ULF Doppler oscillation of L = 2.5 flux tubes

first_imgPlasmaspheric ducts may execute Doppler oscillations driven by propagating ultra-low frequency (ULF) waves. We examined about 100 such events recorded over 1 year under magnetically quiet conditions at L = 2.5 using artificially generated whistler-mode VLF signals and ground magnetometers. Joint peaks in the VLF Doppler and magnetometer spectra occurred at the frequency expected for ULF waves generated by the ion-cyclotron instability in the upstream solar wind. The VLF Doppler shifts are most likely due to radial motion of flux tubes of a few kilometers, driven by the east-west electric field of propagating ULF waves. When the frequencies match, the incoming wave energy also couples to standing poloidal and azimuthal field line oscillations, producing field line resonance signatures in both the D and H components on ground-based magnetometers. The phases of the VLF and ULF oscillations are consistent with ionospheric rotation of the downgoing ULF wave field. Since the scale size of VLF flux tubes is significantly smaller than for ULF flux tubes, VLF Doppler observations can provide more precise spatial information on ULF wave fields in the plasmasphere. Furthermore, it should be possible to use ULF oscillations to monitor the formation of quarter wavelength mode standing field line oscillations when the conjugate ionospheres have different conductivities.last_img read more

Drunk Tory official defaces church

first_img“I will admit that, like most people, I do tend to try to avoid my name being blackened unfairly, especially in circumstances where I have not actually done anything wrong.“I’m only sorry that my accuser has decided to be quite so openly vile, while making sure to protect his own anonymity. He is of course welcome to come forward and address his concerns to me in public”. Speaking anonymously, the individual expressed regret, telling Cherwell: “This was a personal mistake and not indicative of the University or of OUCA”.A former OUCA Political Officer said: “This is a microcosm of the abuse and debauchery at the top of OUCA. It is shameful that such anti-Catholic sentiment runs rife, especially from an unelected member personally appointed by William Rees-Mogg – a president whose primary wish was to protect his surname.”Another OUCA member remarked that ‘Papist’ was regularly tossed about as an insult at Port and Policy, while the loyalty of Catholics towards the monarchy was frequently questioned. He commented that “by an eighth week Port and Policy, anti-Catholicism is pretty widespread”.While acknowledging that ‘papist’ is used as an insult, Rees-Mogg strongly denied the allegations of anti-Catholicism. He told Cherwell: “I was of course deeply shocked to hear what had happened on that evening, and at once suspended the person in question. Such behaviour has no place within the modern Conservative movement. An appointed committee member of the Oxford University Conservative Association (OUCA) was suspended last term after an act of drunken vandalism.Following OUCA’s weekly Port and Policy event, at which the individual in question served port, he and two accomplices crossed St Giles’ road, climbed the flag pole of the Oratory Church, and tore down its papal flag.The incident has sparked allegations of prevalent anti-Catholicism within the Assocation.The Oratory Church refused to publicly comment, with multiple members of the church expressing an attitude of forgiveness towards the individual.The individual was immediately suspended from OUCA by then-President William Rees-Mogg. The morning after the incident the individual attended mass, apologised profusely to a priest, and left his contact details, apparently at the request of OUCA committee members.He has reportedly agreed to pay for the re-attaching of the flag to the pole, which at the time of print is yet to occur. Another member of OUCA, speaking anonymously, told Cherwell: “It’s a source of great puzzlement to me, but there seem to be people with little better to do than go after William Rees-Mogg via the rumour mill and the press.“Anyone who has met him knows he has done nothing to deserve it.”The incident follows a confidential Conservative Party report leaked to the media which suggested moving “risky student politics” completely out of the official party structure. “As a confirmed and practising Catholic myself I do wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment given by the Oratory, that the individual, having apologised, and paid from his own pocket for the flag’s replacement, should be forgiven and allowed to move on”.“I’m also a little confused about the above claims of a rise in anti-Catholic sentiment within OUCA. If such a sentiment exists it seems odd to me that I should not have encountered it during two years of involvement within the society. “I certainly do not think that the use of terms such as ‘papist’ should be taken to heart any more than friendly cries of sound and shame. My accuser, being an ex-member of committee, also knows full well that he was welcome to attend the meeting at which I proposed the individual become a committee member (an event which passed with no objections). By integrating Conservative Future branches within local associations, the party hope to “bring the youth wing firmly into the mainstream Party”.It comes after a wave of recent student Tory scandals, such as reports of student Tories at St Andrews setting fire to an effigy of Obama.Earlier this year, a member of the Cambridge University Conservative Association suspended his studies after a video emerged of him burning a £20 note in front of a homeless man. The student has since resumed his studies.The Oratory Church declined to comment.last_img read more

Faculty Senate passes LGBTQ resolution

first_imgIn a push for improved inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) members of the Notre Dame community, the Faculty Senate passed two resolutions Tuesday, one supporting a gay-straight alliance and the other proposing adding sexual orientation to the University’s non-discrimination clause. Student Senate passed similar resolutions earlier this semester. Faculty Senate chair Morten Eskildsen said the group decided to address the two resolutions due to outside support of the measures. “We have received from a number of sides emails encouraging us to look into this issue and the Senate Executive Committee agreed this is something we would want to look at and discuss,” he said. “And we did.” During Tuesday’s meeting, Eskildsen said there was a “clear majority” in favor of passing the resolutions. He said there seems to be strong support among Notre Dame faculty for advancing LGBTQ rights on campus. “The documents brought forward show really that this was the right thing to do. Overall, people felt that gays and lesbians who were feeling sort of left out or marginalized, there was a desire to try and improve their situation,” he said. “That was the main sentiment of those arguing in favor of the resolutions.” Eskildsen said this was the first time the issues were formally discussed within Faculty Senate, but he speculated a GSA and the non-discrimination clause were the topic of “many conversations” amongst faculty. “I’m sure a lot of people have discussed this across campus,” he said. “It’s just my impression.” Eskildsen said a number of questions regarding the resolutions, including legal issues, arose during the debate of the resolutions. As such, he said he expects discussion to continue through the next academic school year. “I think the Senate felt it would be nice to see some of those questions addressed by for instance legal counsel or offices of the University,” he said. “While we passed those resolutions, I would also say there is a sentiment to look further into this issue.” Student body president Pat McCormick said he appreciates the efforts of the Faculty Senate to pass the resolutions at Tuesday’s meeting. “We’re grateful to the faculty for their support of this effort to create a group for both gay and straight students to come together for mutual support and service to the broader community,” he said. McCormick said members of student government anticipate working with Faculty Senate and others in the Notre Dame community to further the progress achieved this semester. “We look forward to partnering in whatever way we can with faculty and members of the administration and of course student advocates to continue to explore ways we might be able to further expand inclusion in the Notre Dame community,” he said. University spokesman Dennis Brown declined comment on the resolutions until the parties involved present such material to Notre Dame. “We are aware of the Faculty and Student Senate resolutions, but we’ll refrain from any specific observations until we’ve had a chance to thoroughly review material forwarded to us by a group of concerned students,” he said. Brown said Notre Dame continues to promote acceptance of LGBTQ students on campus. “We want to make it clear that, as articulated in the Spirit of Inclusion, we welcome and value all members of our community, we condemn discriminatory harassment of any kind, and our policy explicitly precludes harassment based on sexual orientation,” he said.last_img read more

Over 9,300 personnel deployed to secure Jakarta as omnibus law protests enter 2nd week

first_imgWidespread protests erupted across the country after the House of Representatives passed the bill on Oct. 5.Some protests, however, have been marred by violent clashes between protesters and security forces.Meanwhile, civil society organizations have slammed the police for using “excessive force” in managing the demonstrations as pictures of police assaulting protesters and journalists circulated on social media.The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) said it had received at least 1,500 reports on alleged police violence from Oct. 6 to 8 during the planned national strike against the new law, organized primarily by labor unions. (trn) The police also deployed 200 Brimob officers to West Java.Awi added that a joint force of 9,332 policemen, soldiers and Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) officers had been deployed in the capital on Tuesday to enforce security.Read also: ‘We are not yet defeated’: Students condemn govt’s dismissal of jobs law protestsWhile Tuesday’s protest in Jakarta involved several religious groups, the country’s second largest Islamic organization, Muhammadiyah, reasserted that it would not take part in any demonstrations. Instead, it would “focus on handling the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on education, the economy and public health”, Muhammadiyah secretary Abdul Mu’ti said on Monday, as quoted by tribunnews.com. The National Police on Monday deployed around 7,500 Mobile Brigade (Brimob) officers to ensure public safety and security in Jakarta amid continuing protests against the newly passed Job Creation Law, or omnibus law.Several groups, including the hard-line Islam Defenders Front (FPI) and the 212 Alumni Brotherhood (PA 212), went ahead with their planned demonstrations on Tuesday in Jakarta to demand that the government revoke the omnibus law.“The first deployment of [Brimob officers] arrived in Jakarta on Oct. 5, while the second arrived on Oct. 12. At least 7,500 officers are deployed here,” National Police spokesperson Brig. Gen. Awi Setiyono said on Monday as quoted by kompas.com.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Borrowers are loving fixed rate loans

first_imgOne in five borrowers are opting for fixed-rate home loansWe may be crucifying them in the State of Origin, but in the less dramatic competition around fixed rate home loans, the maroons are running a close second to the blues.Home loan approvals data compiled by mortgage broker Mortgage Choice reveals 23.3 per cent of all Queensland loans written in February were for a fixed interest rate.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home2 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor8 hours agoAcross the country, fixed rate demand was highest in New South Wales, where they accounted for 24.2 per cent of all home loans written in the month.Mortgage Choice said the ration has translated across borders with one in five loans around Australia now being fixed rate.Mortgage Choice chief executive officer, John Flavell, said the results are significant.“Of course, given that so many lenders have raised their interest rates over the past few weeks, I am not surprised to see one in five borrowers opting for a fixed rate home loan.”Mr Flavell said the trend to fixed rates should continue after the Reserve Bank of Australia’s governor, Philip Lowe, said future rate cuts were unlikely.“As more lenders start to lift their rates, we may see more borrowers choosing to fix their mortgage in a bid to avoid further rate hikes and provide themselves with some certainty around their regular mortgage repayments,” Mr Flavell said.last_img read more

IDEM holds public meetings for VW emissions settlement

first_imgPort-related engine replacements can generate significant emission reductions, according to the U.S. EPA.Replacing older-generation diesel-powered equipment in operation at the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor could reap major benefits for the state.Just one tugboat engine replacement could reduce NOx emissions by more than 96,000 lbs.Recent research confirms that replacing the older, larger engines in marine workboats offers one of the most cost-effective strategies for reducing NOx emissions in ports. Engines that power heavy duty vehicles and equipment are the largest source of NOx emissions in Indiana, according to the latest NOx emissions inventory.The most important opportunity for NOx mitigation in Indiana is replacing heavy-duty engines or the vehicles and equipment they power with new technology. While Indiana does have the highest rate of adoption of the latest clean diesel trucks, just under half of Indiana’s trucks do not use these technologies and are eligible for funding.A new heavy-duty truck powered by a clean diesel engine certified to the model year 2010 EPA emissions standard on the road for one year can reduce emissions of NOx by 2.3 tons relative to a truck manufactured to meet the previous emissions standard.It takes more than 50 model year 2017 clean diesel trucks to generate the same level of NOx emissions as a single truck manufactured in 1988. Indianapolis, In. — The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is holding public meetings about what to do with an estimated $41 million VW settlement. The funds are designated to support activities and technologies that reduce carbon emissions.Indiana has already demonstrated proficiency in the use of clean diesel technology:Indiana boasts the highest number of clean diesel heavy-duty trucks in the United States – 51 percent of the state’s fleet has adopted the newest generation of clean diesel trucks, more than the national average.Indiana ranks second out of the 50 states for the number of clean diesel engines manufactured – nearly 160,000 in 2016.Clean diesel technology also powers 27 percent of the state’s transit buses and 35 percent of the state’s school buses.And, nearly 9,300 Hoosiers work in diesel-related jobs.Other options include clean diesel upgrades and replacing heavy-duty diesel engines:Clean diesel upgrades and replacements will provide more clean air benefits for the dollar and provide those faster than other approaches.The U.S. Department of Transportation, using the latest emissions model generated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, found that 1 ton of NOx emissions may be eliminated by investing, on average, $20,000 in clean diesel technology versus, on average, $1 million in electric infrastructure.The Clean Air Task Force concluded that greater NOx reduction can occur by replacing older transit buses with new clean diesel models as opposed to investments in natural gas equipment.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded that investments in clean diesel technology are a more cost-effective strategy to immediately reduce NOx emissions from older port trucks than emerging alternatives such as battery electric commercial trucks.center_img Here is a list of statewide meetings:February 13, 2018Time: 6:00 PM CSTLocation: CK Newsome Community Center, 100 Walnut Street #1, Evansville, IN 47713February 21, 2018Time: 6:30 PM ESTLocation: Allen County Public Library Aboite Branch, 5630 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46804February 26, 2018Time: 6:00 PM ESTLocation: Jackson County Public Library Seymour Branch, 303 West Second Street, Seymour, IN 47274last_img read more

England’s Georgia is Team GB flag bearer at youth Olympics

first_img15 Jan 2013 England’s Georgia is Team GB flag bearer at youth Olympics England Golf’s Georgia Hall was today named as Team GB’s flag bearer for the Opening Ceremony of the 2013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival (AYOF), which starts tomorrow in Sydney. Georgia, 16, is the European women’s number one, is ranked fourth in the world and is the British girls’ champion. She is based at Remedy Oak Golf Club in Dorset. She said: “This is a huge honour. I am thrilled to have been selected to carry the flag for Team GB at the Opening Ceremony of the Australian Youth Olympic Festival. “I am really looking forward to the Opening Ceremony, it will be my first taste of what the Olympics could be like and I can’t believe there will be thousands of people in the crowd when I lead Team GB out!” The golf team includes six England players. They are Jack Singh-Brar (Brokenhurst Manor), Gabriella Cowley (Brocket Hall), Harry Ellis (Meon Valley), Georgia Hall (Remedy Oak), Amber Ratcliffe (Royal Cromer) and Ashton Turner (Kenwick Park). The line-up is completed by Bradley Neil, Ewan Scott and Lauren Whyte of Scotland and by Chloe Williams of Wales. Georgia was unveiled as the Team GB Flag Bearer in front of her teammates by Chef de Mission, Mark England during a team reception hosted by the British Consulate General at his residence in Sydney. Georgia was presented with the Union Flag by double Olympian Team GB canoeist Jessica Walker who was Team GB’s Flag Bearer at the last AYOF in 2009 and is currently training in Sydney. The 2013 AYOF sees Georgia, alongside her nine teammates, compete for Team GB in golf for the first time since the 1900 Olympic Games when British golfers won silver and bronze medals. In 2009 it was announced that golf was being re-introduced to the Olympic Programme for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Team GB will be represented by 120 athletes, aged 12-20, across 11 sports over five days of AYOF competition. The first sports in action are hockey and badminton on Wednesday morning, followed by the Opening Ceremony which takes place at 18:30 local time (07:00 UK time) at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The Opening Ceremony will incorporate many elements of a tradition Olympic Opening Ceremony, including the parade of the 1,700 participating athletes from 30 countries, the taking of the athletes’ and officials’ oaths, the raising of the Olympic Flag, and the lighting of the Festival Flame as well as musical and performance entertainment from local artists. Team GB Chef de Mission, Mark England said: “Congratulations to Georgia Hall on being awarded the honour of leading Team GB as our Flag Bearer at the Opening Ceremony of the 2013 AYOF. “At just sixteen years old Georgia is ranked number one in Europe and fourth in the World Amateur Women’s rankings, which is a remarkable achievement and she represents an outstanding choice as Team GB Flag Bearer. Georgia should be very proud of this special achievement. “The AYOF marks the first time in over 100 years that Team GB will include athletes from the sport of golf and I’m sure that the AYOF will play an important role in introducing these young athletes to an environment reminiscent of the Olympic Games and providing them with vital experience of a multi-sport competition.” Georgia added: “It is a real honour to be one of the very first golfers to represent Team GB for a very long time. When golf got added to the sport programme for the Rio 2016 Games, I was really excited as it has always been my dream to compete at an Olympics. “I’m looking forward to competing to the best of my ability here in Australia, as well as learning about the Olympic environment and making many new friends with teammates from other sports and competitors from other countries.”last_img read more


first_imgBILL NEAL :10 Tim Stevens… Leonard Johnson…The Legendary Kenny Blake… and, and, and Sandy Greene—Pittsburgh’s No. 1 Female Vocalist and you didn’t come because it was raining for 20 minutes. Now that’s messed up! And it tells me how old you’ re getting. Rain didn’t stop you when you were young. And it didn’t stop the “100” real jazz lovers that filled up the 3 Lakes Banquet Room. So that you know Tim Stevens hasn’t lost a thing. He’s still “The Ultimate Showman.” And surprise guest vocalist Greg Lovelace put the “icing on the cake” with a duet with Sandy Greene…yep, you missed all that!!! Many thanks to Art Hawk, Meagan and Suzie’s staff and crew for all your help and support and a great summer run!:09 Now does everybody know who Sandy Greene is?:08 Can someone please tell me why the basketball court at Penn Hebron School (off Frankstown Road, across from McDonalds) has a fantastic surface…eight great hoops …and no nets…never, never, never ever has any nets!!! Could it be because of “Section 8”? I am just sayin!:07 A big attaboy to my man James Hurt. He’s about to be promoted to the top level position at UPMC, the first concierge in his department’s history. (For you East Hills folks a concierge is the HMIC, “Head Man In Charge.”) I changed it so nobody’s toes got stepped on. If you don’t know ask somebody over 40 they’ll tell you what it could have said.:06 You need an expert to explain this Original Dream Team vs This Olympic Team debate. I can’t get “Hawk” on the phone, Kevin Cameron …well you know, that Aliquippa problem and we all know Mike Booker doesn’t know as much about basketball as he pretends he does. So you got me. HHHEEERRRREEE We Go! Why the Dream Team wins.No. 1. The Dream Team of 1992 beats the 2012 team “8” out of “10” games. Of the two they win, one is at the buzzer, by the hands of Kobe (you know LeBron won’t shoot it…Neal will you let it go…oh, my bad again! But man them Refs!) The other is a win by ten because the law of average allows it.No. 2. The sheer greatness that is Michael Jordan sets the tone. He’s only the second greatest player of all time. (Wilt Chamberlain…I keep telling ya.)No. 3. Why do you think they called him Magic? C’mon man!No. 4. Bird, Pippen, Robinson…12 rings among them!No. 5. Ewing, Robinson, Laettner…total inside dominance! Laettner with “The Duke Effect.”No. 6. Barkley…unless you got a baseball bat and a gun you can’t stop him.No. 7. Stockton…all time assist leader, duh!No. 8. Magic, Bird, Jordan, Pippen, Ewing, Barkley, Robinson, Drexler, Malone…all part of the 50 greatest of all time. Hey, Drexler’s nickname is “Clyde the “Glide” people!No. 9. Ewing and Barkley still mad cause they didn’t win NBA rings.No. 10. Here’s your match ups and who wins. (Cause I said so) Magic vs. LeBron —Magic; Jordan vs. Kobe—Jordan; Bird vs. Durrant—Durrant (Bird’s bad back); Ewing vs. Chandler—Ewing; Robinson vs. Inquodala—Who?; Barkley vs. Carmelo—Come on ya’ll!; Stockton vs. Paul—Paul; Laettner vs. Davis—Call it even; Drexler vs. Harden—Drexler; Malone vs. Love—Malone (2nd All Time Leading Scorer); Pippen vs. Westbrook—Pippen; Mullen vs. Williams—Wil­liams. Now either shut-up or call me either one. I’m easy to get 412-628-4856!:05 Movie Review Time: “Savages” gets bumped up to 3 basketballs. I went back to see it again it got better the second time. “The Dark Knight Rises” …well no it didn’t. It kinda rised up 1/2 way (rised up…huh!) Anyway it was too long and slow. You can be one or the other but not both. Thanks to Anne Hathaway in the cat woman suit the Batman gets 2-1/2 basketballs. Oh, shut up. You know you went to see it!:04 It’s Steelers Time… proud of you Pirates and keep up the good work. But it’s Steelers time and yes I am ready for some damn football!!!:03 Speaking of movies, and I was. How many times can a person watch “Tombstone?” Well apparently 25 times cause I just did. It never gets old…and yes “I’ll be your Huckleberry”!:02 Mark your calendar for the No. 1 Reggae Band in the ’Burgh and the last summer blast at a location to be announced is coming at ya Aug. 25 starring The Flow Band. You know they never disappoint…and you also know… “They Shot The Sheriff …But They Did Not Shoot The Deputy! (Call 412-628-4856 for information).:01 Don’t worry, I got your Penn State stuff right here. It’s coming…And I am with Franco!!!:00 Double Overtime: Michael Phelps…Just say no!!!~ Game Over ~last_img read more


first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (Jan. 24, 2015)–With a powerful late rush at the rail, Go West Marie easily overhauled longshot Home Journey to take Saturday’s $150,000 Sunshine Millions Filly and Mare Turf Sprint by three quarters of a length under Gary Stevens. Trained by Eddie Truman, the 4-year-old California-bred filly by Western Fame covered 6 ½ furlongs down Santa Anita’s hillside turf course in 1:12.18.Off at 5-1 in a field of 12 California-bred or sired fillies and mares, Go West Marie shortened up off of an impressive one mile turf allowance score on Dec. 28. She paid $13.00, $7.20 and $5.00.“A great trip,” said Stevens. “Eddie’s done a great job with this filly and I got on her at the right time. I learned a lot about her. I asked him if I could just sit on her and be quiet with her. It worked out well. She exploded with me the last eighth, and I rode her the same way today even though we were shortening up and there was so much speed. The key with a filly like this is they’re professional–let them settle and they’re going to finish for you.”Owned by Peter Redekop B.C., Ltd., Go West Marie ran her overall record to 17-5-1-5. Out of the Swiss Yodeler mare Marie’s Rose, she picked up $90,000 for the win, which improved her earnings to $402,520.“This race wasn’t really our choice,” said Truman. “We think she’s better going long but we wanted a Cal-bred race. Her last race was in open company and this was really our only option for Cal-breds. Gary said he would ride her the same way, just sit on her dead last…She has run down the hill and been on the lead, so really, she’ll do anything. She is just so sweet. She’s maturing and getting so much smarter and kinder.”In a massive effort, Home Journey, who was ridden by Tyler Baze, set fast fractions of 21.20, 42.80 and 1:05.88, held second by a half length over a fast finishing More Complexity. Off at 16-1, Home Journey paid $16.60 and $9.80.Ridden by Mario Gutierrez, More Complexity, along with Marks Mine, were both returned to the saddling paddock during the post parade, resulting in a lengthy delay. Off at 14-1, More Complexity was keen early while mid-pack past the half mile, had dead aim on the leader turning for home but was third-best. She paid $8.60 to show.The favorite at 2-1 with Victor Espinoza up, Heat Trap never threatened and finished sixth.last_img read more

Athletics pitcher glad to see Warriors leave Oakland; salivates over Raiders’ locker room

first_imgSome of the enmity … A’s reliever Liam Hendriks has a message for the dear departed Warriors: Don’t let door hit you in the fanny pack on the way out of town.The Warriors will set up shop in San Francisco’s Chase Center in October after 47 years in Oracle Arena.Hendriks is thrilled. He’s not a big fan, and says he’s not alone in that sentiment.“I don’t follow the Warriors,” Hendriks told The Athletic. “They treated us like (expletive) over here. So we don’t care for them much.”last_img