Bathymetry of the Amundsen Sea continental shelf: implications for geology, oceanography, and glaciology

first_imgThe Amundsen Sea continental shelf is one of the most remote areas of coastal Antarctica and was relatively unexplored until the late 1980s. Over the last two decades, increased oceanographic and geological interest has led to several cruises that resulted in sufficient bathymetric data to compile a fairly detailed regional map of the Amundsen continental shelf. We have combined available multibeam and single-beam bathymetry data from various sources and created a new regional bathymetry of the Amundsen Sea continental shelf and margin. Deep trough systems that dominate the inner shelf are aligned with present glaciers and separated by shallower ridges. Shaped by paleo-ice streams, these features merge into a small number of broader troughs on the middle shelf and shoal seaward. They now serve as conduits and reservoirs for relatively warm Circumpolar Deep Water. This new compilation is a major improvement over previously available regional maps and should aid the numerical modeling of ocean circulation, the reconstructions of paleo-ice streams, and the refinement of ice sheet models.last_img read more

Instructor – General Medicine/Ben Taub

first_imgBaylor College of Medicine and Department Summary:Baylor ( ) isrecognized as one of the nation’s premier academic health sciencecenters and is known for excellence in education, research, andhealthcare and community service. Located in the heart of theworld’s largest medical center ( Texas MedicalCenter ), Baylor is affiliated with multiple educational,healthcare and research affiliates ( Baylor Affiliates).SummaryThe section of General Internal Medicine at Baylor College ofMedicine located at Ben Taub hospital is seeking highly talentedphysicians for working at its Harris Health affiliate hospital, BenTaub Hospital.Job Duties• Provide medical care to adults in the inpatient care setting.Supervise residents, medical students, and other learners asneeded.• Coordinate with outpatient care teams for safe discharge ofpatients.• Participate in any team meetings. Work with the team to developthe appropriate order sets and procedures that are needed.• Contribute to quality improvement and research projects.Collaborate nationally with known leaders in the field. Keep upwith continuing medical education as per college and sectionrequirements.• Renewing and meeting all required licenses and certificationrequirements.• Familiarize with EPIC- electronic medical records and documentall patient encounters as needed.• Complete all documentation in a timely manner so that billing andother administrative tasks can happen smoothly to ensure a robustoperational system.• Maintaining credentialing at all times to ensure practice is notdisrupted.Baylor College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/AffirmativeAction/Equal Access Employer.2271CA; CHlast_img read more

Nick Clegg condemns Campsfield expansion plans

first_imgDEPUTY PRIME MINISTER Nick Clegg has spoken out against the expansion of Campsfield House Immigration detention Centre, arguing that there is not a “clear case” for the proposals.Clegg declared, “The Home Office needs to improve the speed and accuracy of immigration and asylum decisions. This will reduce demand, help save money, and mean we can eventually close centres such as Campsfield House.”The prospective Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran, supported his remarks. She said, “I am delighted the Deputy Prime Minister has backed our calls. The ‘needs case’ for this expansion is now even less convincing.”His decision to speak out against existing plans contrasts with Prime Minister David Cameron’s response to an open letter from 21 local organizations in December, which called for the withdrawal of plans to expand the detentioncentre.  In the reply, the Head of Detention Operations at the Home Office, Karen Abdel-Hady, confirmed that a planning application had been submitted and that if approved, would “provide modern accommodation and facilities” and “meet the strategic objectives of immigration enforcement”.Abdel-Hady’s response went on to defend the Immigration Removal Centre, arguing, “Detention and removal are essential and effective parts of immigration control but it’s vital it’s done with humanity and dignity.”Having previously expressed her disappointment at the response from the Home office, an Oxford researcher working on deportation and immigration detention was this time “extremely pleased” with the Deputy Prime Minister’s decision to speak out against proposals to double the size of Campsfield.Dr. Melanie Griffiths told Cherwell, “The UK is unique in Europe for having no maximum time limit for immigration detention, meaning that people have no idea how long they might be detained for, with many incarcerated for months or even years. It is also an extremely costly process, at £36,000 per detainee per year, and causes immense damage to individuals and their families.’’ “Given all this, rather than seek to expand detention space yet further, we should be looking into cheaper and more civilised means of operating an immigration system. I welcome Clegg’s recognition that we should call for the end of this cruel practice.”She went on to say, “Depriving a person of their liberty simply for administrative inconvenience is abhorrent.”Oxford University’s Amnesty International was equally keen to back Clegg’s comments, with their President commenting, “We are pleased that the Deputy PM has condemned the expansion plans and hope this representsa growing trend.”“UK law and the Home Office’s own policy guidance clearly state that detention should be used sparingly and for the shortest period necessary. Yet these recent rapid expansions suggest that rather than ‘sparingly’, detention is being increasingly relied upon to warehouse migrants simply for administrative reasons, a proportion of whom will never be removedfrom the UK.”Dr. Griffiths was keen to encourage people to express their views on the issue using the Detention Forum website.A statement prepared by OUSU’s Student Executive Officers about the expansion plans declares, “Campsfield House should not be expanded: it should be closed down. Detainees at Campsfield report frequent abuse – just last month the detainees themselves staged a protest against the violent treatment of one of their number – and are systematically denied their basic rights. That Campsfield is run for profit by a private company is also troubling.“Migrants are not criminals. Many of the detainees in Campsfield faced persecution in their countries of origin and came to Britain needing our help. As a country, we are under an obligation not to mistreat them. Sadly, our immigration policy remains inhumane, and places like Campsfield are testament to that.“That is why it is the position of OUSU to oppose Campsfield House, and therefore we deplore plans for its expansion. We are glad that many Oxford students and academics – including nine heads of colleges – agree with us on this issue, and we will continue to lobby the government to close Campsfield.”The planning application for the extension to Campsfield has been deferred to the Cherwell District Council planning committee meeting on February 19th because the applicants ‘need more time to resolve the highways issue’.Neither the offices of David Cameron nor the Liberal Democrat party responded to requests for comment.last_img read more

Broome County Dog Shelter opens to public

first_imgThe shelter oringinally opened on July 1 for appointment only. It was closed due to the pandemic. TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — The James D. Dadamio Broome County Dog Shelter is now open to the public with no appointment needed. Private, prearranged boarding services were resumed on July 6. On Aug. 6, the dog shelter was renamed for retiring Director of Broome County Security James D. Dadamio. The shelter is located at 110 Cutler Pond Rd. in the town of Dickinson.last_img

Coronavirus: Why have so many died in New York?

first_imgGovernor Andrew Cuomo has said repeatedly that density and number of foreign visitors made New York City, which has almost 93,000 confirmed cases, an ideal breeding ground for infectious disease.America’s financial capital has 8.6 million inhabitants. There are 10,000 people per square kilometer, making it the densest city in the US.Millions of commuters brush up against each other on its packed subway system every day, while keeping distance on its sometimes narrow sidewalks can be difficult.NYC gets more than 60 million tourists a year and is the entry point to America for many travelers, meaning anyone carrying the virus is likely to start infecting others there first.  American geneticists estimate that it started spreading there from Europe in February, before New York’s first confirmed case on March 1. The Big Apple is also characterized by massive socioeconomic inequality. Overcrowded, deprived areas — particularly in the Bronx and Queens, where many people already suffer health problems and lack medical care — have experienced the highest rate of infections.”New York City had all the preconditions that would support the idea that it was going to be hit very hard,” said Irwin Redlener, public health professor and expert in disaster preparedness at Columbia University.Did officials underestimate risk? On March 2, as the state’s second case was confirmed in New Rochelle, just north of New York City, Cuomo said the health care system was the best “on the planet.””We don’t even think it’s going to be as bad as it was in other countries,” he added.After much hesitation, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the closure of public schools, bars and restaurants from March 16.The governor ordered all non-essential businesses to close and residents to stay at home a week later on March 22.Experts hesitate to say that they waited too long.”The mayor and the governor were being pushed and pulled by two opposing forces. “One was saying we have to close schools and restaurants as quickly as possible, the other saying there were lots of economic and social consequences of shutting down everything early,” said Redlener.”Everyone was getting mixed messages, including from the federal government, from (President Donald) Trump,” he added.Have other states reacted better? California, America’s most populous state, is often cited as a good example for the speed of its response to the outbreak. Its confirmed cases as of Friday were just 20,200, with 550 deaths.On March 16, six counties in the San Francisco Bay area issued a stay-at-home order followed by the whole state three days later.”One thing that I think is significant is that six neighboring counties got together and issued the same (confinement) order for all six counties, and they did it early,” said Meghan McGinty, associate at school of public health of Johns Hopkins University.”There was consistency, as opposed to NYC taking one measure, and Westchester (county) taking another, and Long Island taking another,” she told AFP.Six days passed between New York’s school closure order and its order confining residents to their homes.”In epidemic terms, six days is light years and can really make a difference in the control and spread of the epidemic, so I think it is possible to say that perhaps, in retrospect, New York waited too long,” said McGinty.Is anyone to blame? When the crisis passes, the blame game may begin.Democrats Cuomo and de Blasio deplored for weeks the Trump administration’s delay in getting tests to states, which to this day are still not arriving in sufficient numbers.The New York officials also targeted the federal government for dragging its heels in implementing emergency powers to manufacture lifesaving ventilators.With the toll far exceeding the numbers killed on 9/11, Phil Murphy, the governor of neighboring New Jersey, which has also been badly affected, has called for a commission similar to the one set up to investigate the September 11, 2001 attacks.”The warning signs were there… what happened? If you don’t know the answer, how are you going to make sure it’s not going to happen again?” Cuomo asked Friday.Given the number of dead and millions of unemployed, “we have a moral obligation to study this pandemic,” concluded McGinty.Topics : New York has more coronavirus cases than any country and accounts for around half of all deaths in the United States. Why was is so badly hit and could its leaders have done anything differently?Was New York more vulnerable? As of Friday, New York state has almost 160,000 confirmed COVID-19 infections, more than Europe’s worst-hit countries of Spain and Italy, and over 7,800 deaths.last_img read more

‘Don’t try to disrupt political stability’, chief of staff Moeldoko warns KAMI

first_imgPresidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko has warned the Save Indonesia Action Coalition (KAMI) not to disrupt the nation’s political stability, alleging its members of having “certain interests” in forming the group.”Don’t even try to disrupt political stability. […] Everything comes with a risk,” Moeldoko said in a statement on Thursday as reported by, implying that any actions by the group that disrupted national stability would have consequences.KAMI was founded when 150 prominent public figures came together on Aug. 18, 2020, the day after Independence Day. According to KAMI cofounder and former Muhammadiyah chairman Din Syamsudin, the group aimed to prevent any deviations from Indonesia’s founding principles. “[KAMI] is still in check. We don’t need to overreact to its ideas, as they are part of our democracy. However, I need to remind them if they [interfere] with the country’s stability,” said Moeldoko, who is a former TNI commander.On Monday, local police dispersed an event organized by KAMI in Surabaya, East Java, following a public protest that reportedly called the organization “dangerous”.Sawahan Police chief A.K.P. Wisnu Setyawan Kuncoro said that the group had not secured the appropriate permits to hold the event at Gedung Juang 45.“The organizers should have taken into account the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Wisnu said as quoted by Nurmantyo, who is on the KAMI executive committee and was scheduled to deliver a speech at the event, suspected that the public protest was orchestrated “by someone”, though he did not elaborate on his statement. (nal) The group’s founders include prominent government critics such as Rachmawati Soekarnoputri, a daughter of Indonesia’s first president Soekarno, former coordinating maritime affairs minister Rizal Ramli, former Indonesian Military (TNI) commander Gen. (ret.) Gatot Nurmantyo and Islam Defenders Front (FPI) chairman Sobri Lubis.They claim that the country has strayed from the republic’s founding principles and that the House of Representatives and political parties had failed to uphold the will of the people.Read also: 150 prominent national figures form coalition to ‘save Indonesia’Moeldoko said that the government did not prohibit the establishment of civil society groups or movements and that it remained open to criticism and advice from KAMI. He stressed, however, that the country had to strike a balance between democracy and national stability.center_img Topics :last_img read more

IDEM holds public meetings for VW emissions settlement

first_imgPort-related engine replacements can generate significant emission reductions, according to the U.S. EPA.Replacing older-generation diesel-powered equipment in operation at the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor could reap major benefits for the state.Just one tugboat engine replacement could reduce NOx emissions by more than 96,000 lbs.Recent research confirms that replacing the older, larger engines in marine workboats offers one of the most cost-effective strategies for reducing NOx emissions in ports. Engines that power heavy duty vehicles and equipment are the largest source of NOx emissions in Indiana, according to the latest NOx emissions inventory.The most important opportunity for NOx mitigation in Indiana is replacing heavy-duty engines or the vehicles and equipment they power with new technology. While Indiana does have the highest rate of adoption of the latest clean diesel trucks, just under half of Indiana’s trucks do not use these technologies and are eligible for funding.A new heavy-duty truck powered by a clean diesel engine certified to the model year 2010 EPA emissions standard on the road for one year can reduce emissions of NOx by 2.3 tons relative to a truck manufactured to meet the previous emissions standard.It takes more than 50 model year 2017 clean diesel trucks to generate the same level of NOx emissions as a single truck manufactured in 1988. Indianapolis, In. — The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is holding public meetings about what to do with an estimated $41 million VW settlement. The funds are designated to support activities and technologies that reduce carbon emissions.Indiana has already demonstrated proficiency in the use of clean diesel technology:Indiana boasts the highest number of clean diesel heavy-duty trucks in the United States – 51 percent of the state’s fleet has adopted the newest generation of clean diesel trucks, more than the national average.Indiana ranks second out of the 50 states for the number of clean diesel engines manufactured – nearly 160,000 in 2016.Clean diesel technology also powers 27 percent of the state’s transit buses and 35 percent of the state’s school buses.And, nearly 9,300 Hoosiers work in diesel-related jobs.Other options include clean diesel upgrades and replacing heavy-duty diesel engines:Clean diesel upgrades and replacements will provide more clean air benefits for the dollar and provide those faster than other approaches.The U.S. Department of Transportation, using the latest emissions model generated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, found that 1 ton of NOx emissions may be eliminated by investing, on average, $20,000 in clean diesel technology versus, on average, $1 million in electric infrastructure.The Clean Air Task Force concluded that greater NOx reduction can occur by replacing older transit buses with new clean diesel models as opposed to investments in natural gas equipment.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded that investments in clean diesel technology are a more cost-effective strategy to immediately reduce NOx emissions from older port trucks than emerging alternatives such as battery electric commercial trucks.center_img Here is a list of statewide meetings:February 13, 2018Time: 6:00 PM CSTLocation: CK Newsome Community Center, 100 Walnut Street #1, Evansville, IN 47713February 21, 2018Time: 6:30 PM ESTLocation: Allen County Public Library Aboite Branch, 5630 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne, IN 46804February 26, 2018Time: 6:00 PM ESTLocation: Jackson County Public Library Seymour Branch, 303 West Second Street, Seymour, IN 47274last_img read more

Brazil need psychiatrist to get over Neymar injury

first_imgThe Brazil team have turned to a psychiatrist to help them get over the horror of golden boyNeymar’s injury, which has forced him to miss the rest of the World Cup. According to the Daily Mirror, Luis Felipe Scolari’s men are still in shock from the incident, and have needed to seek some professional help, in order clear the dark shadow that now looms over them, ahead of their clash with Germany tonight. Related articles– Brazil no longer play the beautiful game– Thiago Silva absence more important than Neymar – Jose Mourinho– Willian can star for Brazil in the absence of NeymarThiago SilvaBrazil’s star player suffered a bad challenge as Colombia defender Juan Zuniga went through his back, which turned out to be much worse than first feared as results later revealed that had indeed fractured his vertebra.  Brazil captain Silva – who will miss tonight’s semi-final due to a ban – made his feelings of disgust perfectly clear, by calling Zuniga a ‘coward’ and the defender also explained how formerChelsea psychiatrist Regina Brandao has prepared them to face the germans without their key man. “We just talk about a lot of things – Neymar being one of them – but she emphasised we all have to feel at ease,” Silva told reporters. “Neymar has already done what he had to do. Now it’s up to the other 22 to go out there and do everything for victory. He wanted to be here.”And now, a coward’s tackle – some people say it was normal, but I don’t think it was… That kind of challenge isn’t done. You can’t get the ball from someone by putting your knee into a player’s back, it’s not normal. But there you are.”Semi-Final The first of the two big semi-final showdowns will commence in Belo Horizonte tonight, between the two nations who have won the World Cup the most, as host Brazil take on Germany. As the team selection, beckons ever closer, Brazil boss Scolari faces some tough decisions.Scolari must choose whether he will make a more defensive mindset and play Luis Gustavo Paulinho and Fernandinho, or bring in Chelsea winger Willian, as he looks to compensate for the hole left by Neymar. Although, whichever tactical approach Scolari takes, he has confident that his side will do what’s expected of them and reach the final. He said: “If I play with three defensive midfielders, that’s one option. I will give the full-backs more freedom, obviously.“We’ve been working a lot to overcome obstacles since the beginning. We had to overcome problems and weaknesses to get to where we wanted, to get through the group and the round of 16 and so forth. We continue to do that. “We’ll play for us, for Neymar, but above all we’ll go after the goal the group has had since the beginning: to qualify for the final.”History Brazil are looking for their sixth World cup crown and will look to stop at nothing to try and accomplish that. There have been questions about this current crop of Brazilian stars, all of which have been answered so far but the big test comes tonight.They play a resilient and talented team, in the germans, who are capable of beating any side on their day and will no doubt have to play at the top of their game if they are to have a chance. Another key factor will be their support. The passionate crowd will have to drive their nation on like never before, with their two best players missing, if they are to make history and be the first Brazilian side to win the World Cup on home soil.last_img read more

No license needed for this free fishing weekend in Iowa

first_imgCLEAR LAKE — Iowans need to dust off their rod and reel and get ready for free fishing this weekend.Joe Larschied, the fisheries bureau chief with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says it’s a family-friendly event where many parents or grandparents teach their kids or grandkids the time-honored skill.“It’s been an Iowa tradition and it’s always the first full weekend in June that we allow any resident to fish for free,” Larschied says.You don’t have to worry about your fishing license for the three-day weekend, today through Sunday, but there are important things to remember when casting a line.“The same rules apply, so you don’t need a fishing license but bag limits and length limits and everything else still apply,” Larschied says. “Please, if you don’t have your fishing regulation booklet, look online and make sure you understand the rules for the given lake or river that you’re fishing.”He says you won’t have to travel far to find some sort of fishing activity this weekend.“There’s a whole lot of events,” he says. “I recommend people go to our website,, and look for all the free fishing events in your area. A lot of the county boards, fishing organizations and various clubs and the Iowa DNR are sponsoring events across the state.”Last year, the DNR stocked 165-million fish statewide, topping the previous record by nine-million fish.last_img read more

Officials Search for Man Caught in Rip Current Near Fort Pierce

first_imgSeveral agencies are searching for a man who was reportedly swept out to sea late on Saturday afternoon after being caught in a rip current at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park.According to 27-year-old Anthony Gram’s family, he saved his 11-year-old and 13-year-old stepchildren from the rip current just before disappearing.The Coast Guard adds that Gram was last seen wearing dark navy blue or black shorts. Rescue crews from the Coast Guard, Port St. Lucie Police Department and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are searching the water.Anyone with information about Gram’s whereabouts is being urged to call the Coast Guard at (786) 367-7649.last_img