT TRUE last week Evansville Thunderbolts lost in Columbus, Georgia 3 to 2 and their record is now 13 wins and 40 losses destined to end up in 10 th place out of 10 teams with only a couple games left in the season?IS IT TRUE we are waiting for Mayor Winnecke to give us a detailed explanation why he felt it was a wise investment to spend our hard earned tax dollars to financially bail out the Evansville Thunderbolt Hockey team?IS IT TRUE we wonder why City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn and President Missy Mosby hasn’t ask the Mayor and the City Controller to do a “Forensic Audit” of the VenueWorks business activities of the Ford Center?IS IT TRUE that after closing their restaurant and tasting room suddenly a few weeks ago the owners of the Tin Man Brewery were adamant that the brewery itself was going to continue to do business in Evansville?…the reality that came out over the weekend is that the Tin Man Brewery in Evansville is “available”?…that is a nice way to say that the Tin Man is “For Sale”?…the asking price for the Tin Man is $2.39 Million?…that may be essentially an asset sale because a restaurant that is closed is worth absolutely nothing as a going business?…we hope to see a new owner step forward and resurrect the craft brewery on West Franklin Street?IS IT TRUE that Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana has jumped on the Trump Train and announced that he be voting to confirm Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States?…Senator Donnelly took the next step and endorsed Gorsuch to join the court?…this makes 3 Democrat Senators who,have announced their intention to vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch?…that means 55 of the 60 votes needed to confirm Judge Gorsuch are secured?…should 5 more Democrats come forward to support Judge Gorsuch, the quixotic philibuster being launched by New York Senator Chuck Schumer will become more of a fool’s errand than it already is?…Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed with or without 60 vote as the path to a straight up,or down majority was established by Senator Harry Reid several years ago when Democrat egos were of the opinion they would be in control in perpetuity?…surely a fellow like Senator Schumer who scored a perfect 1,600 on his SAT has enough common sense to understand the reality that his willingness to bang his head against the wall will do,to the near future of the Supreme Court?…he may not realize this because blind and committed hatred often obscure one’s analytical capacity?IS IT TRUE we are looking in the local paper to see if Commissioner Musgrave and Shoulders have decided to be transparent and advertise the now vacant position of Director of Burdette Park?  …by doing so they may be able to convince the taxpayers and voters of Vanderburgh County that they aren’t really “backroom political  wheelers and dealers”?Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do feel that the taxpayers of Evansville should cover the financial losses generated by the ThunderboltsWe urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. This section is located on the upper right side of our publication.If you would like to advertise or submit and article in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Florida Bar creates disaster relief fund

first_img October 15, 2001 Regular News Florida Bar creates disaster relief fund I n response to the recent terrorist attacks, The Florida Bar is creating a disaster relief fund called the Florida Attorneys Charitable Trust (ACT). The Florida Lawyers Association for the Maintenance of Excellence (FLAME) will provide seed money for ACT, a 501(c)3 charitable entity, and it will serve as a way for Florida lawyers to make donations to aid the victims’ families. “It was inspired by the terrible events in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania on September 11,” Bar President Terry Russell said. “Beyond that, it is a needed vehicle for lawyers to make contributions to general disaster relief. We’ve already had Hurricane Andrew.” In the wake of the terrorist attacks that have shaken Americans to the core, Russell said many lawyers have told him they want to help in some way, but they’re not sure how their contributions would be spent by large relief organizations. “They’re telling me, ‘I want to know it will go to where it will do the most good to help the victims of the tragedy and to preserve the rule of law,’” Russell said. “That’s the idea.” While the country’s political leaders plot strategies to combat terrorism, Russell reminds lawyers of the need to preserve the rule of law and civil liberties. “What separates us as a nation from the demonic ideology that inflicted this pain upon us is our respect for each other and for the rule of law,” Russell said. And while he asks lawyers to be ever vigilant to find a balance between national security and individual liberties guaranteed by our Constitution, Russell invites lawyers to give to ACT and feel confident their dollars will be carefully spent to do the most good. Until now, the only vehicle for charitable giving at the Bar has been to the Florida Bar Foundation, but those dollars go to a specific purpose of helping provide legal services to low-income people. Still in its final formative stages as of press time, ACT will be administered by appointed directors, who will “make a careful analysis of where the money is going,” Russell said. These initial director-trustees, he said, likely will be officers of the Bar. Those wishing to contribute may now send checks to: Florida Attorneys Charitable Trust, c/o The Florida Bar, 651 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee 32399-2300. Donations will be held pending finality of all necessary federal and state approvals, expected by the date of this issue. In addition to ACT, the Bar’s Military Affairs Committee is soliciting Florida lawyers to provide pro bono services to active duty military and National Guard members who are mobilized to respond to the September 11 terrorist attacks. Volunteers are needed to assist in estate planning, powers of attorneys, Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act Issues (SSCRA), Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA) issues, Consumer Law, Landlord-Tenant Law, and many other legal issues. Volunteers will be advised of training dates, times and places, at a later time. Interested Bar members should fill out the application below and return it to The Florida Bar, c/o Jennifer Wilson, Military Affairs Committee, 651 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee 32399-2300, or fax the application to Wilson at (850) 561-5818. Florida Bar creates disaster relief fundlast_img read more