first_imgEVERTON have rejected Paris Saint-Germain’s approach for Donegal soccer star Seamus Coleman.Reports out today claim the French champions were prepared to offer a player-plus-cash deal worth £20million for the right-back.However, the Toffees have moved quickly to reject the bid as they refuse to offload their key players this summer. The Republic of Ireland international, who cost Everton just £60,000 seven years ago from Sligo Rovers, has also been linked with Manchester United.Red Devils boss Louis van Gaal set his sights on the 26-year-old earlier in the summer before the arrival of Matteo Darmian at Old Trafford.Seamus recently got married to long-time girlfriend Rachel Cunningham in a very low-key but tasteful affair at Harvey’s Point Hotel.FRENCH GIANTS OFFER £20M FOR SEAMUS COLEMAN was last modified: August 28th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:evertonKillybegsseamus colemanlast_img read more

Wanted: 2016 Ohio FFA Convention Student Reporters

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Attention Ohio FFA Members:The 2016 Ohio FFA State Convention is just around the corner and the Ohio Ag Net & Ohio’s Country Journal is on the search for three outstanding Ohio FFA members to help serve as student reporters for this year’s event. You’ll get the opportunity to help cover the convention and work alongside our news staff that includes Matt Reese, Dale Minyo and Ty Higgins. Ever wonder what it’s like to do our job? Here’s your chance!The live coverage of the Ohio FFA Convention will be posted on Reporters will assist in gathering award winner information, shoot video of newsworthy items and people, share their commentary of what happened in each session through a video recap and much more.To be considered:You must be attending both days of the Ohio FFA Convention May 5th and 6th.Submit a video sharing your qualifications and why you should be selected. This video should be no longer than two minutes. Don’t be afraid to show your excitement, creativity and enthusiasm!Upload the video to YouTube and email the link to [email protected] entries must be received by Friday, April 22nd.Those who earn a spot as a student reporter will be notified by April 26th.Search our website for examples of student reporters and their coverage from years past. Please direct any questions to Joel Penhorwood at [email protected]last_img read more

Can virtual reality enable 3D creation for all?

first_imgWilliam walkingby albanon SketchfabThis is the closest we have gotten to capturing the world as it is, in its full 3D glory. But most importantly, this trend is going to dramatically impact the VR and AR ecosystem and growth. While most of the VR content today is simply 360-degree photos or videos – it is the low hanging fruit in terms of capture because it relies on 2D formats that we already know – the industry agrees that the future of VR and AR is volumetric, offering six degrees of freedom.See also: What are the unique needs of public VR?I firmly believe that VR will take off thanks to user-generated content when people are able to capture volumetric scenes that matter to them: their family, their food, their things, holiday places. They’ll want to view those in VR, which offers the natural way of consuming a 3D scene.This article is part of our Virtual Reality series. You can download a high-resolution version of the landscape featuring 431 companies here. “Hydria” apothecary vaseby Malopolska`s Virtual Museumson SketchfabThe next phase of 3D capture is real-time, meaning there is no stitching involved, and you can capture a volume “on the fly”. This evolution is quietly happening right now. There is not a single phone manufacturer who is not secretly working on adding 3D capture to their devices. The most visible example today is Tango, an effort by Google to bring real-time 3D capture to mobile devices. The project started in 2012, and they released the first tango-powered consumer phone last summer, the Lenovo Phab2Pro. Sketchfab NYC HQby albanon SketchfabAnother noteworthy example is Apple. They added a second camera to the iPhone 7+. Right now it’s only used for better portraits with depth of field, but the keynote clearly demonstrates the capability for 3D capture, since the optics are able of outputting a depth map.Depth map generated with an iphone7+Beyond the iPhone 7+ release, it’s worth remembering that Apple acquired PrimeSense – the company behind the Kinect – in 2013. The kinect was one of the first pieces of hardware able to capture real-time 3D, using infrared projection for depth mapping. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft recently announced 3D capture capacities on Windows 10 mobile devices, although they are relying on a photogrammetry-based approach.The next phase in capture is undoubtedly going to be animated capture, also called volumetric video, offering a free viewpoint in a video scene. Various teams are working on this, most notably Microsoft and 8i. There are several options to make your own volumetric videos, including software like Mimesys, with an example below.4D video, my son walking: If you look at the evolution of capturing the world around us, we keep getting closer and closer to what the world actually looks like. We started replicating nature using painting and sculpting, caves and stones were our canvas. Photography was invented about 200 years ago. It took another 40 years before color photography. We got cinematography a few years after that. But we live in a 3D world, and the next big phase of capture is volumetric.The evolution of capture.— alban denoyel (@albn) August 22, 20163D capture has been possible for a while thanks to techniques like photogrammetry, the process of stitching together 2D images of a subject from different angles. Photogrammetry is great, but it requires advanced software, skills, and complex workflows. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts Small Business Cybersecurity Threats and How to… Follow the Puck Tags:#featured#Internet of Things#IoT#top#virtual reality#VR Alban Denoyel Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You…last_img

Rotator cuff problems

first_imgDefinitionThe rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that attach to the bones of the shoulder joint, allowing the shoulder to move and keeping it stable.Rotator cuff tendinitis refers to irritation of these tendons and inflammation of the bursa (a normally smooth layer) lining these tendons.A rotator cuff tear occurs when one of the tendons is torn from overuse or injury.Alternative NamesSwimmers shoulder; Pitchers shoulder; Shoulder impingement syndrome; Tennis shoulder; Tendinitis – rotator cuff; Rotator cuff tendinitis; Shoulder overuse syndromeCauses, incidence, and risk factorsThe shoulder joint is a ball and socket type joint where the top part of the arm bone (humerus) forms a joint with the shoulder blade (scapula). The rotator cuff holds the head of the humerus into the scapula and controls movement of the shoulder joint.The tendons of the rotator cuff pass underneath a bony area on their way to attaching the top part of the arm bone. When these tendons become inflamed, they can become more frayed over this area during shoulder movements. Sometimes, a bone spur may narrow the space even more.This problem is called rotator cuff tendinitis, or impingement syndrome, and may be due to:Keeping the arm in the same position for long periods of time, such as doing computer work or hairstylingSleeping on the same arm each nightPlaying sports requiring the arm to be moved over the head repeatedly as in tennis, baseball (particularly pitching), swimming, and lifting weights over the headWorking with the arm overhead for many hours or days (such as inpainting and carpentry)Poor control or coordination of your shoulder and shoulder blade musclesPoor posture over many years and the usual fraying of the tendons that occurs with age may also lead to rotator cuff tendinitis.advertisementRotator cuff tears may occur in two ways:A sudden or acute tear may happen when you fall on your arm while it is stretched out, or after a sudden, jerking motion when you try to lift something heavy.A chronic tear of the rotator cuff tendon occurs slowly over time. It is more likely in those with chronic tendinitis or impingement syndrome. At some point, the tendon wears down and tears.There are two types of rotator cuff tears:A partial tear is when a tear does not completely sever the attachments to the bone.A complete or full thickness tear refers to a through and through tear. It may be as small as a pinpoint or all of the muscle tendon. Complete tears have detachment of the tendon from the attachment site and would not heal very well.SymptomsTENDINITIS OR IMPINGEMENT SYNDROMEEarly on, pain occurs with overhead activities and lifting your arm to the side. Activities include brushing hair, reaching for objects on shelves, or playing an overhead sport.Pain is more likely in the front of the shoulder and may radiate to the side of the arm. However, this pain always stops before the elbow. If the pain travels beyond the arm to the elbow and hand, this may indicate a pinched nerve.There may also be pain with lowering the shoulder from a raised position.At first, this pain may be mild and occur only with certain movements of the arm. Over time, pain may be present at rest or at night, especially when lying on the affected shoulder.You may have weakness and loss of motion when raising the arm above your head. Your shoulder can feel stiff with lifting or movement. It may become more difficult to place the arm behind your back.ROTATOR CUFF TEARSThe pain with a sudden tear after a fall or injury is usually intense. Weakness of the shoulder and arm is often present, along with a snapping sensation of movement.Symptoms of a chronic rotator cuff tear include a gradual worsening of pain, weakness, and stiffness or loss of motion. The exact point when a rotator cuff tear begins in someone with chronic shoulder tendinitis may or may not be noticed.Most people with rotator cuff tendon tears have pain at night. Pain that is worse at night may wake you up. During the day, the pain is more tolerable and hurts with certain movements.Over time, the symptoms become much worse and are not relieved by medicines, rest, or exercise.Signs and testsA physical examination may reveal tenderness over the shoulder. Pain may occur when the shoulder is raised overhead. There is usually weakness of the shoulder when it is placed in certain positions.advertisementX-rays of the shoulder may show a bone spur. They can be done in your doctors office.If your doctor feels you may have a rotator cuff tear, you may have one or more of the following tests:An ultrasound test uses sound waves to create an image of the shoulder joint. It can often show a tear in the rotator cuff.MRI of the shoulder may show swelling or a tear in the rotator cuff.Sometimes, a special imaging test called arthrography is needed to diagnose a rotator cuff tear. Your doctor will inject contrast material into your shoulder joint. Then an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI scan are used to take a picture of it. Contrast is usually used when your doctor suspects a small rotator cuff tear.TreatmentTENDINITIS OR IMPINGEMENT SYNDROMETreatment involves resting the shoulder and avoiding activities that cause pain. It may involve:Ice packs applied 20 minutes at a time, 3 – 4 times a day to the shoulderTaking drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen to help reduce swelling and painAvoiding or reducing activities that cause or worsen your symptomsFor more information about managing your symptoms at home and returning to sports or other activities, see Rotator cuff – self-care.You should start physical therapy to learn exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your rotator cuff.If the pain persists, or if therapy is not possible because of severe pain, a steroid injection may reduce pain and swelling in the injured tendons to allow effective therapy.With rest and exercise, symptoms often improve or go away. However, this may take weeks or months to occur.Arthroscopic surgery can remove inflamed tissue and part of the bone that lies over the rotator cuff. Removing the bone may relieve the pressure on the tendons.ROTATOR CUFF TEARSRest and exercise may help someone with a partial rotator cuff tear who does not normally place a lot of demand on the shoulder.You may need surgery to repair the tendon if the rotator cuff has had a complete tear, or if the symptoms persist despite conservative therapy. Most of the time, arthroscopic surgery can be used. Some large tears require open surgery to repair the torn tendon.Expectations (prognosis)Many people recover full function after a combination of medications, physical therapy, and steroid injections after an episode of rotator cuff tendinitis. Some may need to change or reduce the amount of time they play certain sports to remain pain-free.People with tears of their rotator cuff tend to do well, although their outcome is strongly dependent upon the size of the tear and how long the tear has been present, as well as their age and pre-injury level of function.Calling your health care providerCall for an appointment with your health care provider if persistent shoulder pain occurs. Also call if symptoms do not improve with treatment.PreventionAvoid repetitive overhead movements. Develop shoulder strength in opposing muscle groups.advertisementSee also: Rotator cuff – self-careReferencesBurbank KM, Stevenson JH, Czarnecki GR, Dorfman J. Chronic shoulder pain: part II. Treatment. Am Fam Physician. 2008;77:493-497.Burbank KM, Stevenson JH, Czarnecki GR, Dorfman J. Chronic shoulder pain: part I. Evaluation and diagnosis. Am Fam Physician. 2008;77:453-460.Greiwe RM, Ahmad CS. Management of the throwing shoulder: cuff, labrum and internal impingement. Orthop Clin North Am. 2010;41:309-323.Matsen III FA, Fehringer EV, Lippitt SB, Wirth MA, Rockwood CA Jr. Rotator cuff. In: Rockwood CA Jr, Matsen FA III, Wirth MA, Lippitt SB, eds. The Shoulder. 4th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2009:chap 17.Seida JC, LeBlanc C, Schouten JR, Mousavi SS, Hartling L, Vandermeer B, Tjosvold L, Sheps DM. Systematic review: nonoperative and operative treatments for rotator cuff tears. Ann Intern Med. 2010;153:246-255.Review Date:7/6/2011Reviewed By:C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc.last_img read more

Heart Foundation Concerned About Marketing Unhealthy Food to Children

first_img Speaking at a JIS Think Tank on Wednesday (January 24) to mark Heart Month, Executive Director of the HFJ, Deborah Chen, explained that children are being targeted in advertising campaigns that are geared towards the purchase of food with little or no nutritional value. The Heart Foundation of Jamaica (HFJ) is expressing concern about the marketing of unhealthy products to children in Jamaica as the country grapples with a high level of childhood obesity. Story Highlights Mrs. Chen pointed out that the obesity situation in Jamaica, which she said is largely due to unhealthy nutrition, is of particular concern as it is a major risk factor for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). She added that the rate of childhood obesity in Jamaica has increased, and it is now at a high of 30 per cent. The Executive Director commended the steps being taken by the Government to address childhood obesity. The Heart Foundation of Jamaica (HFJ) is expressing concern about the marketing of unhealthy products to children in Jamaica as the country grapples with a high level of childhood obesity.Speaking at a JIS Think Tank on Wednesday (January 24) to mark Heart Month, Executive Director of the HFJ, Deborah Chen, explained that children are being targeted in advertising campaigns that are geared towards the purchase of food with little or no nutritional value.“If you pay attention to prime time television and other media, you would see that there are many ads targeting our young children. The sugary, sweetened beverage is of particular concern, bearing in mind that added sugars have no nutritional benefit, so you may be getting the calories but not getting anything nutritious from them,” she explained.Mrs. Chen pointed out that the obesity situation in Jamaica, which she said is largely due to unhealthy nutrition, is of particular concern as it is a major risk factor for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). She added that the rate of childhood obesity in Jamaica has increased, and it is now at a high of 30 per cent. The Executive Director commended the steps being taken by the Government to address childhood obesity.She said that HFJ welcomes the collaboration between the Ministries of Health and Education on the School Nutrition Policy. “It will address what is being sold in schools and on the school campuses, and that should involve talking to parents and involving the whole family. I’m sure some education will take place around that policy, as it is currently being worked on and to be implemented by the start of the next school year,” she pointed out.“We don’t wish to see our children of younger and younger ages having diabetes. We don’t want to see diseases that are normally middle- and old-age diseases starting to get to younger people,” she added. HFJ joins the rest of the world in observing Heart Month during February of each year, and the theme for 2018 is ‘Healthy Nutrition: Know Your Labels’.last_img read more

Supreme Court wont hear Merchant Law Groups appeal to keep residential school

first_imgHolly MooreAPTN InvestigatesCanada’s highest court has denied a bid by Regina- based Merchant Law Group (MLG) Thursday declining to hear an appeal in a case where more than $20,000 of a residential school survivor’s compensation was retained by the firm to settle outstanding legal bills.Survivor J.S was awarded $93,000 Jan. 2014 under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement’s (IRSSA) Independent Assessment Process (IAP).MLG had, since 2000, acted for the woman and her son in both their IAP claims and in other unrelated legal matters.When the firm received the IAP compensation money for J.S. in trust, they raised the possibility of legal action if she failed to instruct the firm to withhold $21,310.83 to pay for the previously incurred legal bills.During the routine fee review conducted on each IAP file, the adjudication secretariat took note of the deduction for the previous legal bills and MLG was told to pay that money back.A 2006 Supreme Court of British Columbia decision, Article 18 of the IRSSA and the Financial Administration Act, all prohibit assignments. Because IAP claimants were considered especially vulnerable lawyers were expressly forbidden to assign any part of IAP compensation.MLG believed it could make an argument that this case was an exception to that prohibition.MLG filed a request for direction in October 2014 to retain part of the award to settle the debts. A B.C. court denied the request in 2016 and the law firm ordered to repay the money to J.S.Read the B.C. decision here: MLGThe court found the assignment was “impermissible” and ruled the firm was “not entitled to retain the funds.” MLG was ordered to return the cash to J.S with interest.With Thursday’s ruling that it won’t hear MLG’s appeal of that B.C. court decision. The case comes to an end.When contacted, Tony Merchant of MLG declined to comment.IAP Chief Adjudicator “pleased” with decision.“I am pleased that the SCC has allowed the decision of the BC Court of Appeal to stand,” wrote Dan Shapiro,  the Chief Adjudicator of the IAP in an emailed statement.“The lower Court decision affirms that compensation awarded to claimants under the IAP cannot be assigned, as this would deny claimants the benefits to which they are entitled under the Settlement Agreement.” He added that the Court’s decision is consistent with case law, IAP decisions and “special clauses in our adjudicators’ fee rulings.”Shapiro provided direction to lawyers representing IAP clients in this document.He added that the decision ensures all compensation paid under the IAP will reach claimants apart from approved legal fees and [email protected]@HollyMooreaptnlast_img read more

President Trump sees immigration as biggest concern ahead of Midterm Elections

first_imgPresident Trump sees immigration as biggest concern ahead of Midterm Elections AP, HOUSTON (AP) — President Donald Trump escalated his immigration rhetoric at a midterm rally in Texas, falsely accusing Democrats of “encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overwhelm our nation.”With weeks to go before Election Day, Trump is seeking to drive Republican turnout with his hard-line immigration policies. He cast the November choice in stark terms before the Houston rally for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday night, saying Democrats “have launched an assault on the sovereignty of our country.”Trump spoke before a massive crowd on behalf of his former foe, who faces a strong challenge from Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke. When the two competed in the 2016 Republican presidential primary, Trump would frequently deride his rival as “Lyin’ Ted” but said in Texas that their relationship had come a long way.“Nobody has helped me more with your tax cut, with your regulation,” Trump said, also attacking O’Rourke, as a “stone-cold phony.”With the midterms drawing near, Trump has emphasized immigration, targeting a migrant caravan heading to the U.S. southern border. The president’s focus on immigration politics comes as he seeks to counter Democratic enthusiasm in November. Trump believes that his campaign pledges, including his much vaunted — and still-unfulfilled — promise to quickly build a U.S.-Mexico border wall, are still rallying cries.Trump is betting that his latest focus will further erode the enthusiasm gap that began to close during the debate over Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. But the approach offers both risks and rewards.The hard-line rhetoric may be popular among the red-state rural Republicans who will play an outsized role in the top Senate contests. But it may further alienate the moderate Republicans and women in the overwhelmingly suburban races that will decide the House majority — including several in Texas, California and Florida that feature large Hispanic populations.On Monday night, Trump called the caravan an “assault on our country” and suggested, without citing evidence, that “Democrats had something to do with it.” He added: “We need a wall built fast.”Earlier Monday, Trump said the U.S. will begin “cutting off, or substantially reducing” aid to three Central American nations because of the caravan.In Texas, an enthusiastic crowd packed into Houston’s Toyota Center, wearing red Make America Great Again hats and waving signs, including some with the president’s new catchphrase, “Jobs vs. Mobs.”Speaking before Trump took the stage, Cruz made clear that their conflict was behind them and that the two were working together. His biggest applause came when he predicted that “in 2020, Donald Trump will be overwhelmingly re-elected.”A series of elected state officials were among the warmup speakers, as well as Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump and son Eric Trump, who told the audience that “we are driving the Democrats absolutely nuts.”Trump gleefully used his latest attack line against Democrats, saying, “Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.” He declared Democrats would be a “big risk to the American family,” and went after some of his favorite targets, including Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Rep. Maxine Waters, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.The president stressed tax cuts, the strong economy and the hurricane response in the state. He repeated his pledge for a new middle-income tax cut of about 10 percent, though he offered few details on the plan. Trump said they would be “putting it in” next week, though Congress is not in session.Trump also criticized so-called globalists, declaring, “You know what I am? I’m a nationalist.”Trump’s Texas stop is part of a campaign blitz that is expected to last until Election Day.Although political relationships tend to be fluid, Trump’s appearance for Cruz is notable, given that the two were bitter enemies during the 2016 primaries. After Trump insulted Cruz’s wife and father, and Cruz refused to endorse Trump at the Republican National Convention, it was far from clear that the two would ever put it all behind them.But they started rebuilding in the closing days of the campaign and have worked together since Trump took the White House.The White House views Cruz as a loyal vote for his agenda. Trump promised he would come to Texas after the Senate race grew closer than expected, with O’Rourke out-fundraising Cruz and drawing large and enthusiastic crowds around the state. Cruz, who is leading O’Rourke in the polls, said over the summer that he would welcome Trump’s support, though he has brushed off any suggestion he’d need Trump to win.During the 2016 Republican primary, Trump assailed Cruz as a liar and “dishonest politician,” insulted his wife’s appearance and promoted unsubstantiated claims that Cruz’s father had links to President John F. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.Trump on Monday did not voice any second thoughts about labeling Cruz the son of a presidential killer, telling reporters, “I don’t regret anything.”Cruz gave back as good as he got in 2016. He savaged Trump as a “pathological liar,” an “amoral bully” and a “sniveling coward.” After Cruz lost the primary, he gave a speech at the Republican National Convention in which he did not endorse Trump and instead called on Republicans to “vote your conscience,” drawing boos from the crowd. But he announced his support about a month before Election Day — and won points in Trump’s camp for not withdrawing after the “Access Hollywood” tape was released in which Trump bragged about groping women.___Associated Press writer Steve Peoples in New York contributed to this report. Categories: Local San Diego News, National & International News, Politics FacebookTwitter AP Posted: October 23, 2018 October 23, 2018last_img read more